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House Knight
Rank does not confer privilege, it imposes responsibility.
Historical Information
Ancestral houseHouse Organa
TitlesRoyal Family of Alderaan
CapitalAlderaan, In Exile
DominionAlderaan, In Exile
EstablishedNo exact date, ancient Great House of Alderaan, cadet branch of House Organa
Cadet branchesHouse Conclave
General information
Current headCrown Prince Andon Knight
MembersSee Below
AffiliationRoyal Family of Alderaan

Great Houses of Alderaan

Alderaanian species
SpeciesHuman, Alderaanian
"Rank does not confer privilege, it imposes responsibility."
— House Knight motto



Members (in descending order of precedence)

Deceased Members (in descending order of death, with the most recent first)

  • Crown Prince Jeff Knight of Alderaan (Deceased)
  • Padme Knight (Deceased)
  • Prince Dash Knight of Alderaan (Deceased)
  • Prince Mark Knight of Alderaan (Deceased)
  • King of Alderaan Jeffery Knight (Deceased)
  • Princess of Alderaan Amelia Knight (Deceased)

Allied Houses/Factions/Governments