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Kiffar Male.jpg Kiffar Female.jpg
Both a male and female Kiffar.
LanguageKiffu, Basic
Average Height1.7 to 2 meters (5'5" to 6'5")
Skin colorMedium to dark tan or brown
Hair colorBrown or black
DistinctionsRitual Tattoos (Qukuuf)
Psychometric abilities (1/100 Kiffar)
Average lifespan75 - 100 standard years
Known MembersList of known Kiffar

Biology and Appearance

Kiffar are a near-Human species, more commonly found with darker complexions than that of humans and hair in either a shade of dark brown or black. They're set apart from humans found in other regions by the presence of traditional facial tattoos known as qukuuf. Some — roughly 1 out of 100 — also display aptitude for an ability known as psychometry; this ability enables them to read the memories of inanimate or formerly animate (corpses and cremated ashes) objects by touch. It is not normal for this ability to enable them to read the living.


The qukuuf tattoos are applied to Kiffar while they're still young, and are passed down through families on the mother's side; on the occasion that a Kiffar child did not have a Kiffar mother, the tattoos were taken from the father's family instead. Traditional colors for the tattoos are red, yellow and green; the designs used are taken from the clan that the Kiffar was born in. This practice has faded, however, as Kiffex takes steps towards intertribal peace; those Kiffar who leave Kiffex will often maintain their tattoos as a way to identify themselves and other Kiffar.

Society and Culture

The Kiffar reside on the planet Kiffex, in the Azurbani system of the Kiffex sector. Most are organized in groups known as clans — these clans are much like an extended family, and are often the keepers of some culturally important artifact, location or building. The hierarchy between clans is very strict, having distinctions between not only major, minor and ouvrir clans, but also Northern and Southern clans.

Clanless Kiffar, as well as those sentient creatures outside of Kiffar culture, are known as austerder; this term is considered derogatory. Austerder Kiffar are treated with high discrimination by those who remain part of their clans. Whether they were removed from the clan or were simply not born into one due to various circumstances, all austerder Kiffar are considered 'second class' Kiffex citizens.

The Kiffar are known as ferocious warriors who carry no regard for their own life; they ride into battle on indigenous animals, wielding only bladed weapons or slugthrowers. It's this dedication to their cause that has made them popular mercenaries and bounty hunters in the Azurbani system; this is offset, however, by the Kiffar natural assumption that other humans are part of not only a different tribe, but are most likely hostile.


Less than 30 years ago, the already politically unstable, and for the most part primitive clans of Kiffex were brought into direct conflict in part from the urging of the intervening powers of the Black Sun, the criminal organization occupying the planet and providing arms to both sides. The seething tribal conflicts however needed only a subtle urging, as they had been simmering for centuries since the semi-mythical 'Sundering of Clans'. The fighting took place for the most part between the more affluent and developing South and the traditional and isolationist Northern Clans. In the process the more central clans were either wiped out or forced to pick sides. This constant fighting eventually resulted in a waste-zone along the front, later to be called the Demilitarized Zone, once a tentative peace was reached due to troop exhaustion, ill supplied troops and the withdrawal of Black Sun support for either side. The previously all-consuming civil war fizzled out rather unceremoniously.

Since the end of the Civil war that split the planet's habitable territories in half between the two factions, the political climate on Kiffex has stabilized to an extent. Guided by leaders from both the north and south with an amicable professional relationship, the clans of Kiffex are no longer in a state of hostility. Instead they have put their focuses to modernization, planetary and inter-system trade, and succeeded in ending the Black Sun Occupation, regaining their homeworld as their own.

Kiffar Clans

Kiffex Clans

Notable Northern Clans

Clan Prax:

Born from the ashes of the fabled First Clan, Clan Prax are the guardians of one of the holiest of locations on Kiffex, the Mountain of the Gods. They currently proclaim to welcome all those who wish to worship there in peace with the protection of strong leadership and able warriors who believe in freedom, most willing to die for that belief. For several decades Prax was regularly the target of raids from the west by Clan Tor until the Battle of Vyder where Prax soundly defeated Tor thus absorbing their land and citizens and becoming the sole power of the North. Today Prax is a quickly developing clan taking in some modern luxuries the rest of the galaxy has enjoyed for sometime. Despite this recent modernization, Prax still stays firm in their roots, and functions as a magnet for Northerners and pilgrims alike due to its proximity to a sacred mountain range, known as the Spine of the Gods. Affiliated Kiffar: Khajan Prax

Clan Skelgard:

Clan Skelgard is an ancient Kiffar clan of Kiffex. Skelgard's differ from others clans in that facial tattoo of the clan is applied to all existing members who wish to be part of the clan and willingly participate in ancient ritual where they procure a skin or a pelt of a hunted animal. They have been known to be fierce, independent and enthusiastic warriors and artisans, and many become renowned mercenaries and traders all over Kiffex. Because Skelgards have mostly been living on Kiffex and only rarely ventured outside the boundaries of the Azurbani system, they have been for most part unheard off in the galaxy at large and only have been known to Northern Kiffar communities. Skelgards can also trace an unbroken Kiffar lineage that extends almost eons back and as such the clan somewhat prides on being pure Kiffar's and have developed Kiffarcentric view that is being passed down to children through their parents. Affiliated Kiffar: Ylvia Skelgard; Dawn Kim; Gilead Antares; Sol Kerberos; Illyana Blacklock; Bryjela Ochoa; Karl Hawkmoon

