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The Leader of Black Sun, currently known as the Dark Prince, is the penultimate authority within the Black Sun Collective. Historically, this position has also been known as Dark Prince or Princess, Lord Marshal, Empress, and Underlord. Briefly the position was known as Chief Executive Officer while it was held within the New Republic. The leader of Black Sun operates as the primary decision maker within the Black Sun Industrial Syndicate, and serves as head of the Black Sun Family. This position holds absolute control over its subordinates, and is greatly respected by its subordinates for the implied willingness to use all means necessary in order to exert Black Sun influence. Overseeing all operations within Black Sun territories, the leader of Black Sun is an autocratic and unrestricted imperator.

The current Dark Prince, and 21st leader of Black Sun is Jeor Knight.

Former Leaders of Black Sun

Former Interim Leaders of Black Sun

  • Prince Blood (interregnum between Gabriella Storm and Keevan Colton)


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