Kyran Caelius

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Kyran William Kaine Caelius
Biographical Information
Race Human (Thyferran/Hapan)
infected with Sauvax strain of Metamorphosis Plague
Homeworld Thyferra
House House Kaine
Mother Isolde Kaine
Father Kasimir Caelius
Siblings Kristijan Caelius (brother)
Born Year -14 Day 25 (age 37)
Languages Fluent


Religion Reansucru
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.03m 6'8"
Weight 108.86kg 240lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Consigliere in Black Sun
Archon of House Kaine
Monarch of Lorpfan
Rank Councillor Emeritus, C-5, Black Sun
Positions Leader of House Kaine
Prior Affiliation House Soyak-Ikron, Arch Lord/2IC
Avance Coalition, House Citizenship
Trade Federation, Level 1 Citizenship
Dark Skies Gearworks, 2IC
University of Coruscant, Student
Awards Black Sun
Bsaward-infesm-01.png Infrastructure Exemplary Service Medal
Bsaward-intelesm-01.png Intelligence Exemplary Service Medal
Bsaward-intesm-01.png Interior Exemplary Service Medal
Bsaward-cac-01.png Civilian Administration Commendation
Bsaward-mcc-01.png Military Command Commendation
Bsaward-dda-01.png Distinguished Duty Award
Bsaward-tc-01.png Taspir Campaign
Bsaward-ac-01.png Altora Campaign
Bsaward-oawnw-01.png Operation A Whole New World Award
Bsaward-obl-01.png Operation Black Light Award
Bsaward-ia-01.png Intelligence Agent
Bsaward-im-01.png Interior Member
Bsaward-eac-01.png Exceptional Administration Citation
Bsaward-ecc-01.png Exceptional Combatant Citation
Bsaward-csa-05.png 5 Years Service Award
Signature Kyran Caelius Holocron Signature 01.png

Kyran William Kaine Caelius (pronounced /ˈkɪərən wɪl yəm keɪn keɪˈliˈʌs/ or [KEER-in wil-yuh m keyn key-lee-uhs]; born Year -14 Day 25) is the Archon of House Kaine and a retired Vigo within Black Sun, serving as the Vigo of Interior, Infrastructure, Shadows, and the Regent—the title of second-in-command—in his tenure. An expert in the fields of civil engineering and organic architecture, after graduating from the University of Coruscant in Year 8, Caelius spent many years on sabbatical to further his crafts. However, in Year 14 he rejoined the greater society in order to begin his career as an Administrator in Dark Skies Gearworks. Notable for his full beard and extensive tattoo work, he is openly anti-Galactic Alliance in the galactic conflict, having at one point renounced his lineage, House Kaine, for its modern New Republic Intelligence ties. He has also been known to dabble in assorted art forms, though often for personal usage rather than financial benefit. Ideologically, Caelius espouses obedience to authority and avidly supports laws and strict order. Despite his former diplomatic roles within Black Sun and House Soyak-Ikron, Caelius is further noted for his staunch support of personal privacy and his lack of transparency in individual endeavors.


Early life

Kyran William Caelius was born in Xuczal City, on the planet Thyferra, to educator Kasimir Caelius and his wife Isolde Kaine. His father was Thyferran, also born in Xuczal, while his mother was of Hapan descent. Caelius lived on Thyferra until at age 5, following the birth of his younger brother Kristijan, his parents chose to move to the capital city of Empress Teta, Cinnagar, to live nearer the Kaine family estate. They believed a dominant Human environment, rather than one heavily influenced by the Vratix, would offer greater intellectual stimulation and opportunity for their children.

Living comfortably on the Imperial world, Caelius's father was able to retire, electing to focus exclusively on instructing the Caelius brothers and their younger cousin, Lilith Kaine. Though initially, the relationship between Kyran and Lilith was one of a forced teaching environment, over time their kinship thrived, establishing a long-time friendship. More fervently, however, Caelius eventually developed a distinctly fraternal bond with his elder cousin, Gabriel Kaine. As he grew older, these relationships would flourish into a sense of belonging, and an ideological basis for Caelius's strong beliefs in familial bonds.

