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Kimberly Tylger-Dur`rik is the second youngest daughter of former King Alex Tylger of the Hapes Consortium. She currently works as the Lady Ambassador with the Falleen Federation and is married to King Jado Dur'rik.

Kimberly Tylger
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian/Hapan)
Homeworld Hapes Prime
Mother Rosalind Solo (Deceased)
Father Alex Tylger
Spouse Jado Dur`rik (married Year 17 Day 1)
Siblings Airoria Tylger (Oldest Sister)
Tara Tylger (Sister)
Aya Tylger (Youngest Sister)
Children Joshua Alexander Tylger-Branwen (Son)
Katherine Tammer (Adopted-daughter)
Zara Katalina-Rose Dur`rik (Daughter)
Born Year -14 Day 281
Physical Description
Height 5'9"
Coloring Light skin, long brown hair
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Rank Lady Ambassador
Prior Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth, Endara Reclaim Industries, StormOne Recycling, New Anzat Order, TransGalMeg, Black Sun, Bel Ker Production, Rebel Alliance, Hapes Consortium


A Twinkle In Her Eyes

Those who have met Kimberly Tylger tend to remember her not just for her stunning physical appearance but her overall sense of confidence. She has a presence that is calm yet exudes strength; not surprising given the turmoils that have filled her life. She is never seen without the gold ring with the red Arxian diamond gifted to her by her father when they discovered their connection or the diamond-encrusted wedding ring she received from Jado on their wedding day. She can command a room with her presence, give speeches to dignitaries across the galaxy but she loves nothing more than playing with her children. She is humble but she knows her worth.

Don't Tempt Her

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Historical Biography


Kimberly spent all her life thinking she was someone she wasn’t. One lie would lead to another and another, always changing, always adding to her confusion. Growing up, she was known as Kimberly Night, daughter to Daven and Linda Night. Her parents were farmers on Tralus but she spent much of her time in the city. She always sensed that there was something different about her - her parents hated the city, she loved it; they loved working on the farm, she was the complete opposite. She didn’t dwell on it however and just figured that she had taken after some distant relative. But one day all that changed.

Kimberly had been asked by her father to go into the city that day to get a new restraining bolt for the family droid. She left early but soon returned, forgetting some little trinket that she'd needed to take with her. Searching the house, she couldn’t seem to find it. She decided to try her father’s desk. Something told her to look in the top drawer, even though she knew that was always locked. Today, however, it was left open and inside she found the data card that certified her adoption.

She read it repeatedly, 5, 10, 15 times until she practically had it memorized. Adopted at two months old from an orphanage on Corellia, there were no records as to who she was or who her biological parents were. Her parents came home shortly afterward and she confronted them, expecting them to understand why she wanted to know. But they didn’t. Suddenly it seemed like her parents were different people. They became cold and distant. Her mother looked at her with disgust, saying to her father words that would always stay in Kimberly’s head: “We should have killed the brat when we had the chance.” Her father sent her to her room, oblivious to her pleas for the truth. That night, Kimberly made a choice. Gathering what little credits and belongings she had, she snuck out and headed to the spaceport. Boarding a large passenger ship headed for Corellia, Kimberly can remember little of that time.

