Kara Hess

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Kara Hess
Biographical Information
Race Tatooine/Sluis
Homeworld Togruta
Born Year -18 Day 311
Died Year 10 Day 301 (27 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.75 meters
Coloring Pink skin
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Hutt Cartel
Prior Affiliation The Smugglers Guild

Karalina Hess was a Togruta female and a blaster-for-hire for the Hutt Cartel before her death.


Karalina Hess was born on Sluis to a merchant family. They were poor and always working so Kara had to raise herself. She learned many things about ships, tools and all sorts of items early on. By age 6 she was able to fix many different robotics and ship parts. And started helping her parents with the trading. Kara started keeping some of the ship parts along the way but also sold some to be able to make money. As age 13 she had built almost half of a ship so far out of used parts and robotics equipment. At age 16 her ship had been complete and she decided to look for some kind of work and left Tatooine for a known smuggling port Nar Shaddaa.

Changing Careers

On her trip she met with a Kel Door guardian by the name of Kash Morlev. Morlev offered Hess a position within the Hutt Cartel working with himself and Voragga the Hutt. Hess was trained as a master assassin and skilled bounty hunter for the Cartel. Voragga had the two building their organization in no time they were one of the most feared groups on Tatooine.

Collecting millions for the criminal empire she eventually bought her own Capitol ship the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser Hissing Spirit. It was during this time that Hess was made aware of her force sensitivity and began training in using the dark side of the force. After years of training, she became skilled assassin with lightsaber training, hand to hand combat, projectile combat and more.


While on a mission to Kiffar, she came across a young male theif whom she grew fond of and noticed his sensitivity to the force, she decided to take the young Kalin Vos underwing and train him in the ways of the using the force.

Hess continued working as an assassin and bounty hunter for the Cartel for many years, one of he biggest mission came in year 10 when Morlev charged Hess to find her former assassin in training Kali Cly and kill her after she failed to pay her debt to Morlev.

Hess soon found that Valen Zoller and Cly had made their way to Tatooine and infiltrate the Hutt Cartell base. To their surprise Morlev sent his master assassin Hess and her apprentice Kalin Vos to take care of the situation. Zoller and Cly were able to destroy the base and free most of the slaves but during their escape Vos captured Cly.

Hess at the time was given orders by Morlev to have Kali killed but due to their bond he broke his vows to Hess and decided to free Kali. Hess became incredibly angered by her former apprentice and order his own bounty and death.

Months went by but soon Zoller was captured on Tatooine, Morlev and Hess decided Kali and Vos traveled to Tatooine, even though they knew it was a trap, Kali felt obligated to help her once beloved. They soon found Zoller tied up and tortured in the center of town, Kali watched in horror as Morlev and Hess in an attempt to lure Kali out, Hess used her lightsaber to behead ZOller publicly. Kali screamed out in anguish revealing her position as Morlev's men moved in on her. Vos and Kali defended themselves and managed to take down many of the guards before Kali finally came face to face with Morlev, the two exchanged blaster fire but Kali fatally shot him however Kali became mortally wounded in the exchange.

During the exchange Hess finally began her showedown with her former apprentice as the two began their lightsaber duel. Hess showed her prowess with her double blade but Vos managed to hold his own and destroy his former masters blade cutting it in two. Hess managed to find and opening and fled before Vos could capture her. Hess looked back as she fled to see Kali Cly die in Vos' arms.


It took months but Vos and Cavrth managed to track down and trap Kara on-board the Vos's Pride and stabbed her numerous times with a knife and vibroblade. For satisfaction of the kill Vos used a knife and took a souvenir off of Hess's body to keep after losing his love Kali to her.