Khorde Devarian

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Khorde Devarian
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Alniyat Devarian
Father Celann Devarian
Born Year -10, Day 166
Died Year 15 (cause of death unknown)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Coloring Fair
Eye Color Blue-Green
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation Veritas Press

Phantom Construction Corps

Khorde Devarian is a human originating from the affluent planet of Naboo.


Early Life

Khorde was born in the middle of Year -10, and was an only child. He was the offspring of Alniyat and Celann Devarian, who were middle-class Naboo. They lived on the planet of Naboo, in a luxury residence in the city of Keren. They had all of the amenities; holonet access, datapads, holocommunicators and a machine for every task. Still, they were not rich. Not by Naboo standards. In fact, they were often looked down upon by families who ran their own corporations. Khorde’s father was a simple businessman, who had stumbled upon a well-paid position in a major items manufacturing company. He was the Director of Sales, and as such he brought home a healthy bonus every month. His mother did not work, as she was unfortunately a patient with a rare limb disease, causing her bones to weaken and her to struggle when lifting things.

The Stock Y-Wing BTL-S3, Fighter 1

Khorde himself was a model student in school. He always achieved the highest possible grades, being especially proficient in writing. Though, he was never a social being, preferring the company of himself and the small group of confidants he had selected. He was extremely reclusive, with very few people actually knowing much about him at all. He would rather spend his time researching starships and their prices on the Galactic Market. He was desperately craving a ship of his own, which he could fly around in. Of course they had the family yacht, but it was very rarely flown, due to the fact that his mother didn’t have a license and his father didn’t have time. It was also costly in fuel, and they had no real need to go into space.

Khorde left school at the age of 18, and studied Research and Development Engineering at University for 3 years, before graduating with full honours. After that he had plans to join a ship-part manufacturer and save up for his very own ship, but then he won a Y-Wing BTL-S3 in a 1 in a 100 Raffle held by his father’s company. He imaginatively named it Fighter 1, and decided that he was going to travel the stars with it. So, after several months’ working towards a sufficient credit pile, he departed his job and left Naboo in the newly christened Fighter.

In the subsequent 1½ years, Khorde journeyed from place to place, never quite stopping for a long time. He would get a job, stay for a week before deciding that he wasn’t partial to it, and then leave. During this period he also visited many of the Galaxy’s Sites of Interest, such as the Centrepoint Space Station, the Galactic Museum and the War-torn plains of Derra IV – though he never actually touched down on the surface of Derra. However, after a long period of meandering – at a point when his savings were almost depleted – he decided to join Veritas Press.

The Press

Upon being accepted into the organisation, he had to make the decision on which partition he wanted to join. The Media Syndicate offered any choices, but having had experience in Engineering, he joined the Veritas Engineering Corps, or VEC for short. There, he met the Director Val Ambrose, who taught him an awful lot about the logistical side of engineering. He enjoyed communicating with Val and his other Veritas colleagues from the cockpit of the Horizon Star Yacht [VEC] Trade Transport 2, which he piloted on several missions. Such missions included the building of massive star freighters, like the Modular Taskforce Cruiser, and delivering the highly demanded VT-3000 Datapad to clients of Veritas.

Khorde as a Veritas Employee

Two months into the job – which he was enjoying a lot – Khorde received news via his holocommunications panel on the Yacht that Val had left VEC. Val was a good friend to Khorde, and since he was no longer present, the urge to quit resurfaced again. He had been in this job longer than any other he’d had since he’d left Naboo nearly two years ago, but again he wanted to leave. Converse to that, he decided to stay, but to change place within the organisation. He had exchanged extensive dialogues with Jorus Serto, the Editor-in-Chief of the News Division, and had become friends with the fellow Naboo. So, he made his transfer request to Veritas News Inc., or VNI for short, which was processed in a matter of hours.

In VNI, he excelled. He was a writer to start with, and he began to produce editorials which were aired on the GNS and were reasonably successful. His increased camaraderie with Serto helped him towards a prompt promotion, and after a small amount of time – a month at maximum – he was the Senior Manager, or Division Adjunct of VNI. Continuing with his production of News Articles and busying himself with his new responsibilities as a leader, Khorde spent the next two months relishing in his position. He could make decisions with the rest of the Veritas Board of Directors, and was required to be present at all of the Directorate meetings.

