Ku`Bakai Roche

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Ku`Bakai Roche
Biographical Information
Race Kubaz
Homeworld Kubindi
Mother Maridon Zabin
Father T`chatol Zabin
Spouse None
Siblings Numerous
Children None
Born Year -29 Day 37
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Green-Black
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The Antarian Rangers (Year 25 plus)
Positions Military Chief
Prior Affiliation Kubaz Society of Hunters, Heirs of Ziost, Trax Sector Vehicles, Aratech
  • Aratech Betterment Medal (awarded: Y12D317)
  • Superior Service Medal (awarded: Y13D211)
  • Ranger Elite Veteran (awarded: Y15D8)
  • Distinguished Service Medal (awarded: Y25D203)

Early Years

Ku`Bakai was born on Kubindi in squalor and darkness. His father worked on the local docks, his mother was a homemaker. Even if she'd wanted to work outside the home there were not enough jobs to go around so typically men got the jobs when they were available. T`chatol was fortunate to have found his job as a box stacker. It wasn't a glorious job as he might of dreamed of but it paid for the house and rights to a nearby insect nest which helped keep the family fed.

His parents loved one another and endeavored to have as many children as possible in order to fulfill their lives. Whereas the rich Hives of Ku`Bakai 6, 8 or 11 might look upon their new speeders, palaces, etc and be content, Ku`Bakai's parents were simpler folks, enjoying the simple pleasures of family.

Ku`Bakai was born in the waning days of the Old Republic. She was crumbling just a few scant years after his birth. As the struggles of the Republic became more and more jobs became more scarce and his father had less and less to do. The family was struggling. A young man at the dawn of the Galactic Empire, he sought his fortunes where only he could...

Kubaz Society of Hunters

Ku`Bakai found himself a niche in the slums of Kubindi. Not many that are born upon that planet rise above their races lowest tier but Ku`Bakai showed a talent for the hunt.

He proved adept at stealing the insects from other hives and in time earned a post in off world scavenging. This took him to nearby systems and with a bit of luck he took it upon himself to acquire one of the rarest delicacies of the Kubaz cuisine. He found that he had a knack for hunting Verpine and soon joined the Kubaz Society of Hunters. It was in the society that he chose his name, Ku`Bakai for the blue giant star of his home system, and Roche for the asteroid homes of the Verpine.

His hunting enabled him to send money back to his loved ones and ensure that they could keep shelter and clothing. He would save a bit back to cover his expenses and some towards a future ship purchase but it would not be until nearly 18 years after he started that he had sufficient to buy an old YT-1210 transport which he named the Kanushka in late Year 8.

With the authorities near upon his activities Ku`Bakai decided it was time to get out of the hunting business and see what other opportunities might be in the galaxy.

Through the end of Year 7 and into Year 8 Ku`Bakai would freelance haul for friends he'd met before. Primarily during this time his work came from Ashla Ta. One of these missions for Ashla Ta is where Ku`Bakai received R5-K5, his astromech droid.

Heirs of Ziost


After much debate and with the constant care of his friend, Ashla Ta, Ku'Bakai at long last decided to shed the mantle of Verpine Hunter and become a more respectable member of the galaxy as part of Heirs of Ziost towards the middle of Year 8.

As a member of the Heirs he has slowly rose through the ranks and has become a well respected member of their community. His primary missions remains hauling cargo, passengers or materials, and prospecting which he has enjoyed a great deal. Sitting out with the hum of the machinery has given him time to reflect upon his life, the past, the present and the future.

He continues in the off times to keep up his combat skills practicing with those that travel with him. His skills remain as sharp as when he once worked for Ku'Rachi when a Verpine Hunter years before.

Sometime in Year 9 I met an old jedi in Entrus system, he said I had no talent with the force. That doesn't concern me. Never needed it before.

During these early runs I primarily used a YV-666 called the Slayn & Korpil. Used it primarily to prospect in the Heirs of Ziost systems. It's not so bad. With my sparring with Lirri I'm getting better at getting out of the way of her punches, and out of necessity I've taken a small course in field medicine from the University run by Heirs of Ziost.

Upon the death of Ashla Ta I gained the bayonet cruiser, Indefatigable. It has remained my flagship in the time since. Recently I added a Delta class shuttle to its bays, given as payment from Ezrakh Rhuk for a loan I made him some time back.