The one thing she didn’t realize was how hard life on Corellia would be for a girl of her age. She was, after all, only 16. She lived on the credits she had brought with her, spending her days out searching for the orphanage where she had been as a baby. She had the name and the city it was located in, but that was all. Her credits only lasted so long and after awhile Kimberly realized she would need a job if she wanted to stay there. Walking into a little bar near where she was staying she went to the owner and told him she needed a job. He was a kind old man and offered her a job as a dancer. Not exactly a nice job, but she knew she had little choice. She took the name of Nina, not daring to go by her real name. It was there that she grew an intense hatred of bars, one it would take her a long time to get over. The drunken men would cause problem after problem, never liking the fact that she would turn them down night after night. They didn’t like hearing no. One night the bar seemed especially busy, and Kimberly was glad when her shift was finally over. She hated walking home alone in the dark but she’d grown accustomed to it; she was no longer afraid. Behind her, she heard the drunken slurs of two men, and she began to walk a little faster. The two men behind her had been at the bar, and she had turned them both down. Coming up behind her, one grabbed her arm and spun her around. The stink of his breath caused her to flinch, turning her head to the side. Pushed up against a wall, she had little choices. There were two of them and one of her. The one that wasn’t holding her was talking. He told her all they wanted was a little fun, then they’d let her go. She knew what kind of fun they wanted, and she wasn’t about to let them have it. Kneeing the one that was holding her where it would hurt him the most, she grabbed his blaster. The first thing she noticed was that it was a standard issue Imperial blaster. No wonder they thought they were better than everyone else. The second one pulled his own blaster, and before she knew it, she had shot him in the stomach. She froze and the first one, that had been holding her, grabbed his friend’s blaster. Luckily, drunken men can’t aim very well. He missed and she shot him in the chest. Terrified, she got up and ran home. It was the first time she’d fought, let alone killed anyone. But she knew it wouldn’t be her last. Down the road, she would be glad for this event because from it grew the fear needed for her to grow up. She went out and bought herself protection the next day; daggers, six of them, that she hid under her clothing.

Exploring a new part of town one day, Kimberly realized that she was lost. That turned out for the better when she found the orphanage she had been looking for. It was in one of the slummier parts of town, making her wonder what her parents had lived like. There she found an old lady, a nurse who had taken care of her. She was only able to tell Kimberly a little, but it was enough. Finally, she could go home.

And go home she did, but it wasn’t home anymore. Her parents didn’t like the fact that she knew she was adopted. Even though the nurse hadn't been able to tell her the names of her real parents, she was able to tell Kimberly that they hadn't wanted to leave her there. They'd meant to go back for her. It was like a big secret she was never supposed to be let in on. She was kept locked in her room or working out in the fields under the hot sun. She was never allowed to go back into the city. Week after week things would only get worse. But she never realized how bad they could get. One night Daven entered her room. She begged him to help her. To just let her go, and she’d disappear forever and never be a problem for them anymore. But he just laughed at her. She remembers to this day how he had closed and locked the door and approached her. She remembers the rough feel of his hands as he grabbed her arms. In her dreams even now she remembers the alcohol on his breath, and the words he spoke to her that very night. “You’re not my daughter. I don’t have to pretend anymore. I can do to you just like I always wanted to do to your mother.” She fought but had little strength, and it didn’t do much good. She could do little to stop him. From that night on, every night without missing one, he would rape her. Rape and beat her if she fought back. The secret made her feel weak, and she made a vow never to tell a living soul. Spending only a few tortures filled months there, she finally ran away again, making her way to the city where she lived on the streets in fear that her ‘parents’ would one day find her. She sneaked into the spaceport one night and hid in a small compartment in one of the first ships she could break into.

She must have fallen asleep because she awoke to see a man standing over her. Surprised, she knew there was no way out; she was stuck. But he did the complete opposite of what she thought he would do. Instead of yelling at her and throwing her off his ship, he sat her down, fed her, and then asked her to explain herself, truthfully. So she did. Turns out he was a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, and once she found out what was happening in the galaxy she wanted to work for them. Her hatred for Imps had only grown since the night she had shot two of them; besides, she had nowhere else to go. She convinced him to take her to the academy.

Rebel Alliance

There she discovered a whole new world. These people cared, truly cared, and were as tight as any family she’d seen. She thought there was some catch but there wasn’t. If you believed in what they were fighting for you became one of them, no strings attached. There she found friends and love. She was finally happy. Not to mention her friends got her into some crazy adventures. For the first couple of months, she didn’t leave Republica often. Then she met Katya Redman. This girl, originally only her mentee, soon became her best friend. She realized right away that the girl had a knack for finding trouble and knew it would be wise to stick near her. Little did she know how much trouble that would get her into.