As a teenager, a pervasive recklessness and aggression developed in Caelius's demeanor. Often spending his nights on Empress Teta in ryll fueled euphoria, he learned to use dexterity in order to best sentients in street games. Frequently promiscuous and under the influence of various substances, he took to distractions of manipulation, conning the cons and testing the waters of black markets. When he wasn't scheming, he resorted to the creation of art and eventually vandalism to fill his time. The subject of his art differed greatly, varying from simple caricatured culture references, forays to the macabre, and less frequently political statements.

It was due to his talents and outspoken behaviors, that an extremist humanocentric movement contacted, and eventually radicalized the young Thyferran. His natural diplomacy skills were immediately used to benefit the speciesist' endeavors. When cunning failed to achieve the movement's goals, Caelius used his talents in the arts for the creation of propaganda. For years his radicalized behaviors persisted, and as Caelius reached college age he was convinced by his fellows to attend the University of Coruscant, in order to further his crafts for the cause. Thus, in Year 4, utilizing Asenour Kaine's connections to secure admittance to the university, he left to begin his life on Coruscant.


Various images of Caelius prior to joining Black Sun

Initially Caelius joined the International Relations program, and began his studies with a focus on advanced economic aspects of international relations. Given his teenage experiences, in this he excelled for the first year of his education. However, before beginning his second, he was approached by Civil Engineering staff at the university who believed his mind was better suited to planetary development. While hesitant to change his focus, given the reason for attending, some of his radical ideology had tempered without consistent influences. His decision was made, when the staff appealed to his narcissism, painting a picture of his potential influences on the worlds he could advance.

Enrolling in both the Architectural and Structural Engineering programs, Caelius exceeded expectations. In a hologram to a colleague, one of his Professors described his abilities, "When he looks at a planet, his mind sees the future through its potential. He doesn't see bare ground, but the evolution of a world from the architectural potential which lies within it to the metropolis which could flourish above it. His capacity to envision each plausible component is outstanding." In Year 6 the head of the Kaine house, Herbert Kaine, was executed for treason by the Galactic Empire. This event deeply affected his family, and the psychological stress furthered the already significant reliance on vices, despite his young age. While studying at the university, he also met Draelor Nah`utal, quickly becoming friends with his eventual Imperial ally.

Graduating in Year 8, Caelius had varied considerations to take into account for his future. Deciding to continue honing his craft, he set off on a six-year leave to explore the galaxy, specifically the genesis of observable architectural cultural diversity. At each planet, he explored disparate colonies and cities, in order to study the origin, design, and integration of society with its natural environment. Though he refused to utilize communicators while visiting inchoate communities, Caelius maintained semi-frequent contact with his family whenever his travels brought him to urbanized environments.

It was during his travels that Caelius began sporting his beard, not for fashion but convenience. While visiting a small primal colony in the forests of Gannaria, he was offered a tattoo of a stylized eye-snatcher, a revered bird within their people, as a parting gift. Having it placed on his left outer collar, this would become the first of many in a long tradition.

The Family

Visiting the city of Imthitill, on the Aqualish homeworld of Ando, Caelius decided he had spent enough time traveling the galaxy; finally, he felt his experiences would allow him to build worlds befitting his visions. Finishing his business on the planet, he gathered his belongings and immediately began travel to the planet of Vorsia Companion where he had received an offer of employment. Arriving on Year 14 Day 217 he worked as an Administrator, helping with the city development and organization of Dark Skies Gearworks.

In returning to the civilized world, Caelius also endeavored to expand his connections with non-GA governments. This goal was two-fold: he wanted to offer his services to the various sects of the galaxy, but he further hoped to establish connections with like-minded sentients. In studying various governments, House Soyak-Ikron of the Avance Coalition most appealed to Caelius's values. After an expedient application and interview process, he joined the House and its Political Caste.

