Koensayr Manufacturing

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Koensayr Manufacturing
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kai Niloc
2IC Benjamin Najman
Owner The eXiles
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 58
Dissolved Year 13 Day 327
Political Information
Affiliation The Galactic Alliance The eXiles
Industry Ship Manufacturer

Koensayr is a ship manufacturing corporation that was affiliated with the Commonality. Formerly, the company was a nationalized subsidiary of the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) which was destroyed during the The Fifty Days' War, a major conflict fought against the Aurodium Legion (AL) that began on Year 11 Day 183 and lasted until Year 11 Day 233.


Koensayr is one of the most famous names in the starship business, a components manufacturer long recognized for its excellent engine, weapons, shield, and sensor designs. At its height, the company could boast of having equipment in nearly one-fifth of all starships in production. Koensayr manufactured vehicles and ships for the recreational and military markets, although parts sales constituted nearly 72 percent of the company's profits. The company was the original designer of the venerable Koensayr BTL-S3 (Y-wing) Attack Starfighter, a design long since sold off to the now former Rebel Alliance.

As the company fell on hard times, most of its assets and designs were sold. Late in Year 9, the eXiles acquired the remaining shell of the famous company and the new C.E.O. Han Daragon set out to restore Koensayr to its former glory.

Now being backed up by the eXiles; Koensayr is once again a force.We take pride in building the ships of the future.

Current Leadership

Year: 17, Day 257. Koensayr has recently increased its overall value by 2366.33%. Under the leadership of Kai Niloc and Benjamin Najman, Koensayr Manufacturing has reach its highest amount of employees ever. The Ferra, Hypori system is overseen by Kai Niloc, and Instrop, Rannon by Benjamin Najman. Most of the eXiles, military and civilian ships, weapons, armor and items are all created in the shipyards or factories of Koensayr.


  • Koensayr Banner Year 12.png (Year 12)