Her first brush with trouble took place on Corellia, where she had to save her friend from a man named Knox and his group of friends - while keeping her from getting arrested by CorSec at the same time. After that trip, she realized that she was missing a lot by staying in Republica and she started to travel more in her free time. It seemed some of Katya’s bad luck had rubbed off on her for she found herself in more and more trouble every time. She did, however, meet two very interesting and important people in her travels, people that would have large impacts on her life at later times.

Bruce "AllTeam" Kueller has saved Kimberly’s life more times that she could possibly imagine. They have a love/hate relationship that neither of them can really explain. They argue constantly, yet always look out for each other. She won’t admit it but she actually enjoys being a pain to him. Tara Tylger has been a thorn in Kimberly’s side since their first encounter. She did hate her, though it soon turned into more of a mutual dislike, and over time even that eventually disappeared, due to various unexpected situations.

Kimberly hated not knowing who her real parents were. After a little prodding by her friends, she finally decided it was time to find out. Asking her boyfriend and a few of her most trusted friends to accompany her to Corellia, she went searching for the truth. She found the truth, but it was one she never expected. By the end of that mission, she had worked together with Tara to successfully kill the man she had once considered her father, Daven Night, and to shut down the once large crime organization known as the Phoenix. The crime organization that at one point had belonged to her parents. Parents she learned were murdered brutally by their best friends, Daven and Linda Night. Sound familiar? They were the same people that eventually found Kimberly and adopted her, to prevent her from ever finding out what truly happened and to keep control of the Phoenix. This adventure was a turning point in Kimberly’s life and affected her more then many people realize, even now. During the fight to end Daven’s life Kimberly was cut on the side by one of his daggers, and there the scare still remains. It is a daily reminder to her of the horrors of her past and Kimberly refuses to have it removed.

She returned to Republica once it was all over but didn’t stay long. She realized that she was growing more and more distant. The only one that could even make her smile was Cevin and even then it wasn’t always sincere. Deciding that she needed some time alone in order to deal with recent events she took an extended leave of absence from the Alliance. She flew around aimlessly, visiting some of her friends here and there, before finally sitting down and doing something she knew she needed to do. At Corellia, she had picked up several datapads belonging to her parents, but she had never actually sat down to read them. When she did, the news she found on them startled her. The Phoenix had another base, besides the one she found and destroyed on Corellia.

New Family

It was here that Kimberly’s life again took a dramatic turn. She traveled the miles to Tatooine, where the second base was hidden and as she explored she ran into a family she had seen before…the Tylgers. Tara was really the only one she knew but that was about to change. It seemed that Alex Tylger had set off a trap and it was Kimberly’s medical skills that helped save his life. In the process, she not only learned about her mother, but the truth about her parentage was revealed. Her mother’s personal droid had been found, and, thinking Kimberly was her mother, it was more than willing to explain things to her. Not only had her mother had an affair that caused Kimberly to be conceived but it had been with the man whose life she had just saved. Kimberly was not a Night...nor was she a Solo - she was Tylger….related to Tara Tylger…a woman she hated. The entire trip seemed like a dream to Kimberly and she rarely speaks of it.

After this trip, Kimberly was even more confused. She returned to Republica a totally different person. One that was bewildered, not knowing who she was or where she belonged. She began pushing all her friends away, including Cevin. She wasn’t who they thought she was anymore and, for the first time in almost a year, she felt out of place there. She couldn’t explain things to them if she couldn’t explain them to herself. Finally, the day came where she did something she knew she had no choice but to do. Something she had been putting off for weeks. She gave in her resignation to the RA. Having spent almost a year there happily, it was one of the hardest decisions she had ever had to make in her life. She knew in giving up the RA, she was giving up her nearly seven-month relationship with Cevin, but she accepted that. She had made a decision to be alone, and she planned on sticking with that choice.

