Lane Rendell

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Lane Rendell
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Aerithe Rendell
Father Cecil Rendell
Born Year -17 Day 224
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation New Imperial Order
Myorzo Weapons Systems
Galactic Empire
Hapes Consortium
Tion Hegemony
"The hero of Derra, the man they call Lane!"
— Lord General Graeda L'Annan

Lane Rendell was a founding member of the New Imperial Order, known for laying the foundations of its Army alongside several more experienced officers. Following the merger of the NIO and the Galactic Empire, he served in various departments before eventually becoming the commanding officer of the 2nd Brigade. As a Major, Rendell resigned from the Empire in protest of the growing corruption and lack of confidence in the leadership of the throne.



Born Year -17 Day 224, on the planet of Bastion to Cecil and Aerithe Rendell. The former was a spice-miner and the latter was a bank teller. His father worked many long hours in the mine, but always made as much time for his son as possible. From a young age he instilled the values of honour, integrity and work-ethic into his son.

His mother was a kind woman, if a bit eccentric who encouraged her young son to try many different arts. Whether it be, drawing, painting, music or even writing; she tried to teach her son to be open-minded and aware of the many great things the universe held for him.

Young Adult

Service To the Empire

Lane soon after enlisted in the Imperial Army, getting right into the swing of things. His Commanding Officer was a man by the name of Alan Steel, whom Lane looked up to and tried to model himself after. The Army being short-handed at the time wasted no time in working the young Recruit.

Due to the speed at which Lane picked up his basic tasks, his CO promoted him to the rank of Private First Class, thereby eliminating in his need to go through the Imperial Basic Academy.


A social club formed by the Empire, called the "Empire's Enlisted Elite" saw corruption, and ineptitude flourishing in their Order and frequently discussed the ways in which it could be curbed.

Escaping Imprisonment

A New Order

Lane's Lost Years


Recent Activities

Lane was personally distraught by the news of Executor Seele's arrest. At first like most Imperials he believed Eidola had breached Imperial Security, possibly eliminating Seele's Royal Guard and taking the Executor by force. However, as news came to light, through various different media sources; Lane was shocked at reports claiming that the Executor had simply decided to meet with Syn, possibly on the grounds of sharing a safari hunt.

Several questions plagued Lane for days: Why had the Executor met Syn? How could he show such poor judgement?

Before many of them could be answered, the Executor was released, with mere hours until Syn's deadline had been set to expire.

Tion Hegemony



"I've hit an Emperor with a broom."
— Lane Rendell


Imperial Army Cross - Awarded on Year 7 Day 77 by Major General Dorian Tyrell
Imperial Service Medal 8 years - Conferred by virtue of status
Letter of Commendation - Awarded on Year 14 Day 170 by Lord General Graeda L`Annan


By Him

+MAJ_Rendell took a deep breath before he stood up and turned to the crowd, the hint of sadness which had lingered on his face during the first part of the meeting now replaced by one of determination.
<+MAJ_Rendell> May I have your attention Imperials:
<+MAJ_Rendell> Hello everyone, I come before you today with a heavy heart.
<+MAJ_Rendell> Eight years ago a group of enlisted sought to overthrow a corrupt Emperor, who appointed incompetent people to positions of power for which they lacked the capability to perform.
<+MAJ_Rendell> Through many years of hard-work, sharing both triumphs, and failures, sprinkling a magic bit of luck - and the help of bold former Imperials we wrestled control of the Throne from Vodo.
<+MAJ_Rendell> I worked alongside Emperor Ndengin, and Executor Seele to create an Empire that stands on the foundations of honour, integrity, and order. I am ashamed to see the old seeds of nepotism simply re-planted.
<+MAJ_Rendell> This Empire should not negotiate with terrorists. One person is not worth a Super Star Destroyer, with the weaponry to demolish an entire planet.
<+MAJ_Rendell> Those in the navy can tell you from their training-simulations how much damage an SSD can do.
<+MAJ_Rendell> I am leaving this Empire, hopefully one day the integrity this New Order stands for can be re-established.
<+MAJ_Rendell> Thank you.
+MAJ_Rendell takes a last look before leaving.

About Him

"Major Rendell. I merely wished to convey my appreciation for the work you've put into the Imperial Army, and to affirm that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Well done."
Guinar Ndengin

"Mr Rendell, whilst an emotionally provocative young man throughout his service, has grown despondent and bitter about a number of things. I’m not sure exactly where his unyielding and romanticized ideals came from, but I can certainly say that they run contrary to many things a great many people in the New Imperial Order, and the reformed Empire work towards."
— Seele