Krakonico Petermind

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Krakonico Petermind
Krakonico Petermind 1 Image.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Iella Petermind
Father Korynn Petermind †
Spouse None
Siblings Trisha Killdarn
Children None
Born Y:-12 D: 236
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Krakonico Petermind (Y-12 D236) is a Naboo pilot and researcher, he served in several positions in the Galactic Empire, with the most prominent was a Group Executive Officer in the Imperial Navy, as Academy Commandant of the Imperial Academy, and as Executive Director in Magnaguard Manufacturing. Though few details of his life are known, he has been "considered by many to be one of the famous member of the Naboo society".

Early Years

Iella Killdarn, was a sensitive, very calm, not very outgoing girl born on Coruscant, her father and mother were biology professors at the Coruscant Imperial University, and also assistants in the research department of said institution, that allowed their child to be granted a scholarship. She liked to read and learn. When turned eighteen she was awarded a exchange trip to Naboo where she was supposed to stay for a year studing that planet customs and advance in biology, when she arrived to the planet she was assigned to House Petermind, where she met Korynn, he was two years older, and also a biologist. After six months sharing their lives and knowing that they believe were soul mates, Iella noted that they weren't anymore two but three, and they married. By that time Iella asked his father for a full transfer to the Naboo Royal University so she could live with his new husband and family, and with sadness her father grant her the permission and his bless.

Two years after Krakonico's birth, occurred an incident in a remote location of the planet where his father was working. An explosion of a Tibanna Gas canister produced an uncontrollable fire and caught everyone in the building, none of them survived. Whith her broken heart, Iella had no option but to turn back to Coruscant, now with a small boy in her arms and a technical degree in Biology. When she arrived to his home planet she received a news that almost shocked her, a random medical scan performed at the starport revealed that she carried another baby. Iella's father knowing that his daughter would have her own place, bought her a Semi-detached house, in one of the Imperial's planet.

At sixteen Krakonico applied in the Imperial Academy, his primary goal was to be a pilot in the Imperial Navy, even his mother and grandparents knew he could be a great scientist like them and Krakonico's father. Also his kindness and ability to turn any conflict at school and university, and his trait with everybody opened him a new career in the diplomatic area, but he refused to study to be a researcher or a diplomat and enlisted in the Navy.

Galactic Empire

Imperial Navy

His intelligence didn't allowed him to get honors in his graduation, maybe was because he was just an above average pilot and combatant, and constantly his mind was playing him tricks when he was at the battle simulator. His diligence and hard work was showed in every small mission he was assigned as a enlisted personnel. His two most memorable events were when he was selected to infiltrate in the New Republic capital system to gather information about entries and exits from that system, he stayed in the edge of the system with a calibrated sensor that allowed him to scan almost the half of that given system and also that there were installed two beacons and a fake id in his ship, he was able to connect with the republican satellite network and could gather that information. The second event was a mission in the Corporate Sector, a new system, not in the galactical map, was discovered and there were known plans for a criminal organization to take control of it. His fleet was transferred and given orders to defend and took control of that system. The confrontation was hard, but even several comrades were caught in the middle of the war, none of his friends and him were captured and after a hard battle the Galactic Empire was able to claim the control of said system and now that they were the official government of it the imperial cartographers were able to brng to the map the Dostra System.

Krakonico reached the higher enlisted rank, Command Flight Officer, and was preparing a resume for him to be accepted in the Officer's School in order to him reach one more objective in his career, and be more near of his goal, lead a Imperial Fleet and be known in the galaxy. When he was prepared to present his resume, a big change in the Imperial history prevented him to do that. A review of the imperial curriculum showed that the Imperial Academy standard was higher than any other university of the galaxy, and thus it wasn't necessary further studies to became officer. Petermind was granted an automatic promotion to the officers rank, and also command a small unit in it.

After several years in services, Krakonico reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was selected to be a Naval Group Executive Officer, he was close, two more position advance and he would be a fleet commander, his dream was close to be true, patience and he would be there. But, one of his side jobs showed a vacancy and he was in a verge of a great decision of his life.

COMPNOR: Imperial Academy

Krakonico Petermind shared his life as pilot in the Imperial Navy and a teacher in the Imperial Academy, he was assigned in a blended system, where he just needed a HoloNet connection and two times in the month assist personally to review and for the test and graduations.

A new job popped up in the Academy boards, Dean of the Imperial Academy, due to the future retirement of the long time Academy Commandant.

Ministry of Industry



In his free time Krakonico Petermind attend a small organization, it was dedicated to management and operation of several entities, like hotels, taverns, casinos, banks, etc.; also that organization worked with small and medium trades around the galaxy.

Smurf's Hideout


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