Young Kimberly.jpg
During her time in the Black Sun

She began spending more and more time in a bar known as the Underground. Here she ran into AllTeam often and though they argued constantly, deep down she knew he was only trying to help her save herself. He’d been through what she was going through and he didn’t want to see her end up the same way he had. But she wouldn’t accept it. Kimberly was stubborn and wanted to do things her way. No one would be able to change her mind.

It was in the Underground that AllTeam made a decision that again changed Kimberly’s life – he introduced her to Xya Howie. One day he’d taken her outside and told her to wait. And that was when she met Xya for the very first time. She offered Kimberly a job, one that she was hesitant to accept at first. However, it didn’t take much time before she gave her answer. And that was the beginning of a long friendship. Kimberly’s job for over a year, it was perhaps the hardest job she ever had. She couldn’t tell anyone about it, not her friends or her father or even Cevin. It was a complete and utter secret. If her cover was blown she was virtually useless to them and while it was a tough adjustment at first, her dedication to Xya had helped her through it.

Things started to get better for her over time. AllTeam’s friendship, as well as that of new friends and Family she had made, helped her to move on with her life. She came to terms with who and what she was. She started meeting her family, giving them a chance, getting to know them. She had little choice in working with Tara day after day and so they both knew they would need to make the most out of it. And Kimberly is thankful for that to this day. Tara, a woman she once hated, was now an older sister that Kimberly could, and did, look up to. She continued to talk and spend time with Cevin. He was the only one that could draw her out of her darkness and truly make her smile. In time, he proposed. She was hesitant at first, not sure if she was ready for such a step. And she was scared of going into a marriage with such a huge lie in it. She went to Xya, confused and nervous over the decision and the woman helped Kimberly like she had so many other times. She allowed Kimberly to let Cevin in on her secret and she told her that she needed to follow her heart. She knew she couldn’t hide forever, and she wouldn’t give up the one person who truly made her happy. So she accepted and began planning her wedding.

However, things got in the way. Cevin was a busy person and her new job kept her occupied. Xya had appointed her as the President of TGM and she was so focused on this that other things seemed to slip away from her. Over time, they grew more and more apart, and Kimberly met new, interesting people. She knew that she and Cevin had different plans for their lives. He wanted to settle down, have a family. She herself wasn’t even sure if she ever wanted to get married let alone have children. She knew something had to be done, but she was afraid of hurting him. Finally, with Xya’s help, she was able to end her year and a half relationship. It was the last thing holding her to her past in the Rebel Alliance, and while she felt sad over losing someone she had loved, she saw this as a new opportunity to move forward with her life.

This new found freedom, however, was not exactly a good thing for Kimberly. She found herself in some difficult situations, and eventually, her mistakes caught up with her. Turning once more the Xya, the only person she could trust with such a secret, Kimberly begged for forgiveness and for help. And while she is grateful to Xya, Kimberly will forever be haunted by the decision she made on that day. The decision tormented her so deeply that she knew she needed another fresh start. She left Black Sun, sequestering herself in space for some time, haunted by her own decisions.

New Anzat Order

Eventually, Kimberly was once again dragged out of her isolation, this time by her longtime friend Kiara. She told Kimberly of the New Anzat Order and Kimberly was intrigued. She traveled to that space only to learn that it was led by none other than her cousin, Wilhelm von Ismay. When she contacted him he offered her the job of the Commanding Officer of the NAO Guard. Shocked, Kimberly was quick to agree. Once again she had been the handed the chance to start fresh. This time she was determined to make the most of it. And in a lot of ways she did. Upon arriving at the NAO she met a man named James Turner, who happened to be the husband of her cousin Deana von Ismay. The two quickly became good friends and it was Kimberly that James turned to when his marriage started degenerating, due to Deana’s jealous attitude. She would often take long unexplained absences and before long, both James and Deana realized that their marriage was over, Deana going as far as even admitting she no longer had feelings for James. During this time, Kimberly stayed there, never planning on being more than a friend for him. But they soon both realized that there were more than just feelings of friendship between them. When James decided it was time to leave the NAO, Kimberly knew she wanted to go with him. He made her happier then anyone had made her in a long time and while she knew her family wouldn’t approve, she didn’t care. All that mattered to her was that they could be together.

