Left Wing Thinkers Dismiss Eidola Rhetoric

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The galaxy's left wing today announced displeasure at recent broadcasts alleging the creation of a anarcho-syndicalist planet by Eidola.

Arconan left wing thinker, R`cliinga Sloort, explained "The central plank of Anarcho-Syndicalist theory is that workers should not have bosses or 'business agents'; rather, the workers should be able to make all the decisions that affect them themselves. Yet Teniel Djo, self proclaimed Queen of Pirates, is clearly the top of a hierarchy."

He went on to explain, "Additionally, Eidola is asking for business leaders, such as Syn or ORE, to build. Such organizations clearly represent the perpetuation of the wage system, where workers have no control over means of production. There may be some argument to claim this planet is a collective anarchy. If we are to presume Eidola's reluctance to enforce corporate laws valid, however, Eidola has stated profit accumulation is a priority. Naturally, only those rich enough to build will be present on the planet, but it is the 'builders', 'miners', and 'pilots' doing the actual work on this planet, with no control over the outputs. The risks of a Teniel-owned planet increases worker exploitation. The planet would appear a desperate exercise by Eidola to garner support from the galaxy's petit-bourgeois. The planet serves to endorse the worker's position at the bottom of the production ladder."

"Teniel has to understand that to have a community-based society, sacrifices have to be made by the richest in that society. Conspicuous consumption is a real problem in the galaxy, a problem made worse by Teniel and her alliance of aristocrats. To have the workers struggle ridiculed in this way is both insulting and bizarre."

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Hacked by: Arjuna Ketwol
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Date: Year 8 Day 180
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