Things went smoothly for a short time until the reorganization of Heirs of Ziost into three branches, primarily headed by Ezrakh Rhuk. Rhuk used his position of Trust to ensure no one with the ability was present in the Heirs systems while he performed his betrayal during Aidon's sojourn to Gand. In early Year 11 he betrayed Heirs of Ziost. Using his new found power as Chief Seeker he arrested six members of Heirs of Ziost: Pholomon Sol, Giraf Bokito, Matt Shack, Edward Stuart, Raiden Jin, and Myl Lorian. He had tried to arrest a seventh Valek Noor, but failed in that as Valek Noor proved the stronger of the two.

Ku`Bakai felt particularly betrayed at the time as he was almost 2 weeks out of system picking up Ezrakh's ships, or so he thought. After the betrayal it became apparent it was a red herring, he had been asked to pick up ships that did not exist. He immediately turned the Indefatigable around and headed at top speed to Entrus. He fretted not knowing what would happen and worrying about those arrested. He tried to contact as many as he could. Aidon arranged for a bounty hunter to get Myl and Raiden. Thus they earned their freedom. Sadly though Ezrakh learned of this and decided to kill the remaining four before they could be rescued. Ku`Bakai as Chief Governor and Eminence of Ziost would conduct the Eulogies of the fallen.

In the aftermath of Chief Seeker Ezrakh Rhuk's betrayal Heirs of Ziost became colder. Aidon Sadow took away roles from everyone feeling he could trust no one and fearing that he might lose everything. Soon he'd sell the Entrus System to Falleen Federation. Ku`Bakai was sad to see it go he had worked so hard on a plan to make it a major force in the galaxy. Shortly after selling it Aidon announced Heirs of Ziost would close. He was very generous to those that remained, Ku`Bakai got a few ships, some worker contracts, and a few credits out of it. Much more than he initially expected to get.

Trax Sector Vehicles


Dejected Ku`Bakai put together some friends from Heirs of Ziost and decided he'd start working on some ideas. Trax Sector Vehicles was shortly born from the original idea of making Entrus Vehicle Manufacturing as a compliment to Heirs of Ziost.

During this time his primary right hand was Valek Press who got his friend Lueving Tonato to join as well. Lothor Lohgun and his brother Zaras Darda also joined. Gwazi Magnum, Tyrath Sadow, Glan Vivan, and Raiden Jin also joined up. Shotan Turok also joined.

Times were hard though starting up a business. Mostly folks worked for little to no pay though Ku would pay them with goods and materials he had privately bought in the previous years, like armor and weapons.

It became apparent though that they were having trouble keeping folks active enough and the lack of factories was hurting. Lothor and Zaras went inactive. Towards the end of Year 11 and Early Year 12 Ku`Bakai suggested perhaps for the moment folks find other jobs until they could start TSV. He began to look for opportunities.


Aratech Logo Year 12.png

He decided to approach Aratech to see if they'd let him join and he had discussed being able to build his own factories. Seeing when he came on they seemed to be in a personal pinch he got Valek Press to join him and bring Lueving Tonato as well. The others though mostly went their own ways though occasionally Ku hears from one of them.

Going through the academy seemed daunting. But once that was lifted Ku`Bakai did his best to stay occupied. He graduated the Ranger Academy on Year 12 Day 60. About five months later he'd become Dean and change the name to Chancellor of the Academy. At six months into his service at Aratech he was made Vice President. A month later he would be awarded Rank of Commander in the Ranger Military. A month after that Daktal Hearst would award him the Aratech Betterment Medal

During his tenure with the Rangers thus far he's seen Myl Lorian return to the Rangers, Raiden Jin and Lothor Lohgun join Aratech. Things are looking up in the galaxy. Being in Aratech safeguards the idea of small vehicle producers by keeping the dream alive and Ku`Bakai finds himself content. He wishes his old friend Valek Press would return, Valek took a leave of absence after feeling hurt.

His long association with insectoid species through his association with Lueving Tonato and Aidon Sadow has had him abandon and come to denounce the hunting of intelligent insect species for food.

Year 13, Day 8 using the fighter DFS Baleful Eye Ku`Bakai arrived on Vestar to discover that someone had disabled the Indefatigable, Tonato's Tornado, Mynock I, Lightning, and Stuart's Struggle. Inspecting the ships and then moving around outside to visually inspect the vessel he boarded and found the DFS Baleful Eye now also disabled. Melfina Minara assisted by Ada Alder and Phobos Jalba immediately set about repairing the disabled ships. Shortly thereafter the problem was discovered in the replacement of circuit boards acquired from Jawa traders during routine maintenance. The boards were substandard and shorted out upon activation.