And so when her father offered her the position as the Vice President of StormOne Recycling, Kimberly gladly accepted it, on the basis that James would also receive a job there. Together the two decided to start a new life and for Kimberly, there was an added bonus – James received full custody of his newborn daughter Elisha, and the little girl never seemed to run out of ways to amaze Kimberly. For once, Kimberly was able to be completely happy without being alone. A few months into their marriage, Kimberly discovered she was pregnant with their first child, an unexpected yet joyous occasion.

But, like always, that happiness did not seem to last long for Kimberly. James wanted a housewife, a woman to cook and clean and raise his children. Kimberly had managed to somehow convince herself that this was the life she wanted but it wasn’t. In fact, she was reminded of this one day while cleaning out old boxes on her ship, YT-1300 Isilme. The ship had been a gift on her 19th birthday from Cevin, a man whose marriage proposal she had eventually rejected for that very reason – she refused to be a housewife. The thought continued to grow in her mind and she began to spend more and more time away from home, despite her pregnancy. James was away himself, having taken a new job with the Hapan army.

She began to travel to her sister Tara’s home, the headquarters of her security group The Damned. Here she found many members of her Family, people she’d worked with in the past and had at one time considered friends. Of course, that had been a long time ago, and things were different now. But one thing Kimberly knew for certain was that Family was and would always be, forever.

The Damned

Here she also continued to run into Xanathar Branwen. He was the sorta kinda ex-husband of her cousin, a man who ate little, slept less and drank a whole lot more. But he was also a man that was hurt, that Kimberly could see. When she met him, he was dating another old friend, Acria Larkin. She and Kimberly certainly didn’t see eye-to-eye on quite a few things and the girl was not happy with Kimberly and Xan’s growing friendship. Kimberly had become Xan’s doctor after a horrific attack by a so-called Jedi had left his leg in pieces. She was the only one he would allow to look at it and take care of it and even that was after long talks where she continuously reprimanded him for his drinking and neglect of his wounds.

Joshua Tylger

After Acria and Xan’s break up, their relationship only continued to grow, slow but steady. They remained only friends, her married and pregnant, but underneath something more simmered. She made him realize what kind of life he had been living and he made her realize how unhappy she was in the life she was living. Still, she knew changing hers was a little more serious than changing his. She went back home, determined to forget those thoughts and be happy with her husband and her children. But she couldn’t.

Xan arrived one night, unexpectedly, on her balcony. In a short discussion, he admitted his feelings to her, leaving her in awe, before he disappeared again when she turned her back. A few days later he tricked her into attending an opera, where he had reserved a private box for the two of them. That night was the closest Kimberly had ever come to cheating on her husband…during a walk in the park, Kimberly and Xanather had kissed, a short but significant kiss. It was then Kimberly realized she couldn’t continue to live a lie. She wasn’t happy and she needed change. So a few days later, when her husband returned, she told him the truth once and for all and asked for a separation.

She had her things moved to a little home near the S1R headquarters, but it wasn’t often that she was there. With no reason to go home now, she spent nearly every day with Xan and the others at the Headquarters, her pregnancy still progressing slowly. She wasn’t used to being quite so big and had to maneuver around carefully, afraid of anything that would hurt the baby. One day, however, in her seventh month of pregnancy, she wasn’t quite as graceful as she should’ve been and she toppled over, landing on her belly and going into premature labor.

Luckily for her, she wasn’t alone. With the help of Family members, and of course Xan, Kimberly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who she named Joshua Alexander Tylger. Nearly a month later, James passed away, leaving Joshua seemingly fatherless…except of course for the presence of Xan. After her divorce, they had finally given in to their feelings and admitted to each other they should be together. And so, together they were.

