House Koi`Nonia

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House Koi`Nonia
House Information
Lord Snochiir Chalkazza
Duke Siejo Kutol
Capital Annaj
Affiliations Avance Coalition
Historical information
Date of Establishment Unknown

House Koi'Nonia is a minor house in the Avance Coalition. Its currently lead by Lord Snochiir Chalkazza.


The History of House Koi`Nonia begins within the Wraiths. Kiede Torrick received four young recruits to take under his wing. He guided them safely through the academy, and he recognized a sense of homelessness similar to his own within each of his young charges. He joined them together into a family, and thus began House Koi`Nonia.

Along with these 4 recruits - K`Nithor Drevan, Kaia Zula, Raif Slaxton, and Aries Omega – whom he had brought into his family, Kiede called together his fellow mercenaries, and close friends Knet Nosta, Nathan Thai, Kaleb Foss, and others, to form a House of the Avance Hall of Houses. This House he named Koi`Nonia (a near-untranslateable word from an ancient language of Af’el, representing sharing, selflessness, and fellowship), and it became one of the first two houses, along with Vigihan.

Kiede hoped to mirror and amplify the very principles which Avance itself strived for: Freedom, Hope, and a Home for the homeless in a galaxy of mistrust. His goal was not for power; He desired no role as governor; he did not covet a star-system of his own to play with. His desire was to act as a father figure for those lost and homeless who came to Avance with no sense of place or family, and merely wanted a system in which he could create a home open to all.

While the other Houses, with the exception of Valeo, were busy creating, or rising from, new TAC factions, Koi`Nonia was focusing its attentions on the existing groups of the Coalition – mainly the Avance Security Forces and Rendili Stardrive – without requests to be formally linked to either. None of the members wished to see the House tied to a specific occupation, knowing that it would discourage some from seeking a home. In order to preserve Koi`Nonia’s ideals, they strove on, unaffiliated, watching the publicity of the other Houses grow along with the publicity of their factions.

This devotion to Avance and its ideals led to a strengthening of the members within Soyak-Rainer Enterprises as a whole. Raif Slaxton went on to become leader of Rendili (succeeded by K`Nithor Drevan, who was previously headmaster of the Academy), then Admiral in the ASF, while Nathan Thai also held positions of high responsibility in the ASF, and Kaia Zula prospered in the academy administration and in Rendili.

Future members continued this tradition. Kaia Zula invited a young recruit, Maglor Alcarin, to join the house, and he became Captain of Epsilon Fleet in the ASF. Ike Aran, another new recruit, rose to Praetor in the Wraiths. Oddio Dutchy and Selene Cerian serve together in the Wraiths.

However, this forced Koi`Nonia to become much less House-oriented than the others, particularly the more mercantile and honor-bound Vigihan, which had become somewhat of a capitalist contrast to Koi`Nonia’s socialist stance. Again, this left Koi`Nonia quietly overlooked, an unassuming, yet important house, its members vital to the Coalition. It became the House where each member was family, where the Lord shared everything he had with the House.

However, in keeping with Kiede’s initial goal to be a home for the homeless of the galaxy, not just TAC, Koi`Nonia also accepted into its membership Siejo Kutol, head of the Corporate Alliance. Shortly before Maglor Alcarin’s death, he invited a Wookiee who he had brought to Rendili to join the house. Unfortunately, just prior to his acceptance, Maglor mysteriously went missing.

As the years passed, Kiede felt that it was time to hand the leadership of Koi`Nonia off to a new Lord, and appointed K`Nithor Drevan as Lord of Annaj. One of K`Nithor’s earliest acts was to form a search party to investigate Maglor’s disappearance and restore Annaj to its prior glory.

When K`Nithor was unable to rule, Raif Slaxton acted as Regent, guiding Koi`Nonia through a tumultuous time in which the term “failing house” was used repeatedly. Raif kept the house alive, giving hope to the members of the house.

However, the members of Koi`Nonia felt that the time was right to rise from the ashes and re-build Koi`Nonia to its rightful place as a Beacon of Hope to the galaxy, a Home for the Homeless. For this, Raif Slaxton appointed a new Lord: Snochiir Chalkazza, the Wookiee who had already risen to a Director’s position in Rendili.

Snochiir Chalkazza and his new Duke, Siejo Kutol, dedicated themselves to the continuance of Kiede’s vision. Sitting comfortably in the shadows of the other Houses, Koi`Nonia continues its mission to provide homes for the homeless and rejected of the galaxy, quietly developing plans to expand and increase their ability to help those in need.

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