Kuat Systems Engineering

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Kuat Systems Engineering
Kuat Systems Engineering Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Draven Diesel
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 289
Political Information
Affiliation Kuat Society
Imperial Union
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Kuat Systems Engineering

Quality, efficiency and innovation: the three cornerstones of the vehicular expertise delivered by Kuat Systems Engineering (KSE). As one of the youngest yet proudest nationalised corporation of the Galactic Empire, we are the leading manufacturer of military-grade and luxury vehicles in the Galaxy and the sole supplier for the Imperial Union.

Each day, more than 3 million people board our Speeder Bikes, 425 tonnes of raw material are transported by our Imperial barges and 6,000 AT-ATs stand guard with elite ground forces travelling in the safety and comfort of KSE vehicles.

Lead by the professionalism and experience of Chief Executive Officer, Saedrial Elensar, our members are amongst the most highly skilled, educated and motivated in the Galaxy. We see tremendous opportunities in the years ahead for connecting and protecting its citizens. Our long and continual commitment of amazing products and services is our promise to you.

Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. This encompasses the pursuit of excellence, resource conservation and environmental sustainability, which is strongly entrenched into the KSE name by the legacy of Draven Diesel and Vincent Lytear. As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at KSE actively seek to stretch boundaries and meet our own high demands.


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