To make the situation even better, Alex soon gave S1R to his daughter, and Kimberly’s sister, Tara. After it was renamed Endara Reclaim Industries it officially became a part of the Damned and Kimberly an official member of this new Family.

For the first time in her life, Kimberly took her relationship slowly. They had fun together, and he was wonderful with Joshua, but she had just gotten out of a marriage that she had rushed into and she didn't want to rush into another one. He understood that, and he was patient with her. They went on adventures together, he helped her with ERI and she continued to help him with his own health and rehabilitation.

Much to the chagrin of her father and some of the other members of the Family, they eventually decided to marry. In fact, her father was so staunchly against the union that Kimberly didn't speak to him for months and it nearly ruined the relationship they had built up over the previous years. For the next few months of her life, everything was, for once, normal. She would travel between TD Headquarters and Hapes, raising her son and running her company. Her and Xan flourished as a couple, much to the surprise of everyone around them who had been certain they would fail. He officially adopted Joshua and was an amazing father. When Xanathar decided to leave the Family and go after Sasha Striker, Kimberly was hesitant at first, but she wouldn't stand in his way. Sasha was a long time enemy of Kimberly, someone who had tried to ruin ERI when it was just getting off its feet and Kimberly trusted Xan. But she had bad feelings about it and the longer he was away the more she tried to persuade him to give it up and just come home. Unfortunately, her husband was a stubborn man.

It came to peak months later when Sasha captured Xan on board her ship. The Family did everything in their power to get him back but there simply wasn't enough time. Banquo Knox was the one to break the news to Kimberly, bringing her Xan's ashes in a box. She was devastated and heartbroken. Within hours she was heading back to Hapes, where she buried the box of ashes in the park where they had first kissed. There she stayed for weeks with her son, but she knew she couldn't hide forever. She had a company to run and more importantly she had her son. Joshua was too young to young to understand where Xan was, but he was old enough to ask for him and she had to be strong enough to help him deal with Xan's absence. Eventually, she was able to return to headquarters and to be around the others. But Kimberly was not the same person, nor would she ever be. There had simply been too much tragedy in her life and a certain... youthfulness...seemed to have passed.

Kimberly resigned from her position in ERI and spent several months in Hapes before quietly leaving. She wanted to disappear, to just be a normal person with a normal job instead of Alex Tylger’s daughter and Tara Tylger’s sister. Kimberly made the decision to reach out to the wife of her late cousin Wilhelm, who was running what was now the Anzatan Commonwealth since her cousin’s death. While she had never met the woman before, she had the feeling that she would understand what Kimberly was looking for and why she wanted to simply disappear for a while. Kimberly wasn’t disappointed. She was given a low ranking job in their industry division and soon found herself moving into a small home on Anzat. Once more she used the name Kimberly Night, hoping to remain mostly unknown and unrecognized.

She spent a short time working for the Anzatan Commonwealth, trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She no longer knew what she wanted out of life and she needed time to figure that out for herself, without anyone else’s help. Finally, after much prodding by her family, she decided to return to Hapes, this time taking a position in the Hapan government as an Ambassador.

A Time of Change

During her time in Anzat Kimberly's personal life took a turn for the better. She met a man named Kosan Tammer and the two hit it off almost immediately. Originally, they were only friends. Kimberly still wasn't truly ready to be anything more. In fact, when she left Anzat and returned to Hapes, she was pretty sure she wouldn't see the man again. However, her first assignment as an Ambassador was to the Commonwealth and so Kimberly returned almost as quickly as she had left. The two resumed their friendship and this time, in the months she spent on the planet, it grew into something more. When her time in Anzat was once again at a close, the two made a decision to continue their relationship. Kimberly made arrangements so that he would be able to visit her at her home and she was prepared to travel back to Anzat to visit him.