While working within House Soyak-Ikron, a series of events led to Caelius's decision to serve Avance full-time. This proved to be short-lived, however, as after meeting and marrying his first wife Leigh Kellan, he moved his life to Malicar. Electing to work for White Star, he believed the Black Sun ideology was more appropriate to the lens through which he viewed the galaxy. Despite his career change, this did not slow his efficiency within Avance, and eventually, Lord Protectorate Navik Ikron named Caelius as Arch Lord of House Soyak-Ikron, the Second-in-Command and leader of the Political Caste.

Likewise, within the Black Sun collective, Caelius's devotion was immediately apparent and quickly he earned his place in the Black Sun Family. From this position, his staunch work ethic elevated him to the Consiglio and after a relatively short period, his continued efforts led to his invitation into Black Sun's Family Council as Vigo, by Underlord Alexander von Ismay on Year 15 Day 60. His first Vigo role was that of Vigo of Negotiation, beginning on Year 15 Day 72. His fidelity was further recognized on Year 15 Day 221, by joint promotion to the Family's Second-in-Command position, Regent, with his wife, before he additionally became the role of Vigo of Shadows on Year 15 Day 246. Given his central government roles, Caelius decided to further his education by pursuing an advanced Doctoral degree in management at his alma mater following his second Vigo role appointment.

The Regents oversaw Black Sun operations while the Underlord attended to Black Sun's more distant galactic holdings. Beneath their rule, the Collective made many advancements towards legitimization. However, when Underlord Ismay returned in late Year 15, Caelius decided to take another small sabbatical, stating he would return after the New Year. Though the need for Regents was removed with the Underlord's active return, Vigo Caelius retained his position as a member of the Family Council. While control of Black Watch was returned to the Underlord's direct duties, he maintained his position as the Vigo of Negotiation. However, following the Avance Coalition and Trade Federation merger, Caelius's membership within House Soyak-Ikron was forcibly terminated due to the Trade Federation's stance on Black Sun.

As the Vigo of Negotiation, Caelius appointed former Vigo Ahsas Rotciv Maharg to the position of his second-in-command, Minister of Culture, while additionally taking the role of Interim Vigo of Infrastructure. Following the declaration of sovereignty of Black Sun, and after months of planning successes, Caelius's role in Infrastructure was cemented. The governmental office was well-suited to Caelius's educational background and personal passions. Given a new Black Sun policy of one office per Councillor, the torch of Negotiation was passed to Vigo Maharg on Year 16 Day 248. After overseeing the ongoing development of Revyia IV, Caelius eventually retired from all duties on Year 17 Day 68. Though no public statement was made, rumors attributed his retirement to an aura of disrespect and mistrust within the Family under Underlord Alexander von Ismay.

During his retirement, in late Year 17, Caelius was infected with the Metamorphosis Plague. Suffering from vertigo and an insatiable thirst, Caelius immediately sought medical care at the University of Malicar's health research facilities. After running numerous tests, it was determined that Caelius had contracted the galaxy's most prolific virus. Caelius was provided with a post-exposure prophylaxis which halted the plague's progress. Researchers informed Caelius that his genetic code would persistently include an immunological memory of the virus, but that the changes associated with the plague were staved off. Though it took some time to recover from his illness, following Dark Prince Jeor Knight's ascension, Caelius's retirement ended, and after a year of service, on Year 18 Day 129 he rejoined the Family Council as the Vigo of Interior, formerly Negotiation, once more. Additionally, in late Year 18 Caelius completed his doctorate of philosophy in management from the University of Coruscant, with a specialization in 'Organizations and Management'.


Caelius faithfully served as a member of Dark Prince Knight's Family Council for nearly 3 years, however, on Year 21 Day 36 he once more decided to resign from his position as Vigo. Joining the Consiglio as a Councillor Emeritus, the now-former Vigo swiftly withdrew from the very spirited and hedonistic public life which had defined him over the previous near-decade. Though members of Black Sun maintained contact with him, and Natasha Kaine—speaking on behalf of House Kaine—assured inquirers that her eldest cousin retained full control of their family estates, Caelius's public interactions otherwise diminished almost in their entirety. When his offices on Lorpfan were pressed for comment, a short statement was released that stated, "I have always valued privacy in my personal life and I'm no longer the professional face of anything. While I realize our galaxy thrives on idle gossip, I've little reason to offer myself as the source."

