Kristijan Caelius

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Kristijan Justus Kaine Caelius
Biographical Information
Race Human (Thyferran/Hapan)
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Isolde Kaine
Father Kasimir Caelius
Siblings Kyran Caelius (brother)
Born Year -9 Day 163
Languages Fluent


  • Binary
  • Bocce
  • Vratix
Religion Church of Reansucru
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98m 6'7"
Weight 104.33kg 230lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
House Kaine
Rank Supervisor, O-1, Black Sun
Positions Chief of Staff, [CAE] Fleet
Prior Affiliation Empress Teta Military Academy

Kristijan Justus Kaine Caelius (pronounced /kris.tiˌjɑn dʒʌst.təs keɪn keɪˈliˈʌs/ or [krees-tee-yahn juhstuhs keyn key-lee-uhs]; born Year -9 Day 163) is a member of House Kaine and an Officer in Black Sun. Currently he serves as the Chief of Staff for the personal armada of his elder brother, Vigo Kyran Caelius.

Personal Information


Caelius has a tall athletic physique at 1.94m tall and 104.33kg, a combination of his military training and Thyferran heritage. Naturally he has an olive skin tone, which is often darkened during his military excursions. In contrast to his tanned skin, Caelius has striking green blue eyes, a trait which was often complimented in his youth. His hair is the traditional dark brown seen in members of the Kaine family. A student of military tradition, Caelius takes great pride in ensuring his appearance is meticulous. Though he is most comfortable in militant garb, his position of Chief of Staff for his Vigo brother's fleet often require he dress in formal attire. Additionally, despite holding himself to fastidious military standards, Caelius began collecting tattoos in Year 14 after joining his brother during one of his many sessions. Given his ample free time, Caelius has arguably surpassed the first-born brother in percentage of total area covered by bodyart.


A generally serene person, Caelius prefers stability in his everyday life and avoids sudden changes. He is known for being reliable, sensible, and impeccable in his handling of any tasks to which he is assigned. Academic records from his military school note that Caelius was consistent in his actions and behaviors, and that despite the occasional short outbursts, he handled his assignments with efficiency and precision. Though positively known for his realism and reliability, Caelius is not free of negative traits. Raised in opulence, others have remarked of Caelius that he is greatly attracted by luxury, and holds a tremendous urge for satisfying his hedonistic needs. Due to this, Caelius has been known to be possessive, stubborn, and self-indulgent.

While the junior Caelius brother is exceptionally polite in his interactions, he tends to be more quiet than others in House Kaine. He prefers actions over words, and finds the glib nature of many sentients unnerving. Instead, he focuses purely on the historic behaviors of others, in determining the value of his relationships.



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Émilie Durand
William Corvey
Edith Kaine
Dimitri Moreau
Alexia Caelius
Kasimir Caelius
Isolde Kaine
Eleise Kaine †
Byron Du'Raine ‡
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Allishon Lodge †
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Kristijan Caelius
Gideon Kaine †
Dagon Kaine †
Sebastien Kaine

  • Spouse
  • ‐ ‐ Lover
  • † Deceased
  • ‡ Presumed Deceased

The youngest child in his generation of the Kaine family, Kristijan has maintained a warm relationship with his elder brother, Kyran Caelius, his second cousins, the Kaine twins Gabriel and Reina Kaine, and his second cousin, once removed, Natasha Kaine. Until Year 14, Kristijan made his home on at the Kaine estates on planet Danuta. While he spent most of his time alone, this did allow for the maintenance of camaraderie with his family. Though he has been inseparable from his brother since the elder Caelius' reemergence, he maintained his ties to House Kaine until Year 17 and their pseudo-professional merger with Sha'kage. He resumed his connection later in the year, when House Kaine was passed to his older brother's control.

His most important familial bond is clearly with his brother. As a child, his father called Caelius, "Kyran's Shadow" given the excitement with which the junior brother followed the older boy. Though their interests diverged a great deal and they had little contact for many years, Caelius immediately accepted the offer to work as his brother's Chief of Staff. With Kyran Caelius' hectic schedule, Kristijan has once again taken on the role as, "Vigo Caelius' Shadow", ensuring that his older brother's will is served.


Caelius follows the tenets of the Church of Reansucru, having become a believer early in the church's formation. After religious studies, his Force Shade was determined to be White.

"The shade of white encompasses the virtues of law, order, protection, honor, and justice. When the Force casts its white shade, individuals are driven by a strong moral conviction to provide protection to those around them, and see to it that the needs of the greater good outweigh any individual need of their own. While choosing to follow plans that revolve strategy and defense, the shade of white is sometimes known to be uncreative or authoritarian. Prayers to the White Shade are many times geared towards seeking the purity of justice, the moral fiber of honor, and actions that serve greater goods."
— Church of Reansucru Tenets