A month after his first visit with her, Kosan once again arrived at Kimberly's home, this time unexpectedly. He had with him his three-year-old daughter, Katherine. Over the next few hours Kosan explained to her what had happened over the previous month. The child's mother and adopted father had been murdered by his previous employers. He was all she had left, despite the fact that she wasn't even aware that he was her father, instead referring to him as "Uncle Kosan". Kimberly told Kosan that he should leave Katherine with her. It only made sense after all - Kimberly's property was surrounded by security and the planet was nearly impossible to get onto, to begin with. She would be safe and would have a friend in the now four-year-old Joshua. Besides, she had said, he would be visiting often and she would be able to take the girl to Anzat to visit when needed. Kosan agreed and Kimberly was nothing short of thrilled to have the little girl in her home. It wouldn't be easy of course - Katherine had just lost her parents and even at three she was sure to feel the effects of that. And Joshua would feel jealous over having to now share Kimberly's attention. But Kimberly was sure it would work out. It always did.

600full-monica-bellucci (24).jpg
Pelin`a Kimberly Tylger

Nearly two years after first meeting Kosan he proposed to her on a quiet trip to his home on Anzat. Kimberly accepted, but for once she didn’t rush into planning a wedding. This time she was determined to take her time – to do what was best for her and her son. Shortly after her engagement, Kimberly was raised to the rank of Fel`da of External Affairs. She felt satisfied in her career and in her personal life. Nearly a year after they were first engaged, Kimberly and Kosan tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Year 14 was a difficult one for Kimberly. Early on, Alex fell ill with a rare disease. As the Fel`da of External Affairs, Kimberly took on more and more of the public appearances for Hapes. As Alex's health continued to decline, Kimberly decided to resign her position and focus on caring for her father. Now a Royal Adviser, Kimberly was the primary contact person for discussions on the Galactic Concordiate. When the Concordiate went public it was easily one of the highlights of Kimberly's career, a shining example of neutrality and peace in an otherwise hectic galaxy.

On a personal level, Kimberly discovered she was pregnant right around the same time Alex fell ill. The pregnancy was kept between her and her husband; life was stressful enough without the Hapan press hounding her even more than usual. Alex was becoming increasing grumpy as he was sequestered within the Hapan palace and Kimberly was struggling to balance it all. Still, on the outside she presented as the poised and graceful Princess she was supposed to be, giving no hint that something might be wrong.

Four months after joyfully discovering her pregnancy, Kimberly suffered a devastating miscarriage. Kosan, who was luckily home at the time, called medics in time to save Kimberly's life, but the trauma sent her into a spiraling depression. Her outlook on life changed and she and Alex began to argue more frequently. Finally, days before he publicized his abdication before the Hapan people, the two Tylgers had a heated argument that blew far out of control. This was not the father she had known and respected for so many years.

Frustrated and upset at all that had been said, Kimberly packed her children in her ship and left Hapes just as quickly as she could. She drifted for a few days, unsure of what to do or where to go. Hapes had been her life for the past three years. She, who had been a nomad for some many years, had finally settled in one place, only to be thrown out in the most horrible of ways.

Eventually, something made Kimberly set a course for Falleen, where she had once visited for King Jado's coronation.

The decision proved to be a good one. Within days Kimberly had been offered a position as an Ambassador for the Federation. She accepted and made arrangements to move into a home on the planet. Joshua, who was old enough to express his unhappiness, was clearly frustrated. He was acting out more and Kimberly wasn't sure how to comfort him when she was so upset by the situation herself. A new home, a new planet, a new way of life – it wouldn't be an easy adjustment, especially for children. Still, the people were nice and inviting and it was a continued chance to do what she loved. Starting over was something Kimberly was used to; this time would hardly be any different.

