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System Kuat
Sector Kuat (Sector)
Galactic Coordinates (128, 33)
System Coordinates (10, 14)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: jungle, forest, river, ocean, volcanic, swamp
Rotational Period 20 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 322 standard days [1]
Population 20,487,765 inhabitants
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Governor Moff Machkhit
Magistrate Moff Machkhit
Sentient Races Kuati


This temperate world is home to millions of beings, and is homeworld of the native Kuati. Lush jungles cover much of the planet, while a vast ocean has created numerous trade opportunities. Many cities have sprung up along its shores, making water travel just as important to the industry as surface to orbit trade. Forests and marshlands virtually void of predators lie to the south of the ocean, adding to its rich serenity.

Kuat is home to the Kuati Clans who terraformed and settled the planet thousands of years ago. Turning the planet into a prosperous world through artificial means, they then set out to construct enormous shipyards in its orbit.

Three stellar trade stations in the planetary orbit have fuelled trade and tourist activity on and above the planet. One has been the central hub to visitors from around the galaxy, while another has been a key checkpoint for the transport of precious materials and valuable cargo. The third is controlled by the Empire, which is used as an extension of their power to monitor civilian and military access to the surface.

The planet was best known as the home of Kuat Drive Yards. [1]


Kuat was colonized by Coruscanti settlers around 27,500 BCGT, before the Galactic Republic was formed. From Kuat, they sent out colony ships of their own which by 26,000 BCGT had colonized Alsakan, Axum, Tepasi and Humbarine. [1]

Kuat was one of the Core Founders that created the Galactic Republic 25,000 years ago, and became sponsor to the Galactic Republic Charter[1].

A group of wealthy families, known as the Ten, joined together to create the largest shipbuilding concern in the galaxy, while terraforming Kuat to serve their needs.[1]

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