On Year 13 Day 17 negotiated with Vito Royan of Horizon Tactical Armaments while aboard the Indefatigable. The resulting cooperation would result in Aratech licensing HTA to build 100 V-35 Courier and 100 THX-1138 Void Spider. Two days later a larger conversation would take place involving Vito and Ku`Bakai as well as Daktal Hearst and Drak`ora Sabosen. An agreement was reached for future cooperation once HTA has built more facilities.

On Year 13 Day 23 after repairs to the Indefatigable had been completed Ku`Bakai stopped to check on his Palace estate on Vestar and made a grizzly discovery. Cimoc Noitr had apparently committed suicide aboard Ta's Spirit and was slumped over the controls. All evidence pointed to a suicide. He was alive and well on the ship about 3 months past when last Ku`Bakai was aboard. It saddened him to have lost yet another friend, and this one to suicide.

On Year 13 Day 38 negotiated a deal with CommonGround bank to allow them to build 100 V-35 Courier as well. Negotiations still continuing for use of the X-34 Landspeeder datacards. CommonGround Leader, Xanxus Drol, had expressed interest in the landspeeders as rewards for his employees and to provide cheap vehicles to the galaxy denizens.

On Year 13 Day 39 listed for auction his holdings on Mondress. Once bought on Year 11 Day 167 from Darian Dash, it was one of two cities bought from Dash for Trax Sector Vehicles. The other city was traded to Aidon Sadow in exchange for Pholomon Cirhd on Vestar back in late Year 11. The bidding has remained fierce on this city and currently continues as of Year 13 Day 63.

In the middle hear exact date not know would make a second sale of DC uses to HTA

On Year 13 Day 184 after a long wait for materials Ku`Bakai proceeds towards finishing Naval Yards City and Production City 2 on Xo I for Aratech. He would remain occupied setting up important construction jobs for the next 4 days. Among these is the Daktal Hearst Vehicle Research Centre, a vast R&D complex located near the ocean where it will aid Aratech in the future.

On Year 13 Day 185 learned of the death of Shotan Turok on the holoforums.

On Year 13 Day 193 he starts 2 new Hunter Class Corvettes. (Most of the production during this time is handled by Lueving Tonato, with Daktal Hearst and Aidenolm Rosemourne also assisting.

On Year 13 Day 195 he heads to the HQ on Forscan II to pick up Star Landor and Gorgorot Blackheart.

On Year 13 Day 196 he notes that the leadership of HTA changed, with Vito Royan ultimately replaced by Solarius Masha. This reminds him well of what happened to Shotan Turok and Andromeda Armory. He contacts and offers support to Vito.

Becomes leader of Aratech on Year 13 Day 204 when Daktal Hearst steps down as Leader. It had been discussed a few months before but was made final with little notice. Has begun to wonder if Ryn Man took him for the credits he loaned him, and also for the ship Ryn docked into another cruiser.

Responded to calls for help from Ryn between Year 13 Day 209 and 218. Here Ku`Bakai would visit Nal Hutta picking up Ryn's wounded friend Usuy Anjiliac Fauacuaipia. Ku thought it odd the Wookiee would have a Hutt friend. Usuy had another Hutt injured with him named Gygis Khan. Gygis was the most injured of the two Hutts being unconscious. Ku`Bakai would take the group to Skeebo system. Efforts to access the market here was denied due to planetary shields over Skeebo itself. Ku`Bakai then led the group aboard the Indefatigable to the nearby TMS Tion Center Market station. Here he was able to finally bring Gygis to consciousness with a healing stick while he bid on a few ships Aratech needed.

Shortly after the market trips Ryn Man repays in full the loan of six million credits. He also endeavors to become a greater part of Aratech seeking to start doing some of the odd jobs, this makes Ku`Bakai happy as it is always great to have a little more help.

Less than week after rescueing Usuy, Ku`Bakai learned that the Hutt had been killed. The loss of another friend weighed heavily on Ku`Bakai even if just a friend for a short time.

By the end of Year 13 Aratech had made the most profits it had in many years. It was a good year and Daktal asked Ku`Bakai if Life Day bonuses might be appropriate and Ku`Bakai agreed it would be nice. Daktal prepared a significant bonus that gave much hope to the Aratech workers.

Ku'Bakai continued to make deals around the galaxy and in the next 2 months of early Year 14 Aratech doubled its liquid cash. Finally able to do so Ku`Bakai doubled pay feeling that it was long deserved and wanting to share in the wealth with everyone.

In the early part of Year 14 he oversaw the building of another manufacturing center on Asher I. Thankful to the generosity of Cybot Galactica for the space it helps to feed the ever growing need in the galaxy for factories.

