Kuuda Ki

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Kuuda Ki
Kuuda Ki
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Mother Reka Zel
Father Koback Ki
Partner Single
Siblings Pik Ki, Komik Ki
Born Y2 CGT D116 (Age 19)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’2” or 157.5cm (Before Montrals)
Weight 140lbs or 63.5kg (Incl. Montrals)
Eye Color Blind
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Kuuda Ki


Kuuda Ki was born to a small family who lived in the city. The family was a middle aged couple who already had a 3 and a half year old daughter, Pik. When they became pregnant again, they soon discovered they were having twins. Kuuda and Komik were born shortly after. As an infant, Kuuda met most of her milestones on time. As she reached 3 standard years old, she was a bilingual child who could read in basic like the average 10 year old. She excelled in maths, passing her older sister quickly, and then surpassing her parents by the time she was 14. Despite being fairly smart, Kuuda was very naïve. She fell for tricks from the other kids, and believed what she was told by the boys around her.

Her mother and father were well off, and taught their children their trades. Her older sister learned their mother’s trade. Kuuda learned her father’s trades - how to trade, how to talk to people, how to handle a ship, deal with protocols and protocol droids, etc. Komik tended to do his own thing, so Kuuda would use his skills as she grew to learn hunting skills that would further her later in life.

Throughout early childhood, Kuuda also took Karuki dance classes. She became more and more skilled over time. As a young teen, she would dance around her father’s offices.

As she reached adulthood, she fell for a young associate at her father’s office. She would try to spend time with him, visiting the office more than normal, even after her father ordered her out on assignments. Around this time, Pik had left home to explore the stars.

When the associate stole from the petty cash kept in the office, he was fired. Kuuda refused to believe her father on the matter, causing massive family arguments. On the day she turned 18, she suddenly stopped arguing with them. She didn’t say what had happened, but her father learned later that the associate had been sent to Kessel for crimes.

A Shili Farewell

Shortly after she turned 18, Kuuda left home. Her father arranged transport for her, and got her to her sister, who would help arrange a job. She traveled to a few locations through the galaxy including Kiffex, Venaari, and Nimban.

In her travels, she worked with her new boss, Darin Byrch who discovered she had a sensitivity to the Force. She started to train with him, moving across the galaxy with him. Soon after she began her training, she was injured by a dark Jedi and lost her sight.

Sith Training

After losing her sight, Kuuda learned to use the Force along with her natural echolocation to find her way around. She was soon named Darth Crucus, and served faithfully under Darth Pristus. Soon after, Bando Gora was rebranded as the One Sith.

A farewell to arms

Kuuda had served proudly, and had just started on some new sales initiatives, when Morgan Sathel and Kaze Zill ripped her new home out from under her. They captured her cousin and a few other fellow Sith, and blackmailed their Dark Lord into submission. Due to the One Sith belief in equality, Darin gave in to their demands in order to rescue his people. Afterwards, the One Sith was closed and the members, though still connected in their own way, and each separated. It was time for Kuuda to start a new life. She reached out to her brother, and went home to pick him up.

Family Tree

Komik Ki †
Acala Ba †
Ralon Zel †
Pik Nesaa †
Koback Ki
Reka Zel
Meldo Zel
Bela Kali
Pik Ki
Komik Ki
Kuuda Ki
Akoshla Zel
Ralon Zel
Soro Zel

  • † Deceased

Significant Property

Kuuda purchased a YT-1210 named Kit n' Kaboodle from Darin Byrch early on in her tenure with him. She learned that it had a deep history, and decided to preserve that.

In year 21, Kuuda inherited a Veltraa from her one-time lover, Serena Moon. She honored the ship as a remembrance of the woman.