Since retiring, Caelius has occasionally attended well-known galactic events like the biannual Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meets, and the Galaxy Fest. However, media sources have noted that his overall galactic profile, outside of Black Sun and Imperial Union groups, has been comparatively nonexistent versus previous years.

Personal Information


Kyran Caelius Holocron 06.png
Caelius, in mid Year 15

Tall for a human and muscularly lean, as is often seen in Thyferrans and Hapans, Caelius stands at 2.03 meters and weighs 113.40 kilograms. He is covered in a variety of tattoos that extend from his face to his feet. The majority of his tattoos were completed on a unique planet, with each abstractly representing the core experience of the culture from which it originated. Caelius has admitted that he can no longer recall each tattoo; rather he asserts that each piece of work represents another life experience. Though he has always held a keen fixation on physical fitness, Caelius previously suffered weakness in his non-dominant right arm. Having elected to have the internal organic structure of his arm enhanced with cybernetics, faulty connections in the arm's neural networks contradicted any intended benefits. However, his impairments were repaired in late Year 21 when, after a grueling three-day surgery, Doctor Spree Razzix finished a restoration on the damaged arm using newly discovered and highly experimental medical techniques. As part of his obsession with personal fitness, Caelius has focused on flexibility and dexterity since young adulthood, in addition to working towards becoming a master of unarmed combat techniques. He began studying boxing during university, and continued to hone his skills during his first sabbatical, finding new Masters under which to study and new styles to learn, such as k'Jtari, Gravik-nez, and Wrruushi. His enthusiasm for physical fitness further extends into sports. He was the owner of the Malicar Howlrunners, a bolo-ball team in the Black Sun Bolo-ball League. Furthermore, he served as Captain for and played the position of Center on the Asation Outlaws, a shockball team in the Galactic Shockball League. Due to his Hapan lineage, Caelius suffers from some minor night blindness.

Stylistically, Caelius is diverse in his choices, his wardrobe conforming to the demands of his environment. Casually, he wears simple tee shirts or button-ups, denym pants, and boots. However, more frequently, he is at home in formal attire; his most common wardrobe appears to be three-piece suits. For work, he often wears a thick jumpsuit in order to protect himself from the persistent particulate hazards. His eyes - originally a deep brown - are a red tone, a physical sign of corruption caused by half a decade of his closest relationships being with people who would eventually connect with and succumb to the Dark Side of the Force. His usually long, often coiffed locks are a dark sepia, though he has been known to sport shorter hair with blonde tones. Though for much of his life he displayed shorter facial hair, since late Year 10 he has worn a full beard which is meticulously groomed at all times; given its rarity, it has become a trademark of his appearance. He has occasionally, and rarely, shaved it, but has always grown it back. Though the resemblance between Caelius and his father was often noted prior to Year 10, since growing the full beard - a style which his father has worn for many years - the resemblance has become even more pronounced.


Throughout his higher education, Caelius was regarded by his fellows as handsome, charming, intelligent, and kind. However, others have described him as egocentric, cunning, and at times quick to anger. Known for his proneness to boredom, frequently he has exhibited impulsive and irresponsible behaviors in order to cull his listlessness. Despite the conflicting accounts of his personality, it has often been noted that while appearing serious and brooding, his conversational demeanor is warm, and one of amiable sarcastic wit. Yet as Caelius has aged, his personality has hardened some, his more charismatic behaviors seemingly reserved for professional or deeply personal interactions. Those with whom Caelius interacted during his second sabbatical remarked that following his divorce he became more guarded, leading to an increased solitude.

