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LanguageHuttese, Klatooinian
Average Height1.8 meters [1]
Skin colorOlive green to dark brown [1]
DistinctionsShort canine muzzles, heavy brows [1]
Average lifespanUp to 90 standard years old [1]
Known MembersList of known Klatooinians

Biology and appearance

The Klatooinians are tall, humanoid beings. Their skin is rough, with color ranging from olive green to dark brown. They have a flat nose and a canine muzzle, with dark eyes under their thick heavy brows. The severe desert climate of their homeworld has made their species strong and enduring. To survive in their hostile world was a mark of great physical and mental strength. That is why the Klatoonians respect and admire the elderly and experienced of their kind.

Society and culture

The Klatooinians are a proud people and are traditionalists, used to following the traditions laid by their ancestors. They also have a strong religious upbringing, that can tie them down, as a species or a clan, to another entity, be it a Hutt or a crime syndicate. When a Klatooinian makes a vow, you can rest assured that he will do anything in his power to complete their vow. But you can also be assured that if a Klatooinian ever vowed to kill you, you will be hunted till the Klatooinian or you had been killed. Thus is the way of their species.

This religious steadfast pride and loyalty, coupled with their strong statures, has made the Klatooinians ideal for guard duty, since anyone with an ounce of intelligence would think twice about trying to rush a Klatooinian. They have been a favorite to crime syndicates and Hutts for their steadfast loyalty, and you would never have to think twice about them if they made a vow.

Klatooinian civilization is notable for its strong belief in tradition and the wisdom of elders. The center of their culture is the Fountain of Ancients, a slowly evolving natural glass sculpture on Klatooine's Derelkoos Desert. Long before the formation of the Galactic Republic, primitive Klatooinians discovered the Fountain, and revered it as a symbol of patience, tenacity, and the idea of strength coming from age. [1]

Their society is ruled by a Council of Elders, which grants young Klatooinians few rights. Klatooinians are taught the myths and traditions of their people from a young age, in a process which tended to suppress individuality. At the age of ten, they would be sold into servitude, with the most rebellious youths sent into the harshest conditions. [1]

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