Kiffar Spiritualism

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Kiffar Spiritualism
General Information
Theology Polymorphic monotheism
Headquarters Pluralistic
Other names Si'moyak, Kiffar Shamanism

"At first there was only the One Great Spirit. It was lonely so it looked in upon itself and saw an infinitely expanding vortex. The One then expanded and fractalized, creating the universe. It poured itself into the stars, the planets, and every aspect of reality. Its voice becoming a multitude as they manifested across time and space, creating the All-Spirits."

-Excerpt from the "Ruminations of Spirit" by Kifu Sonlan Vis

Kiffar Spiritualism is a catch-all term for the panoply of sects practiced by the Kiffar people of Kiffex and Kiffu. The religion has spread to some of the Kiffar colonies across the galaxy but mostly retains a strong presence on the twin home-worlds. The practices are as old as the Qukuuf traditions and are as varied as the different patterns between clans. The key distinction between most sects is how they believe it best to commune with the Spirits. Kiffar Spiritualism at its core is a shamanistic reverence for spiritual beings that exist in another dimension yet connected to ours. Their influence manifests as animals, plants, objects, emotions, technology, and even the Force within our reality. Providing guidance to any who seek their counsel via sacred means. Because the Spirits exist outside our notions of time, it is believed they can observe past, current, and future events. Therefore their advice can be prophetic at times. While there is an almost infinite number of Spirits, they are all facets of the same spiritual entity. A matter of discourse which pits many sects against the other in debate. However the method of communion still remains the foremost divider between the different sects.

Syncretic vs Devout

Because of the pluralistic nature of the religion, many followers are divided on the ideal ways to commune with the spirits. Those who use various methods of communion, regardless of the sect that originated it, are called Syncretic followers. While those who choose to fully devote themselves to a singular sect and practice are referred to as Devout. Some sects find the shallow or uneducated use of their rituals as offensive while others are more open to less singularly-dedicated followers. The varying opinions have caused a multitude of civil wars and planetary strife throughout Kiffar history. It wasn't until they accessed the stars that the fervor died down. Some sects however are still very particular with letting Syncretic followers learn their rituals, Red Lotus and the Daughters of the Sun are notoriously opaque to the undevout.

The Force

Force sensitive individuals are regarded with reverence across most sects. It is a commonly held view that those able to command such power are blessed by the Spirits and their path is one they follow closely. Neither dark or light side aspects are abhorred, rather a balance per each individual is sought after communing with the Spirits. The gift of Psychometry is common amongst many Kiffar and is viewed as one of the most true ways to commune with the Spirits. Because of this those with the ability are especially revered among most sects.

Si'moyak Shaman

Notable Sects

-Red Lotus: A minor sect on the home-worlds which flourished when brought to the Kiffar colony on Ord Cantrell. Their method of communion is rumored to revolve around a secretive ritual and the ingesting of a sacred poultice produced from the red lotus plant native to Kiffex.

-Si'moyak: The largest and most common sect across the home-worlds. Originally a sect from the Northern Clans, the ideology spread due to the communal aspects being inherently tied to key cultural traditions already present throughout Kiffar society. To commune one would sojourn at a remote location agreed upon by the Clan elders. Experiencing and ultimately surviving said exposure allows one an opportunity to possibly communicate with the Spirits. Most Kiffar were no strangers to exploring the wilder lands of Kiffex and Kiffu, so much so the religious ceremony was regarded as a come-to-age moment in many Clans.

-Path of Ruen: An offshoot sect that branched off from Si'moyak, the Path of Ruen focused partially on the individual quest one would make in a typical Si'moyak spirit commune however there was an emphasis on reading the products of your destruction. Whether that was through fire and ashes from a campfire, or the blaster marks and smoke from battle. The Ruentreaders, as their devotees called themselves, spread across the galaxy and became popular with bounty hunters and mercenaries alike. Given that the method of communing was so inherently tied to the profession of many followers.

-Followers of Felixis: One of the oldest sects from the Southern Clans of Kiffex. This sect viewed interstellar commerce as a divine practice. The casting of stones, dice, or other objects of chance would facilitate their communion with the Spirits.

-Daughters of the Sun: An older and mysterious sect that remains on Kiffu. A smaller sect with almost xenophobic reluctance to leave the planet. Their communion practices are believed to rely on strict fasting and control of the body in accordance to tenets passed down from the original Abbess.

Daughters of the Sun Acolyte