Keevan Colton

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Keevan Colton
Keevan Colton Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human[1]
Homeworld Coruscant
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Positions Former Prince of Black Sun

Keevan Colton was a male Human[1] and the second ruler of the Black Sun crime syndicate.[2]


Keevan Colton served as the loyal aide-de-camp to Princess Gabriella Storm during the early years of the Black Sun crime syndicate. When Storm abdicated as ruler on Year 1 Day 318 and departed to join the Imperial separatist movement known as the Imperial Core, Dark Prince Blood was appointed as interim ruler.[3] Blood did his best to maintain peace and stability until a new leader could emerge. After a lengthy deliberation by the high command, Colton was chosen as the new Dark Prince of Black Sun, and Jamdo Hasyr was appointed to serve as his second-in-command.[4]

Colton gradually stabilized the high command, rebuilt the organization, and swelled its ranks. Some of Colton's notable recruits during this era included Coaan Trulli and Tycho Celchu.[5] However, like his predecessor Prince Blood, Colton had never sought the position of leader and eventually chose to step down.

When Prince Colton abdicated as the potentate of the crime syndicate, he selected the ambitious Qel Dar as his successor. However, Colton's decision to passover his second-in-command Jamdo Hasyr and instead choose Qel Dar inevitably provoked internal dissension.[6] On Year 2 Day 234,[6] following the syndicate's expulsion of Hasyr,[6] Prince Dar announced that he was now the undisputed leader of Black Sun and that he immediately would begin efforts to consolidate his grip on power.[7]

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Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Gabriella Storm
Keevan Colton
Year 1 Day 318Year 2 Day 234
Succeeded By:
Qel Dar