Then, he was promoted again. Serto decided to relocate in order to aid with another area of the Veritas Syndicate, which left Khorde at the mantle of VNI. He was the Editor-in-Chief, and had control over Veritas’ production of articles.

During this period, he started experimenting with producing entities in factories and sometimes even shipyards which he was allowed access to. He began to boost the credit pile he had already accumulated, and produced a myriad of things which he sold via the Centrepoint Marketplace.


As time went on, and he more and more became a Veritas veteran, he found himself being promoted further and further. He was the 3rd-in-Command of the whole Veritas Syndicate, and was enjoying himself. However, he was only two weeks into this role when new disagreements started to emerge, and as tensions rose, he decided to depart. He left on good terms with the Directors at Veritas, and has been known since to meet with his old co-workers for hunting trips and excursions.

Nevertheless, for the second time in his life, he experienced the sickening feeling of leaving his home behind. He no longer had an occupation, and although money wasn’t an issue, he felt lost. Drifting into the Outer Rim in search of some consolation, he disappeared for several months. Little is known about his activities during this period, though it is confirmed that it was during this period he freed 12 Cathar slaves who were working their lives away as miners on some vague and far-off planet. These now-free, and coincidentally very skilled, individuals became his feline bodyguards, who would accompany him in all of his future travels. He would rarely be seen without at least 3 of them, though they were mostly out of sight, especially during business transactions.

It is also rumoured that he became acquainted with some less-than-savoury groups and individuals. He began to use alcohol (he never drank before this time), in a rather excessive manner. He would become a regular feature in scummy taverns and shady cantinas. One factor which only served to worsen his depression was the news, transmitted to him by a close family-friend, that both of his parents had passed away in a shuttle accident. They had been travelling on vacation to the Naboo countryside, when the pilot had lost control and the shuttle had crashed. They were killed instantly in the blast. His businesses and trades took a back seat, and his life became entirely consumed by his addiction to alcohol.

After some time, it is presumed that he decided to return to the galactic centre, and on a visit to Naboo for a memorial service dedicated to his parents, he managed to come back into contact with his old friend Val Ambrose through sheer coincidence. Val was running some Engineering operations for profit, and invited Khorde to be a part of this new group. The group became known as the Phantom Construction Corps by its members, and worked on building ships and shipyards. Khorde saw an excellent business opportunity, and therefore decided to take advantage.

Open for Business

With a new project to focus his energies on, Khorde managed to put himself back on the right path. He reduced the amount he was drinking, and severed ties with a lot of his disreputable friends. He resumed his business initiatives, and bought several shipyards which he began to make profits from. He was asked to be a part of the ruling Admiralty Board of Phantom Construction Corps (PCC), along with Val himself and yet another ex-Veritas member, Zingari Rognir.


A slight male humanoid, Khorde has a physique which one might say is less than suited to intense activity. An underwhelming figure, he is average height and average weight. There is nothing which might distinguish him from any other average office worker. He has fair, but slightly tanned skin and a very hard complexion. His facial features are very sharp, reflecting his dry personality. He has curly, prematurely grey hair and pale blue, calculating eyes. He is almost always dressed for business, favouring a grey suit, grey waistcoat and black tie for his everyday attire. The only exception to his dress code is for hunting trips, when he tends to wear garments more suited to the activity.

Abilities and Personality

Khorde is a man of many talents, all of them quite substantial, though he could not be said to be masterful in any particular craft. He is a considerable pilot, though anybody could see that given the choice of whether he wanted to be on the bridge piloting or in the office writing, he would almost always choose the latter. He is a writer primarily, having written many publications for the Galactic News Service. These consisted of mainly factual details, though he has written in many styles and forms in his brief but productive writing career. Another skill he has added to his arsenal is that of Leadership, and being a man of strict organisation and discipline, he manages both himself and others in a very efficient manner.

As a person, Khorde is very serious. He rarely lets down his guard, maintaining a stern nature at all times. Commonly misinterpreted as being antisocial, such a thing as an informal conversation is alien to him. He conducts himself in a businesslike manner, and doesn't like to meander away from the point of conversation.