About halfway through Year 14, Ku`Bakai heard from his old friend Gwazi Magnum. Gwazi wished to return to the larger galaxy after slumming a few years on Valrar. Ku`Bakai naturally accepted him into the Aratech family.

Ku`Bakai Roche long an advocate for competiton released the following statement upon the dissolution of Uukaablis Trans-Systems on Year 14 Day 224:

"The vehicle industry is a field where few seem to tread. Today one of those few fell after nearly seven years serving the galaxy. It was a bright hope for the galaxy when it came onto the scene. It filled a niche for years until leadership plagued by declining health was unable to keep activity levels high enough to meet demand.

Prior to his declining health Sharad Waador had guided UTS into prosperous times. He is an entrepreneur and we hope that this small set back does not discourage him, that his health will improve and that he will return to the field in the future. We offer heartfelt sympathies to UTS employees displaced by the closure of the company.

UTS leaves a number of vehicle designs now abandoned among them the Amphibion Hover Boat, the CAVw PX-10 and the Platoon Hover Craft. Aratech had tried to last year rent uses of the Amphibian but we were not able to secure uses, it is a design in the future we might try to revive.

The closing of UTS also leaves Aratech as the sole holder of the THX-1138 Void Spider design. Often overlooked it is useful in many terrains, we had not built any recently but may reconsider now, our researches are looking at an upgraded version but that's a few years out yet.

May the Force be with Sharad Waador and his valiant crew as they seek new opportunities."

Year 14, Day 298 Ku'Bakai learned of the death of former Aratech employee Ryn Man, who had changed his name to Dorn Ambrose after suffering from the Metamorphosis Plague. Details are sketchy, he wished Dorn had stayed in Aratech and feels if he had he'd still be alive, but each must seek their own path and sometimes that path leads to darkness.

Year 14, Day 325 Ku'Bakai learned of the death of Jedi Master Onasha Katr. Ku`Bakai had been an admirer of the artwork for Master Katr for some number of years, since his early days in Aratech when he first learned of them. He had also had several business dealings with Master Katr when he first was 2IC of Aratech and then later leader of Aratech, Master Katr had always acted honorably in such transactions. It was a sad day for the galaxy for such a light to be extinguished.

At Master Katr's posthumous award ceremony for the Star of Antaria, Ku`Bakai Roche made the following statement on the passing of Master Katr: "I was saddened to hear of the death of Onasha. It is always saddening to hear of the passing of a friend or associate. The galaxy at times seems so large, but its really so small. Each life touches another. Onasha was a great artist, one of the finest in the galaxy. Though her artistry had long taken a back seat to her duties as a Jedi Master and head of the Jedi Orders Ministry of Engineering. She had as many in the galaxy been a valued customer and friend of Aratech. We will greatly miss her spark in the galaxy."

Year 14 Day 326, Ku`Bakai's Modular Taskforce Cruiser was completed. Named the Algunnis in honor of TSV days it received a custom paintjob that was the brainchild of Vip Fortuna. The ship moves even now on its maiden voyage.

Year 15 Day 8, DennyMala Solo nominates and it is approved that Ku`Bakai be awarded the Ranger Elite Veteran pin. Ku`Bakai grows a little concerned for his friends Lueving and Gwazi who have been quiet the last couple weeks, he hopes its just the holidays he'd hate to lose his two old friends again.

Year 21 Aratech lost a number of assigned DCs when New Republic was taken over by elements of the Galactic Empire. This loss was not as financially ruinous as might have been as when things were sorted out many of the uses were restored. Ku`Bakai attended the Swap Meet for the first time in years. He had an enjoyable time and did business with several of the galaxy's prominent citizens. The galactic plague made it hard to get supplies and materials so he hunted some in the early part of the year waiting on materials. He also entered the Galactic Death Match and as of this writing had progressed to the second round.

Orion Chran of the Rebel Alliance was able to restore some of the lost DCs once the reorganization of the remnants of the New Republic were finalized into the Rebel Alliance after Ku`Bakai had reached out to him.

Known to have attended GalaxyFest in the Bright Jewel System along with a who's who of the Galaxy's denizens including some that were at the Swapmeet earlier that year and many that had not been to a Swap Meet. Acquired a Vulptex Silverback, which he named Silverback, from a Wookiee Creature Handler. He also participated in the Purrgil hunt that same year.

Ku`Bakai was defeated by Jad Hep Viridux in the second round of the Death Match. Jad Hep Viridux would then face Asaryakatr who had eliminated Char`Kargis Olort in the first round.

