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Kubaz or Kubazian
Average Height1.8 meters
Skin colorBlack-Green
Hair colorBlack
Known MembersList of known Kubaz

The Kubaz are an alien race native to the planet of Kubindi. An insectivorous species they were discovered towards the later days of the Old Republic.

Biology and Appearance

Two features stick out on Kubaz before anything else. One is their thick goggles necessary to protect their sensitive eyes when in systems with a yellow or red star. Without these goggles they would be blinded in such settings. The other distinguishing feature are their snouts. The snouts are designed to reach into insect nests and eat the insects within much like an aardvark. Their feet have two toes. Their skin is predominately green-black though some richer clans have used bioengineering to create other color combinations with purple, red-black, and even pink being seen on occasion. The Kubaz do not grow hair as other species tend to do but do have black colored bristles upon the head, these are course like a human's beard might be.


When discovered they had already spread throughout their solar system and into neighboring systems by necessity. The harsh bombardments from Ku`Bakai to Kubindi made it necessary for the Kubaz to live underground on their homeworld. Ricer hives developed space travel using the moons as jumping off points and colonizing other planets in the system particularly Ku`Bakai 6, 8 and 11. Only the poorest of Hives remained on Kubindi. The poorest of the clans was Hive Zabin.

The colonization of their solar system is often referred to as the Hive Wars. A particularly volatile time in Kubaz history where each Hive sought to gain an edge over the others. It was not unheard of to steal other hives insects, sabotage research, and even create disasters such as early ship failures. From these methods of war the Kubaz developed insect coloring so it was easier to tell whose insects were whose. Some hives still harbor grievances from the Hive War as it has only been a couple of generations since the war ended.

Kubaz at Herdfest

In year 25 three of the most famous Kubaz of the time met together aboard the Bafforr Jubilee and took a picture with one another.


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