Kay Dallben

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Kay Dallben
Biographical Information
Race Verpine
Homeworld Nickle One
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.0 meters
Coloring Dark Green
Eye Color Blue with black facets
Political Information
Affiliation Tapani Starship Cooperative (Leader), Aurodium Legion (High Command)
Rank Consul (Aurodium Legion), Knight Knights of the Old Republic
Prior Affiliation Knights of the Old Republic (Leader)

Past Positions Within the Legion

Positions Held
Enlistment Date
Year 13 Day 49
Place of Employment
Aurodium Legion

Registration Date
Preceeded By:
Asmo Bodan
Second-in-Command, TSC
Tapani Starship Cooperative

Year 13 Day 186Year 14 Day 65
Succeeded By:
Muad Kel Bask
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Leader of KoTOR
Knights of the Old Republic

Year 14 Day 65Year 18 Day 43
Succeeded By:
Position Eliminated
Preceeded By:
Caran Foda
Leader of Tapani Starship Cooperative
Tapani Starship Cooperative

Year 18 Day 43 — Present
Succeeded By: