Kosan Tammer

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Kosan Bryant Tammer
Kosan Tammer.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Amelia Tammer [deceased]
Father William Tammer [deceased]
Spouse Kimberly Tylger
Siblings None
Children Joshua Tylger (8), Katherine Tammer (6)
Born Year -16, Day 028 (age 32)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6’4”
Coloring Chocolate Brown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Deep Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire, Anzatan Commonwealth, Hapes Consortium, Falleen Federation

Kosan Bryant Tammer was born in the comfort of his parent's home within Zalxuc City almost 17 years prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. While the couple had seen several doctors about infertility issues, none of them had been able to explain their difficulties. Exhausted and elated with the birth of their 'miracle child', Amelia and William Tammer never really attempted to have children again. Amelia Tammer left her corporate duties in order to stay at home and care for her infant son.

Personal History

The Tammer Family

Amelia and William Tammer were respectable members of society. Amelia Tammer established herself as a highly successful financial advisor in her younger years. William was a mid-level manager for Xucphra. For most of their married life, William and Amelia had tried to have children with no success.


Kosan's family was far from being amongst the most influential on Thyferra, but they were certainly comfortable enough. Like most of the human children living in Zalxuc City, Kosan was routinely prohibited from straying to far from the city limits. While the human inhabitants of Thyferra lived largely in harmony with the native species, most of the early human settlers were wary. As was typical of young, spoiled boys, Kosan paid rules he saw as pointless...absolutely no attention.

While Kosan was something of a very active handful for his parents, he was exceptionally bright. Whenever Kosan was around a new situation, he paid close attention - seemingly attempting to absorb every possible ounce of information. From academics to athletics, Kosan seemed to excel at most things he attempted. However, from the time he was roughly six, it was clear he had a natural affinity for sports. Exhausted by the continuous, never-ending antics of her son, Amelia Tammer quickly decided to fill the child's afternoons with activities in order to keep him out of trouble. During the first week of his first grade year, Amelia and William enrolled Kosan in a modified shockball league designed for children and martial arts.

Kosan thrived on the challenge of the modified shockball league, and he loved training at the dojo. To Kosan - martial arts represented an opportunity for him to pretend as if he was an action holovid star. Naturally - this adolescent perception wore off as he grew. When Kosan turned thirteen, his Grandmaster asked for his parent's permission to move Kosan to an advanced class with adults to better challenge the extremely energetic teenager. Realizing they had potentially made a mistake in surrounding their son with so much violence, they eventually admitted to themselves that it was likely important for Kosan to learn to use his abilities for the right reasons. They gave Kosan's Grandmaster their permission and continued to support their only child as best they knew how.

By the time Kosan was sixteen, he was teaching basic and advanced martial arts at the very same dojo he'd been a part of for so long. Additionally, Kosan had continued his obsession with shockball - already becoming something of a local prodigy. During breaks from school, Kosan's parents permitted their son to travel closer to the interior to participate in much more competitive shockball camps.

During his senior year of high school, Kosan announced to his parents that he intended to enter the draft for the Galactic Shockball League. Naturally - Kosan's parents were less than thrilled about their son's announcement. A very large part of them expected he would make this decision, but they didn't see the need for him to rush into it. When pressed about pursuing a career in shockball after going to university, Kosan merely responded that he didn't see a need. He knew that all he intended to do with the rest of his life was play shockball. When asked about martial arts, Kosan responded that he fully intended to continue learning, but it wouldn't pay the bills. Suffice to say...Kosan had fallen in love with the 'glamorous' lives that so many lived on the planets where he attended shockball camp. Thyferra wasn't exactly a huge place for sports, so it was really Kosan's first opportunity to see how they lived. Combine that with that fact he would get to play shockball all day, everyday. How could he pass that up?

A Chosen Career Path

Realizing they couldn't stop their son once he turned eighteen, Amelia and William Tammer gave Kosan all their blessing and love. Graduating near the top of his high school class, Kosan shocked some and didn't shock others when he announced that he was entering the draft. Amidst a warm send-off, Kosan prepared his things and left the humid planet of Thyferra behind.

Arriving on Coruscant, Kosan acquired a modest apartment. Officially, the draft wouldn't be going down for a few months yet. However, on his sixth day on Coruscant, he received an obscure call from a man claiming to be his assigned 'advisor'. Having been asked to come to a private meeting, Kosan unwittingly complied. The man claimed that his name was 'Robert'. However, it only took a few minutes of conversing for Kosan to get the idea that good old Robert was in fact...not a representative of the league at all. Within an hour, Kosan was on board a shuttle headed for an unknown destination. While not a naive adolescent, Kosan was extremely arrogant, believing he could handle whatever situation life threw at him.

Unwitting Apprentice

While Kosan had heard of the Galactic Empire that had recently come to power, he knew very little of it. Really...from Thyferra's perspective, it was just the Republic reformed into something different. It had very little impact on them in the early days. However, by the time Kosan ever returned to Thyferra, he would come to find that much had in fact changed. For the next four years, Kosan visited a variety of worlds and attended a number of schools. Interestingly enough - he had managed to earn his degree, but it was certainly not in anything his parents would have believed him to learn. Given the fact he had never been actually drafted to a shockball team, Kosan's new enigmatic employer crafted a careful cover story that was managed with all the intense care of a newborn child. It would appear that Kosan was, in effect, Robert's only reason for existing. Kosan was thankful it wasn't his job to babysit anybody.

Over the course of those four years, Kosan changed inexplicably. He had gone from a very active, carefree young man to a much more tranquil, calculating, seemingly emotionless individual. The only person Kosan had any interaction with aside from the students in his various combat, academic, and strategy classes was Robert. The much older man spared no effort in impressing upon Kosan how important it was that he told nobody his real name or what he was doing. If asked, he was merely a member of the Imperial Army. Naturally - Kosan assumed in that case that he was working for the Galactic Empire. This, however, was not the case. Not really. Further more - he was never sent to the Imperial Academy. Every other student in any of his classes other than those taught by the University of Coruscant, all claimed to be members of the Imperial Army as well. One person in particular seemed to be in every single class both academic and other that Kosan ever took. During 'school' the man stated his name was Anthony DeSanti.

Celebration and Despair

Following graduation from the University of Coruscant, Robert asked Kosan to meet him at a restaurant near the Grand Concourse. When Kosan arrived, he was surprised to see Anthony there. At least...partially surprised. Taking his seat, Kosan skeptically listened to Robert as he revealed the nature of their purpose. It would seem, he was a representative of the Bacta Cartel. They knew from studies that the Bacta Cartel was effectively the joining of the Zaltin and Xucphra Corporations under the administration of the Galactic Empire. However, Robert never once said he worked for the Empire, and he openly denied being a member of Imperial Intelligence. Kosan and Anthony, whose real name was apparently Revan Centurion, were both being sent to Thyferra to conduct 'operations in support of the Cartel's desires'. It was incredibly ambiguous, but Kosan expected the ambiguity. For the remainder of the meal, Robert was sure to warn both of them about what would happen if they revealed their true employer, true identity, etc to anyone.

As if sensing his anxiety, Robert asked to speak with Kosan in private just prior to both himself and Anthony departing. In confidence, the man explained that both of his parents had unfortunately passed away during his training. He had kept the information from Kosan in order to allow him to focus on his training. According to Robert, agents of the Zaltin Corporation had killed them in an attempt to destabilize Xucphra's distribution department - of which William Tammer had become the VP of during Kosan's absence. The twenty-one year old Kosan Tammer didn't really know how to react. It had been so long since he'd even so much as spoken to his family. A part of him wanted to be upset, but emotion had long since been purged from his personality.

During the trip to Thyferra, Revan and Kosan talked about Thyferra without mentioning any specifics of their independent assignments. They were not partners, and they would receive tasks independent of one another. However, in a lifestyle of growing solitude, they took mild comfort in knowing there were others like them. While their backgrounds were incredibly different, they had both been recruited relatively young - though Revan was a few years older than Kosan. His very troubled childhood was a good enough explanation for why he'd had such a late start in life.


When they arrived on Thyferra, Kosan and Revan went their separate ways. Over the course of the next five years, they would see each other in passing either in the course of an operation or during their 'free' time. One of their most heated interactions occurred just over a year after their arrival on Thyferra. Kosan revealed to Revan that he'd been seeing a woman and she had become pregnant. After nearly killing Kosan for his stupidity, Revan relented and agreed to help his only friend cover up the potentially fatal mistake. It was by no means easy, and it required the willing consent of many people. The young woman, Alia, was easy to convince when it was revealed to her what would happen to both her and her unborn daughter if she did not play this off correctly. Fortunately, Kosan had at least been careful enough not to be caught. Their time together could easily be explained as a deep-rooted friendship.

Alia Ravyns

While Revan had initially questioned Kosan's actions, he could see that his younger friend was very much in love with the woman. After all, if Kosan hadn't been in love with Alia, Revan would simply have allowed her to be killed. Revan could clearly see his friend's private pain at witnessing the woman he loved pursue a relationship with another man in order to explain her pregnancy. The man she was with was none the wiser. While Alia and Kosan would never truthfully be together, they were able to at least spend a few private moments together every week. These moments, however, had to be under the guise of friendship.

Beginning of the End

When the infant, Katherine, was born, something within Kosan changed profoundly. He continued his work for the Cartel, but his mindset had changed. His targets were never clearly the 'bad guys'. In fact, he was usually given little to no information - merely an execution order. He had become a machine. When he realized what was happening, he began pushing back - pressing for more and more information prior to carrying out an operation. Every time...he was merely dismissed and threatened. Around the time Kosan turned 26, Revan departed the system to work for the Cartel inside of other organizations. Kosan only recognized the man's name again in press releases from time to time. From the New Imperial Order to Hapes to the New Anzat Order - it seemed that Revan was continuing to be successful in all that he did.

Kosan on the other hand...was kept on Thyferra. It was during an operation shortly after his 27th birthday, that Kosan was directed to neutralize an influential family that supported the Zaltin Corporation and the Ashern Terrorist Organization. Having never been asked to kill an obviously innocent woman and child before, Kosan outright refused and quickly resigned from his work with the Bacta Cartel. Robert appeared at his modest apartment the very next week. The conversation was tense but...largely innocent. Kosan was forced to endure a four hour debriefing. All of his assets were seized, and he was effectively made an outlaw on the planet of Thyferra. With nobody to help him and nowhere to really go, Kosan returned to the only planet he'd really known - Coruscant.

The Thyferran communicated off and on with Alia and young Katherine. However, given his 'situation' he was never able to visit them again. For a while, Kosan had toyed with the idea of finally trying to join a shockball team, but he dismissed the game as dead to him. There was no way to go back to such benign pursuits after all of his training and life circumstances. Admitting that he finally had no other option, Kosan enlisted in the Imperial Army. He'd found the Academy to be an intellectual and physical joke. Graduating with honors, he was advanced to Private First Class and assigned to a normal Army unit. Life in a proper army was much different than what he'd been doing. There were a great deal of rules, regulations, and ass-kissing to the tenth degree. Disgusted by everything he saw, Kosan quickly applied for Special Forces training.

While he'd been accepted, he never actually went to the follow-on training. A month before he was scheduled to report, he received a message from Revan. The message itself was lengthy. He'd been working inside of the New Anzat Order - now known as the Anzatan Commonwealth for over a year. He had been tasked with manipulating a handful of contracts in the favor of the Cartel. As Minister of Security, it had been an easy task for him to accomplish. However, Revan went on to explain that eventually he had met a woman. While he'd never officially been with her, he began ignoring directives from the Cartel. When they pushed harder, he outright refused to carry out the operation - stating that he was done and would never betray the woman he loved.

After thwarting several attempts on the life on Keishi Miahr, Revan had apparently decided there was only one thing he could do. The last part of the message tore at Kosan's insides like the chill of freezing water...

Kosan... I know now the only way to keep her and this government safe is for me to disappear from this galaxy forever. We've done a lot of things that weren't right. You know it, I know it. I know it is not fair of me to ask this of you...but I need your help. I can't be sure my death will bring her safety. There is every chance the Cartel may simply dispatch a new operative. Whatever you decide - know that being your friend has been my life's greatest honor. I'll see you in eternity, old friend.

Friendship is Eternal

The decision for Kosan was an easy one. The next day, he submitted his request for resignation to his commanding officer. At the same time, he dispatched a communique to the Anzatan Commonwealth requesting an audience with the Minister of Defence. Five days later, he was stepping off a shuttle on the planet Anzat. His initial impression was that...he'd just made the biggest mistake of his life. It was a near-desolate place with a native species famous for eating the brains of their enemies. Further more - it seemed as if half of the damn Commonwealth was composed of Jedi. While Kosan had only had limited interaction with these mystics, he knew that he did not really trust them.

Having been assigned to the Royal Marines, Kosan did his best to be a good soldier. However, he had the dual responsibility...of keeping an eye out for anything that hinted at the Cartel's presence. Kosan knew nobody inside the Commonwealth. For the longest time, he kept to himself. In fact, the only person he'd interacted with on a personal level initially was with the Queen. Having taken part in the operation to recover Revan's remains - Kosan played the part of not knowing what had transpired. When delivering his report, the Marine quickly developed a benign friendship with the Queen. His initial impression was that she was every bit as beautiful as Revan had described. However, Kosan found her to be somewhat irritating and morose. Sure...she'd had a rough life, but Kosan's life read like the eternal damnation of the galaxy in comparison.

For several months, Kosan felt as if he'd made a huge mistake. However, shortly before Year 11 rolled around, Kosan met a young woman by the name of Kimberly Night. Kosan was drawn to her almost the very second he saw her. Something about the woman stood out as different...a breath of cool, fresh air in the otherwise harsh desert. During isolated interactions on both a personal and professional level, the two became friends over the course of the next seven to eight months. It was only after those initial months that Kosan discovered Kimberly Night was, in fact, Kimberly Tylger - daughter of King Alexander Tylger. While the revelation came as a bit of a surprise to Kosan, he paid it little mind. After all, he had nothing to do with Hapes or the King.

Pelin`a Kimberly Tylger

A Second Chance

When Kimberly left to return home to Hapes, Kosan thought he would never see her again. While they hadn't really had time to truthfully get to know each other very well, Kosan had acknowledged that she was really the only friend he'd made since meeting Revan and Alia so many years ago. Shortly after her return, Kimberly was once again on Anzat - this time acting as an Ambassador for the Hapan Government. The two quickly resumed their friendship. A few short months later, that friendship blossomed into a romance - albeit a long distance one. With Kosan serving the neutral Anzatan Commonwealth and Kimberly serving her father in the Hapes Consortium, the two worked hard to find time for each other. Given the strength of their relationship and the relative freedom of their positions, they managed to make it work.

After one particular visit to Hapes Prime, Kosan received communication from the Cartel. They had Alia and Katherine in custody - having uncovered the connection between the three of them. In secret, Kosan took a leave of absence from his duties with the Commonwealth. He stated the leave was for simple vacation time, but he used the time to hunt down the operations cell that was holding both Alia and Katherine. After a week of investigation, Kosan managed to discover the location of Alia only. Unfortunately, she had been killed before Kosan could get to her. Racing against the clock, Kosan vowed to bring the Cartel burning down around itself.

Katherine Tammer

After extending his leave of absence, Kosan set off to expose the underground activities of the Cartel. It hadn't taken a great deal of effort - with recent changes in Imperial leadership, there was a great deal less leniency on those that worked to undermine the Imperial Government which controlled much of the galaxy's bacta supply. A week later, Kosan returned to the Commonwealth with his three year old daughter, Katherine. Since she was so young, Katherine was unable to really understand that Kosan was her father. As such, he waited to attempt to explain their biological relationship.

As time went on, Kosan continued to be increasingly busy. The galaxy was rapidly changing and politics were becoming a big part of life that he simply could not afford to try and avoid. Following a series of large, progressive disagreements over various political policies and practices within the Anzatan Commonwealth, Kosan tendered his resignation. For several weeks, he returned to Hapes Prime to be with Kimberly, Joshua, and Katherine. However, both Kosan and Kimberly knew that he would never be happy out of work. During his time off, he got to know both his daughter and Joshua much better when Kimberly was working. The best of those days being the day Kosan finally explained to Katherine who her real father was. To his sincere surprise, her mother had apparently told her the truth and forced Katherine to play along for her safety. It was amusing to Kosan to say the least.

Following what ended up being nearly a month of consideration and background investigations, Kosan submitted his application for the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and was accepted. However, Kosan's time working for the Hapan government was short-lived. Finding himself largely incompatible with the extreme social structure of Hapes and life aboard a capital ship, Kosan submitted an early resignation from the Consortium. Returning to Hapes Prime, the Thyferran activated his network of contacts looking to set up a new career field. Within the matter of a few hours, he'd heard back from several. Having previously made a decision to stay away from his life as a contract killer, Kosan was soon back to doing what he did best. Fortunately, the hours were agreeable, the pay even more so, but the thrill of the job...diminishing all in its wake.

Ensnared by the Past

Kosan's low-key lifestyle was short-lived, however. Receiving a message from Soki Ionian, Minister of Defence of the Anzatan Commonwealth, Kosan was asked to attend an informal meeting at Castellum Anzat. Curious as to what type of 'informal' meeting he could possibly be called to at the headquarters of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, Kosan simply agreed to meet with the Minister. Given the breadth of his undercover work for the Commonwealth both during his tenure and after his departure, Kosan was not surprised to find that the Minister was being elevated to the position of Chancellor. Apparently, the Queen wanted Kosan to fill the vacant spot of Minister of Defence.

After taking a couple weeks to consider the offer and discuss it with Kimberly, Kosan accepted the post of Minister of Defence for the Anzatan Commonwealth. The Thyferran had been active in his new post for all but a handful of weeks before the gravity of his position began to weigh heavily upon his mind and body. However, it was a job he was happy to do in defense of all Anzatan Citizens.

Sudden Loss

Two years after meeting Kimberly Tylger, Kosan asked for her hand in marriage during a private weekend at his mountain retreat. Resigning his position as Minister of Defence shortly thereafter, Kosan accepted a full-time appointment as one of Queen Keishi Miahr's Royal Advisors. The new position permitted Kosan the freedom to spend time with his family on Hapes without the necessity to constantly be present on Anzat. Kosan and Kimberly were married roughly one year after they got engaged during a private ceremony on the resort-moon Alakatha in the K'Vath system. Shortly thereafter, Kosan departed the service of the Anzatan Commonwealth permanently and returned to Hapes to live out life as a private citizen.

Roughly a year into their marriage, Kosan received a somewhat cryptic message from a name he only vaguely remembered, Jace Parrotte. The cogs of his memory eventually churned out recognition as he realized the message was from the man that Alia had married in order to maintain her cover so many years ago. Confused by why the man was reaching out, Kosan agreed to an encrypted holocom conversation. The result of that conversation saw Kosan stewing over a very difficult decision for days. Eventually, he quietly departed Hapes, saying nothing to his family. The full breadth of his resources and own investigation revealed the favor to be of relatively low threat - something he could conduct quickly and return before questions were asked.

The Thyferran was inexplicably wrong. Captured by unidentified government entities, Kosan was held in captivity for just shy of a year. His escape was made possible only by the start of a large fire that caused a number of security measures to fail. In his attempt to save as many of the other prisoners as possible, Kosan was badly burned along his arms. It was a relatively benign injury compared to that which he withstood at the hands of continuous torture sessions.

Managing a return to Hapes a month or so prior to the start of Year 16, Kosan realized that the vast majority of his family had departed the Cluster. With the assistance of some contacts he still had within the Hapan Government, Kosan managed to ensure the covert Imperial Intelligence entity would not come looking for him. Jace had, apparently, been involved in some illegal bacta-smuggling operation to the New Republic - even going as far as to destroy Imperial stockpiles. Kosan's involvement was written off as a covert operation on behalf of the Hapan Government to disrupt Jace's organization's activities. Knowledge of his existence was disavowed at time of capture per policy - plus it hadn't been a sanctioned Hapan operation, so his contacts had no knowledge of his location to confirm his employment even if they so desired.

Reuniting with his family on Falleen just after the start of Year 16, Kosan was beyond elated to see they were all alive and well. However, he knew that he'd lost a part of himself during his time away, and he had equal amounts of reasons to be thankful and disheartened.