Katana Fleet

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Katana Fleet
General Information
Status Active
Leader Draith Shadux
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 175
Political Information
Industry Mercenary

The Katana Fleet is the latest evolution in the life of a select few mercenaries formerly known as the Invid. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this collective of mercenaries has been reborn and renewed, destined to accomplish the dreams laid forth by its original founder many years ago during the Clone Wars era. The Katana Fleet is a mercenary unit comprised of people from various backgrounds and experience levels. From veterans of multiple battles and engagements, to your run of the mill rookies fresh from off the moisture farm. Members of the Katana Fleet are trained in all aspects of battle and expected to function in any combat situation, whether it be a ground based assault or a naval assault.

Another aspect of the Katana Fleet is their planetary development, which has proven fruitful as the Katana Fleet has evolved and adapted to function in a civil manner with it's establishment of shipyards and providing clients with their services to further develop their planets. Additionally, the Katana Fleet has branched off into various forms of production, giving them a much more diverse range of tasks they can perform for not only themselves, but also to potential clients.

From it's legendary past, the Katana Fleet has once again returned to the galaxy as the events that unfolded in the Marasa Nebula has given a renewed vigor amongst the mercenaries whom call the Marasa Nebula their home. It is with this new intensity, the Katana Fleet will go forth and claim it's place amongst the elite of the galaxy, striving for honor and glory within the galaxy.