Notable Southern Clans

Clan de Chatillon: One of the oldest and most affluent of the Southern Kiffar clans, the de Chatillons held much power before the Civil War erupted. The de Chatillon estate controlled large swathes of land in the south eastern areas of Kiffex. Rich fields provided plenty of sustenance for the people and allowed for the clan to become prominent exporters of wine. Since the clan controlled some of the more state-of-the-art starports, their trade with other systems allowed them to prosper. Most of these estates were sold and move off world after the Civil War when Artemis de Chatillon, the current head of the family, decided to move his entire clan to the outer rim world of Ord Cantrell. Affiliated Kiffar: Artemis de Chatillon, Rhiannon de Chatillon, Danae de Chatillon, Sadie de Chatillon, Harmonia de Chatillon, Tanis de Chatillon, Calypso de Chatillon

Clan Nah`utal:

Dating back hundreds of years on Kiffex, the ancestors of the great Clan Nah`utal have been closely and proudly guarding the mouth of the dense Wild Forests in the Southern lands of Kiffex. For the wildlife that lives peacefully in the thickets of the Wild Forests, they guard. For the exotic foliage and other natural beauties found within the Wilds, they guard. Against those who would seek to harm the innocence of the Wilds, they guard. Though, it is not just the innocence of the wildlife, or the diverse foliage, or the shrouds of mystery surrounding this forest that Clan Nah`utal guards. For they have also protected the Kiffar from a vile creature that dwells deep within the boundaries of the Wild Forests Wildlings, the old legends call them. Atrocious creatures that only hunt during the night and rip Kiffar flesh straight off the bone should they reach it before being slain. To their children, they feed the skin and for themselves, they use the bones for their own clothing. Affiliated Kiffar: Draelor Nah`utal, Anabelle Nah`utal, Constantinovna Orlov, Zhaff Orikan, Amelia Kolczynski

Notable Neutral Clans

Clan Tchakova:

Clan Tchakova came into a more active role on Kiffex during the Black Sun intervention of the Kiffar race. Unlike most neutral clans who were forced to choose their allegiance during the Civil wars, Clan Tchakova held firm with their belief of neutrality. Less skilled in militaristic strategy other than hunting for food or for sport, Clan Tchakova excelled in their medical practices. Even before record keeping began the clan had been using the natural resources of Kiffex to aid them in their everyday tasks of hunting and cooking, but most importantly their medicine. The dense forests saw to that, offering the clan a rich abundance of indigenous plant life from which they learned to utilise. A millennia of refined bush craft and minor technological aid enabled the clan to excel in the field of medicine to which they are now known for. During the wars they offered their expertise freely to both sides, without discrimination. Since then they have returned to being isolate and no longer aid those who persist in the fighting. They recognise the end of the wars and believe in harmonious coexistence throughout all of Azurbani. Affiliated Kiffar: Blaise Tchakova

Clan Ekko:

Clan Ekko came into being as a neutral clan unamused with the perpetual Civil wars that plagued their homeworld. Unlike those around them, they rebuffed local isolationist movements and often welcomed those from outside Kiffex as well as those from outside their own Clan. A stark contrast to the tribes and Clans that surrounded them, Clan Ekko embraced the ideas, practices, and culture that often arrived at their starports. Using the credits they obtained from their lack of isolationism and open trade agreements with various government groups from around the galaxy, they managed to raise and sustain a Para-Military force to protect their main strongholds including EkkoRhein Keep, the defacto Headquarters and cultural center of Ekkonian-Kiffars. At odds with Clan Tchakova, the Ekkonians felt providing expertise or materials of war to any side would further pull them into a never-ending war. It was through this Kiffar-Isolation of sorts that lead to such a stark difference between Ekkonian-Kiffar and the various Tribal Clans spread throughout Kiffex and Kiffu. Now that the wars are winding down and coexistence is in the not-too-distant future, Ekkonian-Kiffar have opened up communications with other Clans around Azurbani and the galaxy at large. Affiliated Kiffar: Aeryn Odysseus Ekko

Kiffu Clans

The sister planet of Kiffex, Kiffu evaded much of Kiffex's calamities with Black Sun but still held to extreme isolationist policies.

Clan Tonnak

This clan is nestled on the large mountain chains along the south of the planet and has held to their isolation for centuries. A hardy people, they are distinguished by fairer skin than other clans and the common practice of adopting qukuuf on the extremities. Clan Tonnak primarily worships their god of storms and life-giving waters, Khoch, as the head of their pantheon. The clan has more recently been noted for their increased expansion and adoption of intergalactic practices and technology. Affiliated Kiffar: Nikai Tonnak

Clan Vel

Clan Vel hails from the north east area of the planet Kiffu. The clan is primarily a group of hunter/gathers that practice many forms of combat. Often happy staying to themselves, many in Clan Vel will leave to explore the galaxy. For this reason they usually keep their qukuuf hidden under cloths or armor, however a few still where them traditionally on the face. Many in Clan Vel have went of to become bounty hunters or mercenaries, others however have preferred a more calm life style. Affiliated Kiffar: Victor o`Cuinn, Noah Hatfield

Clan Kitade

A minor clan based in the western deserts of Kiffu, Clan Kitade is noted mainly for it's nomadic lifestyle and hunters skilled in the art of stealth. Valuing guile and cunning over brute force, Kitade Hunters are commonly found working as scouts and explorers across the galaxy. The qukuuf of Clan Kitade is a black splayed katarn claw, commonly worn along the left side of the face, signifying the symbolic relationship the clan has with the deadly predators and other wild beasts that dwell in the desert wastes where the tribe originated. Affiliated Kiffar: Thearn Nightstaf, Shandra Raa, Dawei Shi, Lawrence Draper