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Liberty Medical Center
General Information
Status Merged
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 Day 6
Dissolved Year 8 Day 41
Political Information
Industry Medical Service


Liberty Medical Center was founded in the dawn of the Old Republic out of several major planetary medical organisations. From that beginning it started to work under the code of “free, direct and optimal care for everybody in need” to overcome socio-economic, bureaucratic and even racial-hierarchic barriers.

The gathered medical knowledge about different species was most beneficial to the citizens of the Old Republic and enabled Liberty Medical Center to become a very capacious and efficient health care organisation.

The shared science between all races grew tremendously with LMC’s increasing progress and subsequent reputation; soon Liberty Medical Center was able to compile its first edition of the ever growing Races Compendium, which itself stores specific medical data on a high and constantly updated level for public access to ensure the best care for every being in the galaxy.

Liberty Medical Center continously expanded throughout the galaxy and thus built its capable network for medical support and operations – until the Empire began to putsch the republic system and established its tyranny shortly thereafter.

During the Civil War, on Year 3 Day 1, an improved “active policy” was established by President Dash Raltar and Vice President Edge. During the historic Battle of Beta, Liberty Medical Center became the first organisation to set foot in the Beta system and affirm its ability to provide health care where it was needed galaxywide. A necessary restructuring, introduced by CEO Jahu Skyla in Year 4, and continued by CEO Samweis one year later, enabled Liberty Medical Center to face the changed political situation and adopt new methods for support and care in the current galaxy.

Finally the Empire began to constrict the Liberty Medical network. It further invaded Thyferra (Year 5 Day 187) and started to enslave the native Vratix, forcing them to embargo and blockade access to the all-important Alazhi which is the basis for Bacta, a unique and necessary health source.

By the foundation of the “Bacta-council”, Liberty Medical Center established and ensured a continued medical support for the galaxy even without the Thyferran resources. Liberty Medical Center remained as the only non-beneficial medical organisation in the galaxy, dedicated to assist and intervene in tragic events (e.g. Mon Calamari Catastrophe – Year 6 Day 28) and countless other Civil War incidents. It stood as a bastion of hope for local citizens, factions and governments, who supported its ideals and condemned the actions and tyranny of the Empire.

On Year 8 Day 41 it merged with Riviera Medical into Republic Medical.


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