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General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Historical EventsYear 12 Day 207 Deathplace of Teniel Djo
Controlled ByMandalore
Astrographic EntryKessel Sector

The Kessel Sector was a sector in the Outer Rim Territories located near Hutt Space.

Known Systems

System Position Planets Population Controller
Kessa (396, 72) 5 1,723,217,808 Mandalore
Honoghr (405, 63) 8 71,691,630 Mandalore
The Maw (395, 71) 20 0 None

Notable Systems

The Maw: home of 7 black holes and death place of Pirate Queen Teniel Djo

Kessa: home of the dreaded Kessel Spice Mines.

Honoghr (System): Home system of the Noghri