Karl Korne

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Karl Korne
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak (with Sith Blood)
Homeworld Iridonia
Mother Br`itha Korne
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Dead
Children Nex`us Korne
Born Unknown (Age 22)
Died Year 13 Day 92
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation House Korne
Rank Margrave-Patriarch
Positions Margrave-House Korne
Prior Affiliation See Below
Awards Unknown

The Birth of the Unknown

Karl Korne started as a young Zabrak born on the planet of Iridonia. Born into that of smaller clan which held few privileges withing the Iridonia Clans that controlled the planet as a whole. But as every clan on Iridonia. Each Clan and its members aspired to grow and build the Clan up in its social status among the clans. But being born into a smaller lesser clan meant that the children of the clan had to perform much harder. Karl, himself was chosen to lead a small group of clan warriors. Of which he took great pride upon himself in his duties for the clan. Karl lead his warriors into many battles of which were lesser battles that the larger clans felt they would pass off to the lesser clans.

And eventually due to his dedication to the Zabrak way of life. Karl was taken into the chamber of Clan Elders. Of which he turned the age of 15. And they gave him his rite of passage. But the rite of passage was like no other ever given to any member of the clan. He was told about his ancestry and how the Clan believed in the ancient way of the Sith Race. Which was extinct by that of the Sith Order. Karl was sent off to a private area on Iridonia where his clan controlled a sacred underground temple which was known only to the priests and other Clan Elders of his Clan.

Upon entering the temple. Karl was sealed inside left with only a torch to light his way. Told nothing to expect or to be wary of inside the darkened underground temple. Karl started to navigate his way around the temple. But not knowing his destination he had gotten lost withing the temple. Karl was thought to have been dead withing the temple because the temple was filled with beasts from many varied planets that were placed withing to protect from the unworthy or those whom would break into the temple. To protect the location of the temple from being found.

After being forgotten about withing the temple after a week. Karl stumbled into a small chamber which was unlocked by feeling his way through the dark halls of the temple. Upon entry of the chamber, Torches lit up by themselves. Finding in the center of the chamber was equipment that was fit for that of Warrior and leader of a military. Karl slowly investigated the surrounding areas making sure not to trip any traps withing the ancient temple. After deeming that it seemed safe. Karl put the armor on and then collapsed suddenly as people in black cloaks entered the chamber. Awakening three days later in the bed of a clan elder. Being tended to by the Clan Elders servants. Karl slowly rose from the bed and was looking as he was surrounded by the Clan Elders.

The Clan Elders spoke before Karl. Telling him of his duty in the galaxy and that he is the chosen one to lead and protect the ways of both Zabrak and ancient Sith`tar. Feeling overwhelmed and weakened from the powers withing the armor. He slowly past back out into another deep sleep. Karl awoke two years later. But found himself laying in a small room in the chamber of the temple. Where he was greeted by that of a few members of his clan. Being informed that the clan was wiped out because a Clan Elder sought more power. So he turned the clan over for the beliefs they followed for many centuries.

Karl feeling the rage withing himself that almost everyone he ever knew was killed and or banished from the Zabrak colonies because of beliefs that they practiced for many centuries. Feeling this growing rage and sorrow withing himself. He took it upon himself to resurrect the ancient ways and bring back the ways of Zabrak and Sith`tar.

The Rise and Fall of the Sith Blood

Karl Korne after emerging from the underground temple started by seeking out his clansmen. Realizing after meeting with several of his clansmen that he was under ground for nearly 2 and half years. Learning that of his clans beliefs of ways of old. Realizing that his clansmen were dwindling further in numbers. Karl took it upon himself to approach clan elders from around Iridonia. Each Clan Elder dismissing Karl Korne as a heretic and banishing him from his homeworld of which he knew nothing else.

Karl soon took over a fledgling organization named the Sith Empire that was built upon lies and false teachings from its leaders and personnel. Upon seeing that they knew nothing of the Sith`tar, Karl banished and executed various groups of the leadership. Removing all the tainted minds that preached false truths. Slowly bringing new hope with this purging.

Karl eventually started to gain a lot of attention and power from various places throughout the galaxy. But with the attention and power also brought out enemies whom sought complete destruction of the Sith`tar. Realizing that the society and ways of the ancient Sith hadn't been all extinguished from the whole galaxy. While Karl was reforming the Sith`tar, he met a young girl of whom he fell in love with by the name of Valis Noir whom complimented his mentality and also sought to bring the ancient ways back.

But after many months of success, Karl was poisoned severely by someone withing his council. Which threw him into a dark sleep for many months to follow. Which started the downfall again of the Sith`tar. Karl was taken by his love Valis and one of his oldest most trusted council members Celas House, Keth Terik into a deep haven that was built for the sole goal of protecting the sith`ari in a time of weakness.

