Knights of the Fountain

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Knights of the Fountain
General Information
Status Active
Leader Rehon Mosspim
Owner Rehon Mosspim
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 293
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining
Holosite Knights of the Fountain

The Knights of the Fountain is a mining company co-founded by Rehon Mosspim and Emanon Klatoo. The company was formed to protect and preserve the Fountain of the Ancients, a natural glass-like sculpture in the Klatooine desert, sacred to the Klatooinian people. Over the time, the Fountain has become a symbol of patience, tenacity, and the idea of strength coming from age and wisdom. The Knights of the Fountain are pledged to protect this ancient wonder and embrace the lessons in our stewardship of the natural resources and our business practices.

The Knights of the Fountain group was formed in honour of the Ancients by the recently freed Klatooinians and other free beings that fought to free Klatooine. Individuals are bonded by their dedication to freedom and the principles embraced by the Ancients. The Knights consider themselves stewards of the natural resources of Klatooine, and rely on environmentally-friendly methods of prospecting, mining, manufacturing, and building in order to fund their purpose.


The mission of the Knights of the Fountain is to protect the Fountain of the Ancients and care for the natural resources bestowed to us by the creators of the universe.

The group primarily specializes in filling the resource needs of small companies and freelance builders and manufacturers unable to acquire goods from companies supplying only to governments and large organizations, and identifies as neutral in the context of the Galactic Civil War.


Knights of the Fountain has also branched into other areas of the galaxy becoming the provider of the Krieg's Run Trophy.

The Krieg's Run is an intergalactic sporting event to determine the fastest pilot in the galaxy. The race starts and ends in Hutt Space with relay stations located through out the galaxy. At the conclusion of every race the winner is awarded the Krieg's Run Trophy. The trophy and race is named after Tolando Krieg, one of the Directors of the mining company.