Karl Viemeck

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Karl the Wookiee
Karl Viemeck Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother Nawika
Father Brandobacca
Spouse Nikita Ayame
Siblings Serj Seinwill (cousin)
Died Year 12
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.3 meters
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Brown eyes
Political Information
Affiliation The Hutt Cartel
Prior Affiliation Galaxywide NewsNets (Year 9)
Corporate Sector Authority (Year 10)
Aurodium Legion (Year 11)
The Hutt Cartel (Year 12)

Karl the Wookiee, also known in Galactic Basic as Karl Viemeck, was a male Wookiee adventurer from Kashyyyk and the eldest son of Brandobacca. He was rumored to be a distant cousin of the feared brigand Serj Seinwill who once terrorized the galaxy during the reign of Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire. During his long and varied career, Karl served as a roving smuggler ferrying contraband between various backwater worlds, a barge pilot for the Corporate Sector Authority in Year 10, a disloyal mercenary for the Aurodium Legion circa Year 11 and, finally, a pitiless enforcer for the vile Hutt Cartel. Circa Year 12, a slumbering Karl was treacherously murdered by a fellow cartel thug for his Bowcaster and other possessions.



Karl the Wookiee — his actual name in Shyriiwook is unpronounceable by humans — was born in the forest city of Shy'Khar on the planet Kashyyyk. His mother was a hair-braider and his father a tinkerer. Karl had brown hair, large bulbous nostrils, and puppy-dog eyes. He had long incisors which he kept filed to sharp points, and snarling pink lips that he frequently licked. He was known to rip off the legs of puny humans who annoyed him.

While an unruly youth, Karl's father gave his son his first lessons in technology, setting him on the path of a starship career. Against his mother's wishes, Karl expressed his desire to leave Kashyyyk. The argument ended with Karl's departure, causing a rift that kept them from speaking to each other for eighteen years.


Karl was commissioned as a starship crewman and assigned to a Class VI Bulk Freighter. While serving as a science officer under the legendary command of Captain Rahm Zarkov, Karl developed psionic disease when their freighter encountered a solar plague zone near Altyr V. As his condition worsened, Karl believed he would become contagious and feared that he would endanger the ship's crew. He advised Zarkov to kill him before it was too late, but Zarkov chose instead to maroon him on the desolate surface of Xega II. On Xega II, Karl met a human pathologist, Nikita Ayame, who cured his disease. Later, Nikita declared her love for Karl and they overcame the difficulties of their dissimilar genitalia to have a successful union.

Eventually, he deserted his nagging spouse, Nikita, on Xega II sometime in the mid-Year 8, and embarked upon a new series of interstellar exploits. Karl became a peripatetic drifter who roamed across the stars pursuing various mythical treasures and lucrative schemes — rarely successfully. By Year 9, Karl had already been convicted of ferrying stolen goods and purchasing a space vessel using counterfeit Imperial credits. For these two offenses, Karl was sentenced to endure twelve months of hard labor in the darkened spice mines of Kessel, but managed to escape his captors. As he held a Master's License permitting him to legally operate a spacecraft, he was able to quietly subsist as a barge pilot for the Corporate Sector Authority in the Outer Rim Territories circa Year 10. However, this job was soon lost due to his side activities and his license was revoked for transporting illegal cargo.


Circa Year 11, desperate for funds, he served as a querulous grunt in the Aurodium Legion and fought in the bloody engagements of the The Fifty Days' War. His fellow comrades included immoral adventurers, swaggering bravoes, blockade runners, and diseased rapists. Grizzled veterans were the dominant element — thick-skinned, surly-tongued mercenaries, with vibroblades in their bandoleers and guile in their hearts. The Legion also had corsairs from the Mid Rim, including giant Trandoshan renegades with Concussion Rifles strapped to their great scaly torsos. Throughout the grueling war, Karl fought in many battles, but the emotional turning point for him came with the massacre of innocent Kubazi children on the planet [...]

After snapping the vertebrae of his commanding officer in a fit of rage, Karl deserted the Legion and fled to the dangerous swath of the galaxy known as the Cron Drift. After journeying to the desert alcazar of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's vile Hutt Cartel, he became a foul-smelling blaster-for-hire and often undertook various less-than-reputable assignments for Majordomo Feth Ophoxi. Circa Year 12, a slumbering Karl was treacherously murdered by a fellow cartel thug for his Bowcaster and other possessions.

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