Knights of the Old Republic

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Knights of the Old Republic
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kay Dallben
2IC Bam Tay`lor
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 65
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Knights of the Old Republic


The Knights of the Old Republic is a Force organization led by Kay Dallben, a Verpine Jedi Knight. Founded on Year 14 Day 65, the collective searches the galaxy for anything and everything that will strengthen them and their patron society, the Aurodium Legion. Their corporate face runs the Weapons Research and Development branch of the Aurodium Legion, as well as the production of the Legion's weaponry and items. At its core, however, the Knighthood differs from most Force organizations.

Traditionally force-attuned sentients have focused on the spiritual side of the Force. As a result of deeply-held and contradictory religious philosophies, those deemed 'light siders' and those deemed 'dark siders' have created what has often been seen as an irreconcilable chasm. Further, most 'Gray' Orders are merely 'light siders' who do not restrict themselves from offensive powers. The Knights of the Old Republic believe that the Force is not a means to an end like the Sith, or an end in and of itself like the Jedi Order. The Force is not a deity to be worshipped or catered to. It simply exists to be tapped into and utilized to enhance our daily lives and to assist in protecting the interests of one's society. The Knights understand that full surrender to either 'side' of the Force carries inherent weaknesses and restricts them from utilizing the full benefits of the Force. Strict adherence to the Light Side restricts the use of abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. Surrender to the Dark Side can create vindictive and egomaniacal beings that put their needs above those of the group.

Members of the Knighthood strive to harness the power of the Force to create new fighting techniques, revolutionize military strategy and forge the most creative and sought-after weaponry in the Galaxy. They believe that reliance on any one weapon or combat style is a vulnerability, and that a Knight should utilize whatever means that most complement their skill set and the situation. As a result they espouse the study of all weapons and techniques to find the best fit for each individual warrior. They recognize that the development and production of more effective weapons and combat techniques benefits their society as a whole, and yet that is not the end of their study. The most dedicated Knights are both Warmaker and Worker; Tactician and Transporter; Militant and Miner.

The Knights study the effects of the Force and its use in complementing their abilities and pre-existing skills. Unlike many Force Orders, the Knights do not consider themselves special, chosen, or destined because of their affinity to the Force. They see and conduct themselves as regular acolytes of society with unusual abilities. While the Knighthood itself is tasked with the production of military items and weapons for the Aurodium Legion, you will find its Initiates, Masters and Knights filling a host of roles in society, ranging from the most grandiose to the most humble. All that sets them apart from their brothers and sisters in the Legion is the presence of their unique Force Powers.

While maintaining a small complement of Masters to oversee the archives and evaluate Seekers, the Knights of the Old Republic work as an arm of the Aurodium Legion. They focus on the initial training of new recruits and oversee their integration into Aurodium society. For those recruits who are found to be Force Sensitive or who show particular potential, additional training and weapons development is provided, in time. Regardless of where in society their day job may place them, an Initiate, Knight, and Master will always retain their status within the Knighthood. Periodically Initiates and Knights will return for additional training or weapons development, and the most adept and dedicated among them may become Masters. Should a threat to society rise, Masters, Knights, and Initiates alike will join with their Aurodium brethren to combat it.


Tens of thousands of years ago, the Galactic Republic held governance over the Core and the galaxy, virtually unchecked, though arguably it was hollow and wholly incapable of maintaining peace and order. This came to be known as the time of the Old Republic, and the history of that era is rich with stories of paragons and renegades that fought for their respective causes and gained recognition in the annals of history as knights.

These knights varied in their allegiances — and indeed philosophies — but they all had a core motivation to support their cause and collective above all else. The diverse paths, methods, and results of these knights have drawn the attention of historians and pupils alike, providing wisdom and warning in equal measure to future generations. Named in honour of these paragons and renegades, the Knights of the Old Republic live their lives in the pursuit of knowledge, and in the service of their benefactor society.


While maintaining a loose hierarchy of leadership, the Knights of the Old Republic still recognize hard work, dedication, and ability with several distinctions or "ranks." Unlike the military structure of the patron society, there is no implicit command requirement between these distinctions. In keeping with our core beliefs of The Force being but one tool for our warriors to utilize, all ranks are attainable by Force Sensitive members and Non-Force Sensitive members alike.

Seeker: All applicants to the Knighthood who are accepted are of the rank Seeker. Their potential is recognized, but their dedication and mettle have not yet been proven. Force-Sensitive and Non-Force-Sensitive members alike will attain this title.

Initiate: Those who have gone through the training successfully, and who have proven their dedication and capability attain full membership status, and are known formally as Initiates.

Trainer: The dedicated and knowledgeable members who step up to take an active role in the development and training of others within the Order will wear this distinction, as well as any others they qualify for.

Apprentice: So long as their devotion to the Knighthood and their potential have been sufficiently proven, an Initiate of the Knighthood may be invited to train directly under a more experienced Knight or Master of the Knighthood.

Knight: After much training and dedication to the Knights of the Old Republic, an Apprentice may attain recognition as a Knight, and will be expected to be active in the training of an Apprentice, as well as Initiates and Seekers.

Master: Only the most dedicated and consistently hard-working members of the Knighthood will attain this distinction. Masters have shown time and again that they put the Knighthood and its patron society first, and have shown significant aptitude in training other members of the Knighthood. Masters also must develop advances in fighting or warfare techniques, or in the alternative, successfully locate and harness the power of a Force Artefact or significant advancement in technology.

Grand Master: The oldest and most powerful in the ways of the Force may be called Grand Masters, but within the Knighthood, this distinction is reserved to one who has brought to the Knights of the Old Republic a unique and significant advancement in technology, Force Knowledge, and/or combat techniques.

Aurodium Legion Ranks: Our patron society has its own recognition system based on active service and contributions to industry. Members of the Knights of the Old Republic may also rise in the ranks of the Aurodium Legion, based on their criteria.


Not everyone is worthy of joining the Knighthood, but should you be accepted as a follower you may enjoy many privileges in exchange for your hard work:

  • We provide training and guidance in various professions and skills to ensure our acolytes are well-rounded.
  • We provide the opportunity for our acolytes to take on as much work as they can handle.
  • Through hard work, activity, and productivity, we provide a gateway to some of the highest monthly salaries in the galaxy. Also, there are bonus programs that may provide additional or alternative compensation and access to at-cost ships for personal ownership and use.
  • With a less-strict hierarchical leadership model, there is room for advancement in rank, recognition, and responsibilities in proportion to dedication and hard work demonstrated.
  • We provide periodic Force Testing with a view to maximizing our acolytes' potential if they are Force-Sensitive.



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