When questioned about galactic politics, Caelius has favored the Imperial Union for its stance against the Galactic Alliance's, "ideological deficiencies [and role as] the self-proclaimed saviors of the sentient condition." He has further supported the Galactic Concordiate for their rejection of the Alliance. On the occasions Caelius has been publicly involved in political deliberations, he has demonstrated an ability to utilize eloquence in order to garner support for his viewpoints.

Around those with whom Caelius is close, he has demonstrated a candid capability for affection and devout loyalty. Within his close interpersonal relationships, a clear sense of willing vulnerability and sincerity has been observed between him and those he calls friends. However, the frequency in which he has engaged in deep connections has always appeared limited. Specifically, those known to populate his inner circle are limited effectively to the Black Sun Family and House Kaine, with few exceptions.


Kristijan and Caelius, mid Year 16


Despite being the grandson of Edith Kaine, Caelius failed to foster close relationships with his first cousins. Rather, due to being raised with the Hazel Kaine lineage, his second cousins became the family members with whom he most identified. Though he had a brother, Caelius's relationship with the twins Gabriel and Reina Kaine was distinctly fraternal and sororal, respectively. While the twins' corporation, Holowan Mechanicals aligned with the Galactic Alliance, familial bonds preempted political expectations for many years. However, in early Year 17, the merger of Holowan and Sha`kage into The Resistance led to Caelius forsaking House Kaine. Despite his self-exile, in mid Year 17 Caelius became Archon of House Kaine due to the unexpected retirement of Gabriel Kaine. Unfortunately the bloodlines of Edith and Hazel Kaine continued to experience a rift of allegiances, as House Kaine formally aligned itself with Black Sun despite the New Republic alignment of The Resistance.

Caelius's closest familial relationship is with his brother, Kristijan. Though they had scarce contact during Caelius's sabbatical, upon his return their bond was instantly reformed. Since joining Black Sun, Kristijan has served as an integral member of Caelius's crew, acting as the lead member of his personal administration. Kristijan has also acted as personal security for Caelius on many occasions. Caelius's second-closest familial relationship is with his second cousin once removed, Natasha Kaine. Charged with the murder of her rapist on Danuta, Kaine was exiled from the Halla sector and sent to live with Caelius, by her father Gabriel Kaine. Those close to Caelius have commented that he and Natasha Kaine have bonded through their shared destructive tendencies.

Justus Caelius
Émilie Durand
William Corvey
Edith Kaine
Dimitri Moreau
Alexia Caelius
Kasimir Caelius
Isolde Kaine
Eleise Kaine †
Byron Du'Raine ‡
Everett Kaine ‡
Allishon Lodge †
Daniela Caelius
Kyran Caelius
Kristijan Caelius
Gideon Kaine †
Dagon Kaine †
Sebastien Kaine

  • Spouse
  • ‐ ‐ Lover
  • † Deceased
  • ‡ Presumed Deceased

Caelius and Sarka, Malicar


Known for self-indulgence, Caelius has been the subject of much gossip regarding intimate relationships with men and women. However, he has continuously sparsely commented. In Year 14, Caelius was introduced to Leigh Kellan, via his employer. Characteristic to Caelius's preference for privacy, their relationship was initially secret: "I take solstice in the fact that I control my own words. Others can do and say what they like. If I don't open my life to the public realm, however, it retains a certain intimate solitude that I value." It was later released that on Year 14 Day 291, the two were married in a private ceremony. Despite years of positive public appearances, Kellan elected to end the marriage while Caelius was on his second sabbatical. By mid Year 16, Mieru'karan media frequently reported Caelius and long-time confidant Evelyn Reighner imbibing the Black Sun nightlife and, later in the year, rumors swarmed about a romantic relationship with Rayus Kestyn. In late Year 17, Caelius began dating Zeltron/Kiffar Astrid Sarka, showing a stark departure from the xenophobic ideals of his youth and culminating in a serious, nearly year long entanglement. When asked why he was so public about this relationship, and how he thought people viewed he and Sarka's evolution from colleagues to partners, Caelius stated, "We wanted to be as honest as possible, and really about two people discovering each other ... it really marks the beginning of this relationship that is ever-changing and learning about one another." By mid Year 18 Caelius began dating Anzati Kira Morbus, after years of rumors about their mutual attraction. When asked for comment, Caelius very simply said, "I've wanted her for years." On Year 18 Day 168, it was confirmed that the couple was married privately, eventually divorcing after a little over a galactic standard year.


