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Kolkpravis logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Khagan Rael sul C`an
2IC Qymaen sul C`an
Owner Rael sul C`an
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 124
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mercenary

Brief History

In Year 16, Rael sul C`an, then owner of the infamous Akheton Corporation, took notice of conflicts on his home planet of Kalee[1] . Upon hearing of the growing loss of life, C`an contacted the Viceroy of the Trade Federation and made him a surprising offer. He would move Akheton Corporation out of the developed system of Naboo, relinquishing control of it to the Trade Federation, for full control of the very underdeveloped system of Abbaji. This would mean that Rael sul C`an and Kolkpravis would become the governing body of their homeworld, the planet Kalee. Upon finalization of the details of the transfer, the Trade Federation forces withdrew from Kalee on Year 16 Day 167 and Kolkpravis began the work of rebuilding.[2]


Year 16: The Foundation

The Kolkpravis decided early on that Kalee would return to as much of its natural beauty as they were able to achieve. They set about tearing down the extravagant cities by removing off-worlders from their decadent homes. Dragging them into the streets, they were given a choice; leave and colonize a world of the Kolkpravis choosing, or submit to the Kaleesh war-like lifestyle. Naturally, many accepted the colonization offer the Kolkpravis established. As such, many of the people who were once citizens of Kalee quickly uprooted themselves and found their way onto cargo vessels bound for Remsh. Once they arrived, they found several hundred building crews led by key members of the Kolkpravis. This included members of the the sul C`an tribe, to members rising to prominence such as Romulus Rallah. City planning began in earnest for the planet in hopes of drawing in new businesses and outside investments. In orbit were a fleet of vessels transported by senior leaders of the Kolkpravis, Kell Brower and Orion Trask To the great surprise of many, neither of these men were of the Kaleesh race. As time went on, the members of the Kolkpravis hired outsiders to build industrial shipyards in the system for the purpose of expanding an already growing military force. As the fires of industry stretched in space so too did the demand for production jobs planet side. To answer the rising need of industrial jobs, the Izvoshra, the leading members of the Kolkpravis, the Khans and Khagan agreed that they would establish a factory base on the moon of Abbaji. Once finished, a massive demand for products was issued by the Kolkpravis and individual members of the group. This resulted in the immediate creation of jobs and income for those on the moon and its orbiting planet as logistics specialists and ports began to draw in more services.

Year 17: TBA

Year 20: Growth and Loss

Early in Year 20, the finer details on Remsh were close to wrapping up, and now it was time to focus on Tovarskl. As plans began to fall into place, it was decided a new venture was needed to help sustain Kolkpravis' growth. Abbaji Mineral Extractions was to be formed, and a young Kaleesh female was to take command of it. In recent months, Kate Fryia had already begun showing promise to Khagan Rael sul C`an, so it made sense to him to give her a shot to truly prove herself to her male counter parts. With exuberance and youth, she quickly took over mining operations and logistical planning for Kolkpravis as a whole. She helped turn a simple mercenary group into the Kaleesh Coalition, expanding their ventures in various areas. From small businesses on Kalee itself, to selling off unneeded assets to help bring in the credits needed for the many Kolkpravis construction projects for the future.

When the Eighth Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet was announced for Days 280-299 in Nimban, a group of Kolkpravis members decided to gather as much of their unneeded assets as they could and go. With the usage of Rael's MTC (Insert name here), Rael sul C`an, Kaluth Vetrus, and Kate Fryia made the 20 day hyper trip from Abbaji. Gar-Skald Karth followed a few days later in his YT-510. Both Kate and Gar decided they would join in the Junior and Great Hunts, respectively. During the hunt, Kate took her team to take on a Sarlacc. Up until this point, she had taken on all of her foes at close combat. After the first hit, however, she retreated back to a safer range so she could mend her wounded team members and herself. Bandaged and bruised, she was determined not to lose any of her people, but also determined to take out the Sarlacc that she was for sure was going to cost her and eye. Even though it was the only kill she had to do at range during the tournament, they succeeded. While neither Gar nor Kate placed in their respective hunts, they did their people proud. They fought with true honor and skill of a Kaleesh Warrior.

Immediately following the end of the hunt, it was announced that the system of Jakku had been discovered. Quickly, the group gathered their things from Nimban and raced home. Word was sent out to their people still in Abbaji for them to gather what resources they could and get there as soon as possible. Cyal Knight and Sage Sug answered immediately. Because of the quick response time and thinking, Kolkpravis was able to help the Jakku Coalition[3] is securing the planet for the Trade Federation on day 307. Kolkpravis is exceptionally proud of the actions of Knight, because it was his constant vigilance that guaranteed them land on the planet. Had he not persevered as the others were still days out in hyper, Kolkpravis would have seen an opportunity slip from their fingers.

With Jakku secure, Kate Fryia continued her small bit of leave to get her eye looked at. It was a lost cause, sadly. She decided that it would be best to get it replaced with a Close Combat Cybernetic. She had originally made plans to use a Tion Hegemony doctor near Nimban, but since she was so close to Caaraz now, she decided to use Alpha Medical Corps instead. It is with a sad heart that the people of Kolkpravis announce the loss of Kate Fryia on day 314 because of unforeseen complications with the implant surgery.