Knights of the Republic

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The Knights of the Republic is the official group of Force Users for the New Republic who develop and promote the Light Side. Humility, justice, honour and selflessness are values embraced and sworn by all Knights at the initiation of joining the fraternity.


  • Knight of the Council - Also known as 'Councillors', Knights of the Council are senior Knights who have been appointed by the Advisory Council and other Councillors to a seat in the Chambers, to provide direction and guidance in developing the Knights of the Republic in the New Republic's best interests.
  • Knight Grand Master - Gracious, humble and selfless, the greatly-revered Grand Masters have achieved near-perfect mastery of the Force, unrivalled in wisdom, experience and deeds.
  • Knight Commander - Knight Commanders are highly-respected for their knowledge and mastery of the Force. Their exceptional devotion to the Lightside and to the ideals of the New Republic is an inspiration to many.
  • Knight Captain - Those deemed worthy of full-fledged Knighthood are granted the title of Knight Captain. The backbone of the organisation, Knight Captains are frequently tasked with important missions and responsibilities, including the training of new Knights, even while themselves receiving advanced instruction in the Force from the Masters.
  • Knight Esquire - Knight Esquires, usually apprenticed to a senior Knight, train to gain even greater an attunement with the Force and improve their spiritual, intellectual, and combat proficiency. In particular, they are encouraged to work towards successful construction, and adept use, of a lightsaber in order to be elevated to the next rank.
  • Knight Initiate - Freshly aware of their affinity with the Force and having decided to commit themselves to a life of service to the Lightside, Knight Initiates learn to open themselves to the Force by way of self-contemplation or with the guidance of an experienced Knight.


We will be brave and upright so that the Force may be with me.
We will speak the truth always, for deception is a path to the darkside.
We will relinquish fear in facing the darkside.

Through the Light of the Force we shall dissipate the darkness.
Through strength we shall safeguard those in need.
As Knights of the Republic, that is our Duty, our Oath.