Lahasa Fy

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Lahasa Fy
Lahasa Fy avatar100px.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.5m
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation None


Lahasa is often seen with a smile on his face, a credit to his jovial spirit and social nature.

He is of average size (approximately 1.5m), and perhaps a bit fat for his race. He typically wears a dark and muted colored tunic to hide any stains from the soils and oils resulting from his trade.

Other than the obvious markings on his horn-tails, the only physical abnormality on Lahasa's frame are a set of heavily calloused fingers and hands resulting from a multitude of welding burns, and a long scar running up his left forearm.

Because of his work on large, vast, desolate farm lands, he possesses a keen eyesight and an ability to find humor in the most difficult moments in life.


Much of the details of Lahasa'a childhood have been lost. No records of parents or place of birth can be found. Lahasa's first memories involve being raised by a Human slave on an unknown planet as part of a farming colony.

The vague knowledge Lahasa has of his parents comes from the elderly women performing the cooking and cleaning in the palace of the planetary governor. These frail ladies often speak with fondness of his parents, and claim that they were sold to a company specializing in research and development to offset some debts incurred during a particulalry difficult growing season. His parents were chosen to be sold because they had been the de-facto leaders of the slave workforce. Their sale was intended to motivate the slave and increase production. The slave who "led" the slave family in the aftermath was a human male named Pogok Tudan. He immediately set to blamining Lahasa's parents for the cursed bad-luck plaguing the planet that season. He convinced a majority of the slaves (primarily human) that Lahasa's parents had been cursed, and that they were the cause of the drought. At age 5, He assigned young Lahasa to cleaning the dewback stalls to further prevent him from gaining any benefit from his parents former stature in the community. From this early age he was considered beneath even the lowliest of the slaves on the farming planet.

As the farm lands he worked on changed hands over the following 10 years, memories of his parents largely faded away, to be forgotten except in the eldest members of the community who forgot little. Meanwhile the smell of dewback waste followed him at every step.

Enslaved and working as a laborer as a child, Lahasa's natural talents were not exposed until a mishap at age 16, leading to his assignment of repairing various items.

After one particularly hot, humid and putrid afternoon of cleaning the dewback stalls, Lahasa and his best friend in the colony, a human slave named Tharad Dyess, decided to have a bit of fun. One of the colony's harvesters had been taken out of commision to replace the bearing sheaths around the harvesting blade. Lahasa and Tharad had intended to add some graffitti to the harvester, but once they had climbed the monstrous machine, Lahasa was drawn to the machine. Using a tool kit that had been left behind, he replaced the sheaths and then fiddled with the blade's gear ratios and the vehicle's repulsors as Tharad littered the machine with the colors for his favorite swoop-ball team.

As the sun began to set, one of the mechanics saw the two boys as black silhouettes on the harvester and called for them to get down. In their haste to escape before being recognized, the harverster was inadverently powered on, and plunged straight for the dewback stalls. As the harvester closed in on the stalls, Lahasa and Tharad made their way undetected back to their quarters, but the damage had been done. With a earth rattling crash, the harvester tore into the stables, creating a stampee of dewbacks, destroying the building. The dewbacks were chased, and it took many hours for the animals to calm down. In the commotion, three dewbacks had escaped, and the eldest dewback on the farm lost a limb to the spinning blades of the harvester. Although they were never punished for their action by the farm's owners, the enitre slave population eventually learned that the two teens had started the harvester into motion.

Eventually one of the slaves was freed and promoted to the position of maintenance crew leader. Knowing that Lahasa had been on the harvester, and understanding the amount of repairs he had performed without guidance, he added Lahasa to the maintenance team. Lahasa eventually led crews tasked to perform the repairs on the various farming equipment, warehouses and other facilities on the planet, as well as occasionally performing maintenance and upgrades on the bulk freighters that carried the farming colony's wares to the rest of the galaxy.

With no other options for entertainment available, Lahasa learned to find humor in any situation. His favorite pastime included creating small machines for practical jokes on his fellow workers. His favorite trick was to install a motion detector that caused all of the hot water to be diverted away from the slave quarters whenever certain individuals entered the showers. He also spent a great deal of time disassembling and reassembling most of the equipment within the facility to learn everything he could. Because of this, Lahasa is an adept mechanic, constantly tinkering with any equipment within reach.

Approximately one year ago, the farming colony where Lahasa worked was ravaged with natural predators, presumably cross-bred decendants from the dewbacks released into the wild some 12 years earler, decimating the crops and sending the colony into debt. A majority of the slaves and paid workers banded together, hi-jacked the next freighter to land on the planet, and demanded passage off the planet. The slaves, armed with pitchforks and tools serving as clubs faced off against the two pilots armed with blasters. The sheer numbers of the slaves proved too much for the two pilots, who were overwhelmed. The pilots were tied up and left in the dewback stables with some food and water within reach, but they did not get taken without a fight. They managed to kill or wound no less than 25 workers and slaves. Lahasa was grazed by one blast, leaving him a long scar up his right forearm. Tharad was unfortuantely not so lucky, and caught a blast in his stomach. The wound was not immediately fatal, but due to the limited medical facilities on the colony, Tharad could not be saved. Lahasa held his friend and watch him die from the loss of blood and the agonizingly painful wound.

Once the massive bulk freighter was secured, many of the slaves and workers with rudimentary navigation and piloting skills learned how to pilot the vessel. Lahasa was tasked with modifying the droids and on-board computers to enable them to "teach" the slaves about piloting the vessel. Luckily the freighter was to rendesvous with its escort after a short hyperspace jump, and the slaves were not immediately found. They made their way to a nearby system, left the freighter in orbit and used on board shuttles to land on the planet. From there the slaves sold many of the parts, tools and other items they had salvaged from the now defunct farming colony to pay for transport to other planets or to purchase the essentials for life on the new planet.

Lahasa joined a group of slaves who formed a labor-for-hire company on the new planet. Evenually the original owners of the freighter came looking for the slaves, and the group hired passage to another unknown planet on the edge of the known galaxy. There they group again formed a labor-for-hire company, where used his skills as a handy-man to eek out a meager living. Recently, some of the groups members began to fear that the freighter's original owners were once again getting close to finding the slaves. The begrudgingly decided to split up. Lahasa took a shuttle to the most remote part of the galaxy he could think of, the outer rim, and once again re-started his life.

Lahasa's future plans are always up in the air, but are likely to continue to include fixing and maintaining vehicles and equipment. He currently serves as both the Minister of Trade and Industry, as well as the erstwhile Governor of Shili

Positions Held

  • Production Supervisor, Ubrikkian Industries
  • Plant Manager, Ubrikkian Industries
  • Vice President, Ubrikkian Industries
  • President, Ubrikkian Industries
  • New Republic Senator
  • President, Incom Corporation
  • Assistant Minister of Shipbuilding
  • Minister of Trade and Industry
  • Governor, Shili