To make a difficult situation even worse, Kosan had gone missing shortly after leaving Hapes. For months Kimberly used all her resources and contacts to look for him, with no sign of where or why he had disappeared. She refused to give up hope that her husband was still alive. She knew he had enemies in his past, Katherine's life was evidence enough that Kosan would go to any lengths to protect his family. But she had expected that he would leave her something, a sign or a message, just so she would know he was ok. His silence was nearly unbearable for Kimberly, who could only imagine that the worse had befallen her husband.

She had once again lost nearly everything she'd held dear - father, husband, home - and just the thought that her life was once again spiraling out of control was enough to drive her to tears. This time, however, she couldn't only think of herself. The children were equally confused and upset and it was her job to shelter them. For months both children insisted on sleeping in the same bed as her, afraid that she too would disappear. Poor Katherine had seen so much loss in her short life; her mother, stepfather and now her father. Kimberly was all she had left and she clung to her, getting upset even when Kimberly would leave for even short trips. Despite nearly six months passing since Kosan went missing, Kimberly will still wake up in the morning to one or both of them curled up in bed with her.

Professionally, Kimberly kept up appearances. If she had learned anything during her last few months in Hapes it was how to keep her own personal struggles hidden from those around her. Her father had never learned of her miscarriage; she wondered if he would have cared even if he had known. Work was a source of freedom for Kimberly, an opportunity to forget for a moment the chaos she had left behind at home. She took pride in her work and felt comfortable in Falleen.

As the months passed, Kimberly's hope of finding Kosan faded. She felt more alone than ever before, with no one to turn to for support. Even Tara seemed to be having one of her bouts of silence since Alex had stepped down. She wondered if her sister was even still in Hapes and messages sent to her went unanswered. The only person Kimberly felt comfortable confiding in was her nanny, Rachel, who had been with her since Joshua's birth. Rachel had become a sort of mother figure to Kimberly, and she tried her best to provide her with comfort. But Kimberly allowed herself to become consumed in her work and her children; giving little thought to her own needs. She rarely left her home and she had little social contact outside of work.

Deep down, Kimberly knew that she would eventually need to find a way to move on with her life. Her life had been full of ups and downs and she had always managed to pick herself up and move forward. This time would be no different.

Peace At Last

In her work with the Ministry of State, Kimberly found herself often in the presence of the Falleen Federation's King, Jado Dur'rik. The two had met before his Coronation when he was still a Prince and she was still a Princess. It seemed to be a fairytale in the making except for the fact that Kimberly was still mourning the loss of Kosan and had little interest in anything romantic. Her life was full as far as she was concerned.

But slowly, over time and with a great deal of patience, Jado began to break down the wall she had so expertly built around herself. Their first public appearance, near the end of Year 15, was at the Falleen Federation's Annual Anniversary Celebration. Although it had been a year since Kosan's disappearance, she continued to move slowly, not only for her feelings but for her children, who needed stability and not to worry about men coming in or out of their lives. Katherine was the easier of the two to adjust; the thought of living in a palace and being a Princess was all she needed to love the idea of her mother dating the King. Joshua was more reserved - he wasn't easily impressed with wealth or what it could offer. After all, the boy was the grandson of Alex Tylger. Still, Jado had the same amount of patience with her son that he did with her and eventually the boy came to enjoy the time that they spent together.

There were bumps along the road, of course, but nearly two years after leaving Hapes Kimberly was once again finding happiness. Jado proposed to her one night in the palace gardens and Kimberly accepted; the wedding was planned quickly and the two were married on the first day of Year 17. There was some opposition from the Clans, from those who felt the King should have never married a Human, who worried the royal bloodline would no longer be pure; but, for the most part, Kimberly was widely accepted.

Over the next three years, Kimberly settled into her new role as the Queen of the Falleen Federation. She continued to work as the Lady Ambassador, but her political presence lessened as she spent more time with her children. She also found that she enjoyed doing charity work across the Federation's many planets, anything from opening an orphanage on Chommel Minor to helping with natural disasters on Queel.

Only time will tell if Kimberly's happiness will last this time.

Joshua Tylger, Age Twelve
Katherine Tammer, Age Ten