"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess."
— Human Philosopher


Caelius has historically been an adamant opponent of sentient equality, though his beliefs have lessened. Having been raised from an early age to embrace humanocentric views, his thoughts on sentient equality were further compounded by the staunch Imperial atmosphere of the University of Coruscant. As an ideological basis for his support of galactic non-human speciesism, Caelius has argued that human superiority has existed through the universe as a natural state. He has further cited the consistent triumphs of humans over others as galactic leaders. While his radical viewpoint diminished some during his engineering sabbatical, the Year 16 leave of absence further abated his xenophobic ideals. Though he maintains the belief in human superiority, antagonism of non-humans has dissipated. His view of the colorful humanoid races (i.e. Chiss, Falleen, Mirialan, and Zeltron) has experienced a complete shift, with Caelius viewing them positively even though he still believes Humans are superior. He also holds a positive view of Anzati, respecting their power and heightened place on the proverbial food chain. He views Kiffar as effectively Human, with the ability to do parlor tricks. On the subject of alien officers in Black Sun or alien Masters of House Kaine, Caelius has commented that he holds them in high regard, viewing them as exceptions to the inferiority of their species.


For most of Caelius's life, he held no spiritual convictions. Rather, he firmly rejected the belief in any deity and would openly challenge theists; his combativeness was particularly evident when sentients would attempt to proselytize the Thyferran Hapan hybrid. Despite his atheist dogma, upon hearing of Lilith Kaine's execution, he suffered a severe emotional crisis. This exigency would culminate in a search for spirituality and eventually a strong uncharacteristic belief in the Reansucru faith and its deification of The Ones. After discussion with Reansucru leaders, it was determined that Caelius followed the Shade of Blue as his primary Force Shade. As he aged, it was further decided that his secondary Force Shade was Black:

"With the usage of knowledge, the Shade of Blue can be manipulative, logical, deceitful, and with patience… power. The Shade of Blue values a person's intellect, their ability to be creative, and [their ability to be] progressive. Many followers of this shade go as far as creating great machines, wonders of bewilderment, and vast cities. Choosing to employ secrecy and schemes, you will hardly find a blue vanguard, that is the pride of the Shade of White. One needs to be mindful that they do not become overly manipulative and treacherous in pursuit of this shade. Prayers sent to the Shade of Blue ask for both knowledge and wisdom.
Never has there been a shade of the Force that is so loved and hated as that of the Shade of Black. Practitioners of this shade love the power, but oft forget the price that is paid for such power. The Shade of Black utilizes fear, darkness, ambition, and death. Those who call on the Shade of Black can be called ambitious and unashamed, but the draw of what is gained is sometimes lost on those that become devouring and enslaving. One can not serve the darkness without the taint of death, decay, and corruption being ever present. However, as hated and or feared as it is, there can not be light without darkness, or life without death. Prayers to the Shade of Black seek power, knowledge, and the needs of those praying in all matters of fear and death.
— Church of Reansucru Tenets

Notable Assets

As Archon of House Kaine and a Vigo of Black Sun, Caelius has amassed billions in professional and personal assets. Regarding small assets, Caelius is a known weapons collector, owning nearly one of every armament available in the galaxy. He is also a known howlrunner enthusiast, owning and training a pack of the canines. Though his fleets are staffed by thousands of droids, he has remarked that his most cherished droids are the MSE-6 'Mouse' "Micro II", a gift from his cousin Gabriel Kaine, and the BD-3000 "Vivica", which sports a unique construction of his own design. He has several additional notable assets, including: dominion over House Kaine and its various resources; his private battle, fleet, and work fleets; and a fighter collection that consists of many of the galaxy's rare or restricted fighters.

Lorpfan planet

Fighter Collection