Koros Spaceworks

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Koros Spaceworks
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Devon Felson
2IC Tarkacheen
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 306
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Koros Spaceworks

Koros Spaceworks is an old shipwright from eons past, when sentients were rugged, and the strong ruled over all. Originally established in the Koros system, they designed some truely elegant ships of all sizes. The Koros system was eventually renamed to the Empress Teta system, but the company decided to retain their name. Then the Krath came, to reclaim their ancestral home, and Koros Spaceworks became their main ship producer. They supplied elegant yet deadly designs to bolster the Krath fleets.

After many years of dereliction, with the companies shipyards destroyed, Koros Spaceworks was rebuilt under the hands of the reformed Krath group, which had resurfaced in the Outer Rim - halfway across the galaxy. They supplied the needed materials, and began building up the shiyards again. However, the unique designs that formed the backbone of the original Krath warfleets had been lost to time. Now, in the southern end of the galaxy, the shipyards power up and the workers prepare. Koros Spaceworks is gearing up to once again supply ships to the galaxy.

Those who wish to help rebuild this shipwright may apply to do so. Simply request to join us and someone will review your application, and decide whether to put you to work, or leave you to the galaxy.


The original founding of Koros Spaceworks dates back to the days of the Old Republic. It was based in the Koros system, which was later renamed Empress Teta after the famous ruler that united the system. The ship producer however, retained it’s original name. Early ship designs from the company show that their vessels were more slender and curved than many other ship manufacturers. Examples are the Koros Spaceworks Interceptor and the Tetan Royal Yacht. Koros Spaceworks provided Empress Teta the battleships she needed in the Great Hyperspace War. Koros Spaceworks continued to serve the Tetan family for millennia; during the Great Sith War and the Krath Holy Crusade. Products ranged from the CX-133 Chaos fighter to the Supremacy-class attack ship. After the second battle of Empress Teta, during the Great Sith War, the Koros shipyards were destroyed.

The current incarnation of Koros Spaceworks was established by the Krath, who came across records from the original Koros Spaceworks company. Hoping for gains reminiscent to the beautiful and unorthodox designs of its predecessor, they started Koros Spaceworks as it is currently known today.

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