Kaze Zill

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Kaze Zill
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor (Birth), Ewok (After Plague)
Homeworld Dorin
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height .97 meters
Coloring Brown/black
Eye Color Purple
Political Information
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Rank Arbiter
Prior Affiliation Bando Gora, Order of the One Sith

Kaze Zill is an Ewok Force user and former Sith Lord. Known for his part in the downfall of the Order of the One Sith, he currently serves with the Blue Star Dominion.

Early Years

Born sometime in year -5, Kaze was, for the majority of his life, a biological Kel Dor. Born on Dorin, his parents were both merchants, owning and operating a small freight shipping company, specializing in navigating the space around Dorin's treacherous pair of black holes. When he was just five standard months old, however, he and his parents were taken by slave traders and sold to a Hutt crime lord. This is where Kaze spent the first eleven years of his life, and where he likely would have continued to live, and finally die, were it not for the Force.

During a visit to the Hutt's court by Con Semper, the Arkanian cloner realized that Kaze was sensitive to the Force. Purchasing the boy, he was whisked away from the Hutt's control, never to see his parents again. In time, he grew to despise them for not fighting for their freedom, meekly accepting their inevitable deaths as mere slaves.


Semper raised Kaze personally, treating him as something between an apprentice and a son. Realizing that his ward was skilled in the Force, he was trained as Semper's enforcer and assassin, learning both esoteric Force skills as well as more mundane methods of manipulation, torture, and murder. It was during these formative years that Kaze also took an interest in genetic sciences, selectively breeding soka flies to make them larger and, in theory, more intelligent.

During his late teens, Kaze was deployed numerous times to protect Semper's interests, quickly becoming an efficient tool in his Master's arsenal.

Order of the One Sith

Eventually, in his mid twenties, Semper moved on to other pursuits, and Kaze was given freedom to pursue his own destiny. A chance meeting between Semper, Darin Byrch, and himself led to both joining Darin in what was then the Bando Gora, a cult dedicated to Sith teachings. Taking the title/name of Darth Drachen following an event on Nimban with a Krayt Dragon, Kaze applied his skills to the furtherance of the rapidly growing organization, which initially operated in secret before revealing itself to be the Order of the One Sith. It was during this time that he met Morgan Sathel, a prominent commander in the One Sith forces, and began a friendship with her.

With time Kaze was promoted to be Byrch's intelligence officer, managing covert operations for the One Sith. It was during this time that he met Talyda Stewart, and the two quickly struck up a relationship, with Kaze taking her as an apprentice while the two became intimate. Shortly thereafter, Sathel came to Kaze, stating that she had information regarding an affair between Stewart and Byrch, and suggesting that Kaze should join her in an attempt to overthrow Byrch and re-form the One Sith under their rule. Blinded by the curse of affection, and feeling betrayed, Kaze agreed to take part. He had his doubts from the outset, though, and began his own machinations.

The Battle Aboard the Relentless

During a military expedition to Serroco where One Sith forces were to engage in a training exercise, a coup was launched. While Sathel took control of key installations on Vanaari, Kaze led a strike force aboard the Corona Class Frigate, the Relentless, capturing several One Sith members and engaging Byrch and his tutor, former Dark Lord of the Sith Exedrus Edun, in a personal duel. Kaze was unable to best Byrch, who was widely regarded as a master of Makashi, a dueling-centric form of lightsaber combat. During the battle, Byrch took Kaze's left arm off above the elbow, forcing Kaze to retreat, but not before capturing Edun. A tense stand-off ensued, during which Sathel began showing increasingly erratic behavior, demanding that Kaze begin killing captured members. Far from opposing the action on moralistic grounds, Kaze objected on practical grounds, stating that hostages were far more valuable than corpses. Sathel continued her aggressive behavior, suggesting that her next target would be Kaze if he did not comply with her orders. Realizing the time had come, Kaze authorized the launch of his own counter-coup.

Covertly hidden forces immediately proceeded to take control of Venaari's key facilities from Sathel's forces, which were battered from their battle to take the locations in the first place. After cutting communications with Sathel, Kaze realized that both his and Sathel's forces had failed to fully secure the planetary shield grid, resulting in a tense stand-off between all three sides. Eventually, with assistance from Tomas o`Cuinn a deal was brokered whereby Sathel would control the planet in exchange for a large cash payout. Completely free for the first time in his life, and suddenly incredibly wealthy, Kaze set out on his own.

The Metamorphosis Plague Strikes

Establishing his own laboratory, Kaze set out to research the metamorphosis plague with an aim of eventually managing to weaponize a strain of the virus. Anticipating the potential uses of a disease that could turn a Wookie into an Ewok, Kaze acquired live samples and along with a team of scientists began researching how to control and synthesize the virus. During an experiment, however, a subject managed to escape the extensive security precautions and Kaze found himself infected with the virus.

An incredibly painful transition followed, and by the end of the virus' course Kaze was 84% biologically a Fosh. Despite this, his lungs, accustomed to breathing Dorin Gas for so many years, did not transition fully, and as a result Kaze would find that he required regular bacta therapy from then on, healing lungs that were partially allergic to oxygen while simultaneously requiring it to breathe.

Several months later, while attempting to find a cure to allow reversal of the plague, a self-administered therapy had the opposite effect, resulting in another contamination. This time the pain nearly killed Kaze, and when he came to after extensive medical intervention, found that he was now 92% Ewok, 6% Kel Dor, and 2% Fosh. Resigning himself to being an Ewok, Kaze has since ceased further research into the Metamorphosis Virus.

Blue Star Dominion

After wandering the galaxy for some time, Kaze found friends among the Blue Star Dominion, aligning himself with the rebel cause while also personally hoping to one day revisit his feud with Darin Byrch, who had found his own home in the Galactic Empire. Since becoming a commissioned officer in the Dominion, Kaze has applied himself towards learning the ways of war, participating in the Tolonda Conflict, the War for Gazaan, and the Battle for Kowak. It was during the latter that he married Taranjeek O`Cuinn, who gave birth shortly thereafter to their first child, Rhal Zill.

Graks Oya'Karir

Kaze also converted to the ways of the Mandalorians after increasing amounts of time spent among them. His father, Con, and his wife, Taranjeek, are both Mandalorians, and after extensive research and immersion, found himself blending Ewok habits and those of the Mandalorians in a unique blend that resulted in the foundation of Graks Oya'karir, a Mandalorian clan that houses a large number of Ewok warriors as well as free and willing Clone forces courtesy of his father's Ternion Corps operations.


On year 24, Day 278, Kaze challenged and subsequently defeated Jevon Lambright in a personal duel, claiming the title of Mand'alor, or Sole Ruler, shortly afterwards.