Kengou Doragon

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Kengou Doragon
Kengou Doragon Logo Year 0.png
General Information
Motto "Dragon Swordsmen"
Status Defunct (Outlawed)
Leader Brent West[1]


2IC Rahm Zarkov
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 0
Dissolved Circa Year 2
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (former ally)
Rebel Alliance
Industry Mercenaries

The Kengou Doragon ("Dragon Swordsmen") was an outlawed anti-Imperial secret society active in Year 0. Comprised of alien brigands, the organization is notable for being one of the first neutral organizations to be outlawed by Emperor Piett's Galactic Empire and its members targeted for extermination. The Kengou Doragon was the forerunner of a number of organizations, such as the Night Thieves, which inherited and developed its anarchist ideology. Its later affiliation with the Rebel Alliance also set the stage for post-Year 1 ties between Alliance politicians and organized crime syndicates.


In Year 0, the Kengou Doragon contacted the Galactic Empire and requested an alliance between their respective forces. Following lengthy negotiations, the Galactic Empire considered the Kengou Doragon to be a nationalized Imperial subsidiary. However, Maverick — the strong-willed leader of the Kengou Doragon — disclaimed this status and asserted the Empire had misinformed him during the preceding negotiations.

In response to Maverick's claims of independence, Emperor Piett claimed to have received information from "a trustworthy source" within the Kengou Doragon. His source alleged the organization had allied with the Galactic Empire for espionage purposes and their true intent was to destroy the Empire. Maverick claimed no such source existed within his organization and decried the Empire's accusations as false.

Nevertheless, the allegations prompted a swift change in diplomatic standing in which the Kengou Doragon was now regarded by the Galactic Empire as an enemy. On Day 344 of Year 0, Emperor Piett of the Galactic Empire outlawed the Kengou Doragon organization and placed "a death mark" on Maverick.

Ultimately, the Kengou Doragon embraced their new status as outlaws, and became a rabidly anti-Imperial enclave. Their reputation as lawless brigands greatly bolstered their recruitment and, shortly thereafter, the Kengou Doragon signed a defensive pact with the Rebel Alliance.


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