They stood watch over the Sith Empire and protected the Sith`ari in his deep slumber. But the followers who stayed true slowly started to lose faith without seeing the presence of the Sith`ari who provided the hope and guidance the people needed to keep faith that they were following a dead dream. Not showing any sign of progress at recovery, The enemies of the order made the moves they had and wiped the order out of the galaxy once more.

Karl woke many weeks later and found few of his followers stayed to protect him and make sure no harm would ever befall Karl who became a friend and family to them. Karl also fell deeper in love with the girl who stayed at his side over the weeks he was in his slumber. Swearing to marry the girl that took care of him everyday for months, Even when no hope was shown.

Karl followed the visions that he had while in his slumber.Of which he went and made The Sith`tar Order. Giving his people and the chance the people needed at a clean untainted presence. Again the group gained a large following which threatened that of many religious sects and governments. Being barred once again as an illegal religion and philosophy in the planets they controlled.

War of Blood and Freedom

Karl felt a rage that burned deep withing him. Losing his only son at the time to the enemies who refused to understand the ways of his people. He then ordered his wife and love Valis to take command of his legions that were based in Sumitra. While he took his finest legion to that of Kuat with the sole belief of bringing back his sons body, And to finish what they promised to that of enslaved people of Caamas.

Karl commanded a legion of 500 of his best soldiers. Which started by airdropping into the south east sections of the planet. Slowly battling and securing several segments of the planet. But also suffering immense losses for attacking the Imperial Naval Fleet HQ. Which turned to be a disadvantage for that of Karls forces, Showing that he was unafraid to assault a force immensely larger.

Starting to realize the battle could not be won. Karl managed to secure a very small region of the planet. In which he ordered all his troops to retreat to and bring what Caamas citizens they could. In order to evacuate the population from enslavement. Losing more men as his troops fought imperial garrisons that refused to allow the inhabitants to leave. Eventually being wounded himself in a engagement while trying to rescue a family being sealed in the home they had and being lit on fire by a imperial squad.

As the odds started to look far more gruesome. Karl ordered all his troops out of the planet and surrounding region. Seeing the immense losses of his troops and fleets that fought bravely. Pondering if it was truly worth the loss of so many of his people. To rescue a enslaved people of the empire.

Death of Love and Sanity

After the war, Karl received word that his first love was taken captive by that of a pirate. In which he had promised her a swift death, But didn't follow through. He ended up selling her into slavery. In which she was killed after many hours of torture. Hearing of the gruesome actions of those who wanted to strike deep blows at Karl and the Sith`tar. Karl fell into a deep state of lost status. In which he started to lose his way and had trouble to keep his affairs in order. Feeling that he may never love again after he caused the death of his first love. And to this day still visits the small temple he had built to honor her and his love he once had for her.

Final Days of Sith`tar

Karl was soon listed in about every sector as a wanted criminal by many governments because of the religious portions of the Sith`tar. Feeling that the teachings threatened the way of life for every other sentient in the galaxy and their dominions. Karl wanted to declare an act of war on all those who sought to hunt down his followers.

The time had come for Karl many months ago to finally call the end of his sith cult that practiced the ancient ways. But by doing such he left the void of Sith`Ari in which quite a few had suddenly arisen to claim the title. Such as KGF Prince Nogard Drol whom has led an opposing cabal of Sith. In the ancient tradition of Sith Lords whom fight each other in a ongoing civil war to become the strongest.

Karl Korne had let Nogard win a few victories as to taint the mind of his enemy to his reign and title. As with all the greatest leaders who wisely plot out a tactful route to the final victory to which all is decided. So as Nogard won the few small affronts that Sith`Ari Korne allowed him. Korne had sat quietly moving the pawns of his empire around to allow Nogard his advances.

But after many conflicts that eventually arose to such a task, Let a small void in his command ranks as other officers decided they were superior then Karl and then chose to challenge his position. Thus was the mistake as several of his command was soon executed for rebellious ideas.

Karl eventually decided to open his plans, Starting by dissolution of the empire and allowing Nogard a huge public Victory. Which now plays against him as the seeds of sith corruption taint his very abilities to master the old ways. As Karl has learned to control the power of the ancient sith. But allowing Nogard the ability to swell and remain unchecked would eventually lead to his downfall. But after speaking with his followers. Karl saw they were willing to fight to the very end. And to follow the Sith`ari to the end. Because they all believed in the teachings. But Karl knew deep down, That he couldn't risk the lives of all his family,friends and clansmen. So he ordered every document that ever traced any member to the sith`tar to be erased from the archives. He covered the evidences of all those whom ever served the order and made sure they had a clean slate to offer them a proper chance in society. And to not fear being stabbed in the back by a traitor to the order.