In year 25 as part of a reorganization, Outer Rim Excavations and The Antarian Rangers were absorbed into Aratech. Overseeing this merger as the CEO of Aratech was one of the final duties as CEO that Ku`Bakai Roche did. He after the dissolution of Outer Rim Excavations and The Antarian Rangers stepped down and Mador Anami took his place as CEO of the newly reformed mega faction on Day 91 of year 25.

The Antarian Rangers

The Antarian Rangers Logo.png

Starting on Day 91 of year 25 Ku`Bakai Roche renamed Aratech to The Antarian Rangers. Shortly after the consolidation and renaming Char`Kargis Olort appointed Mador Anami as the new head of the consolidated faction.

Prior to Herdfest he was involved in deep space exploration looking for asteroid belts and systems. Though he found a number of asteroid belts during this time he was unable to find a new habitable system for the rangers.

During Herdfest Ku`Bakai Roche sent out a word to the other famous Kubaz to try to get a group picture. They managed to finally get half the famous Kubaz of the time together for a picture aboard the Bafforr Jubilee.


After Herdfest Ku`Bakai Roche was called to Arvala system to help support allies where he scouted nearby deep space and acted as a squadron commander in orbit of Arvala-6 during colonization efforts. Although there was some fighting in the system it largely occurred in other sectors of the system where he was not assigned. HAVOC was seen in orbit of Arvala-6 and he got ready to fight but they bypassed the orbital squadrons and instead engaged in the Atmosphere and Ground Level so Ku`Bakai was not engaged in fighting them only acting as orbital overwatch. By the time Zann arrived in system, followed by Eidola, the operation was largely done and colonization had been completed. He did spot Seth Haze and was ready to fire on him for revenge from Winterfest until told to hold fire on the JOE employee. After a couple more uneventful days in orbit he was released and headed back home.

Known Ships

  • Lightning: Galactic Ship ID: 108433 A Cloakshape/H fighter Ku`Bakai won during a contest within Heirs of Ziost.
  • Giraf's Gambit: Galactic Ship ID: 116172. A GR-75 Medium Transport the Giraf's Gambit was formerly known as the Khar Delba while it was in service to Heirs of Ziost. It was involved in building numerous cities within the Entrus System prior to collapse of HoZ. Upon the dissolution of HoZ Aidon Sadow offered to sell the ship to Ku`Bakai Roche who quickly bought it. The condition was the ship be renamed as Aidon wanted to use the name for another ship later. Ku`Bakai named it for Giraf Bokito who was killed by Ezrakh Rhuk in events leading up to the fall of Heirs of Ziost. In Year 13 the ship is primarily seen building cities in the Xo System.
  • Kanushka: Galactic Ship ID: 118870. A YT-1210 light freighter. The Kanushka was bought by Ku`Bakai at the Kubindi Starport at the end of his hunting career. It took his life savings to purchase the ship.
  • Pholomon's Light: Galactic Ship ID: 240788. A Simiyiar Light Freighter Ku`Bakai Roche purchased upon Xo III. This light freighter has seen use by Aratech in hauling both vehicles and equipment around the Xo System. It was named for the fallen Pholomon Sol. The ship was later given to Ryn Man, who renamed the ship Headhunter. Prior to his death Ryn Man, then known as Dorn Ambrose, returned the freighter to Ku`Bakai.
  • Pholomon's Light II: Galactic Ship ID: 232723. A Simiyiar Light Freighter Ku`Bakai Roche purchased upon Anzat. He named it after his fallen friend Pholomon Sol, as he had the previous Simiyiar he owned.
  • Stuart's Struggle: Galactic Ship ID: 127455. This YT-2000 light freighter due to its speed was principally used to transport employees when needed. Named for one of Ezrakh's victims, Edward Stuart.
  • Indefatigable: Galactic Ship ID: 140929. A Bayonet-class Light Cruiser, formerly owned by Ashla Ta, it was transferred to Ku`Bakai shortly before Ashla's ship was pulled into a star and destroyed. The ship has retained it's original name as given by Ashla. It was used in prospecting work for Heirs of Ziost and later served as Ku`Bakai's flagship.
  • Ta's Spirit: Galactic Ship ID: 168631 This is a YG-4210 Light Freighter used by Trax Sector Vehicles and later Aratech but owned by Ku`Bakai Roche. The ship was won from Aidon Sadow on Year 11 Day 168 during an auction held on Centrepoint Market. The ship also has the distinction of being where Cimoc Noitr committed suicide in late Year 12 or early Year 13. The ship was named in honor of Ashla Ta.
  • Algunnis: Galactic Ship ID: 337330. A Modular Taskforce Cruiser constructed in the Haponi system completing in Year 14.


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