Lilith Delcroix

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Lilith Delcroix
Forgemaster Lilith.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan (cyborg, infected with Mirialan Plague)
Homeworld Unknown Regions
House Royal House of Delcroix
Mother Amelia Delcroix
Father Elenar Delcroix
Marital Status Separated
Spouse Stephanie Barefoot
(m.Year 18; separated Year 21)
Ankha Natanaele
(m.Year 14; died Year 14)
Siblings None
Children Sinclair (cloned)
Artemisia (adopted)
Rapier (adopted)
Born Year -8 Day 177 (age 31)
Languages High Galactic Standard
Religion Vorsian Orthodoxy
Quote "Truth at any cost."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.68 meters
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation JouLogo.pngOne Nation Under Jou
Title Sovereign Countess
Par'jila Verd
Positions Monarch
Prior Affiliation Tion-logo.pngTion Hegemony
SWAT-logo.pngS.W.A.T. Industries
SFS Logo.pngSienar Fleet Systems
Hapes Consortium Emblem Year 14.pngHapes Consortium
Maintflogo.pngTrade Federation
Hsi.pngHouse Soyak-Ikron
Avancelogo Holocron.pngAvance Coalition
DSG logo.pngDark Skies Gearworks
Valeo-House.pngHouse Valeo
House-James-logo.pngRoyal House James of Hapes [1]
Dael'mor.pngDael`mor Logistics
Black sun white.pngBlack Sun
Signature Lilith.png
"Stand in the ashes of a dying world, and ask the ghosts if honour matters. It is all we have left."

Lilith Delcroix (regnal name Countess Lilith of Vorsia, full legal name Lilith Delcroix-Barefoot; born Year -8 Day 177) is a stateswoman, aristocrat and renowned artisanal starship designer with a reputation spanning the galaxy. She is the monarch of One Nation Under Jou.

Lilith was born in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy into a noble family with Hapan ancestry. She left her home due to a series of complicated and unfortunate events, and several months following the arrival in the known galaxy she became a member of the Black Sun in Year 11. Her service was marred with a crisis that nearly ended her life, which left a lasting impact. She was granted permission to leave the crime syndicate by Dark Prince Orion in Year 12. Lilith then became a full-time Retainer in the Royal House James of Hapes, where she spent two years. Using the skills and experience gained from her time among Hapan royalty, Lilith created the Dark Skies Gearworks company with the help of Aliit Dael'mor. As the company established itself Lilith made connections with neutral governments and also became part of House Soyak-Ikron of the Avance Coalition.

In Year 14 the company was closed down and Lilith transitioned the business into Trade Federation as a nationalized company. During her time of service she held a number of high-ranking positions until she was discharged from office in the first months of Year 16. Lilith briefly served in her ancestral home of Hapes Consortium but returned to corporate life as the CEO of Sienar Fleet Systems which later became S.W.A.T. Industries. The business venture ended in Year 17. In Year 18 Lilith became part of Tion Hegemony after helping to negotiate integration of Permanent Solutions into the government and marrying Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot. In late Year 21, after three years of diplomatic service as the First Lady of Tion, she was crowned as the monarch of the newly established One Nation Under Jou.


Little flower

Young Noble.

Amelia Delcroix carried the child and gave birth to Lilith but she was not struck by motherly love as perhaps would have been expected. Amelia’s passion was work and politics, she was not overly interested in raising a family but having an heir was a useful tool in the web of nobility. House Delcroix struggled to have a child for many years, so when Amelia became pregnant it was a joyous occasion. The joy, however, lasted only until the birth because Amelia did not wish for a girl. In contrast to the mother, Elenar, the father was delighted to have a child, regardless of gender. Lilith was named after wild lilies, the most common flower in the estate’s gardens and part of the House Delcroix crest. The day Lilith was born was 177 of Year -8. Amelia would have had the girl raised by maids and servants, and so Elenar took it upon himself to care for Lilith in her earliest years whenever time allowed him and did his best to make up for the lack of mother’s affection.

As a child of nobility, Lilith was pampered by luxury and everything she needed was provided. To an outsider it might have appeared as the perfect way to grow up, however much was expected of her from a very early age and if it wasn’t for her father, Lilith would not have known the love of a parent. To no surprise, over the years Lilith grew much closer to Elenar than to her mother. From the time she was old enough to walk and talk, Amelia was trying to have Lilith educated in manners of nobility and expected nothing less than perfection. Education of young noble women involved more practical lessons as opposed to academics. Manners and etiquette were of importance, including how to curtsey and how to mingle with the other noble Houses.

Lilith hated all of it. Learning how to dress and dance, or being told about the Code of Chivalry and Courtly Love was a waste of time in her young eyes. She had no desire to socialise with the pompous nobles and more than once stormed off in the middle of an important event. The academic and business classes were preferred a lot more. It led to many arguments between her and Amelia. Besides her father, Lilith was close to only one other person; Jacqueline de`Lorraine. She was a year older than Lilith and they attended lessons together. Lilith called her Jack because when she was younger, she had difficulty pronouncing her friend’s full name. House de`Lorraine, Jack’s family, were of similar political standing and neighbours to House Delcroix. There was very little rivalry between them and nothing interfered with the friendship between their children.

Although they had almost opposite personalities, Jack and Lilith grew inseparable and spent most of their free time together. It was common for them to spend as long as days in the home of the other, though Lilith was more frequently visiting Jack in their estate because she didn’t enjoy being around Amelia when Elenar was away. Unlike Lilith, Jack was happy to follow the more traditional lessons of what a young noblewoman should be, while Lilith did everything she could to get out of them and spend more time learning what she enjoyed. She took full advantage of her father’s kindness, there was little he denied to her and often excused her from the practical lessons; to the frustration of Amelia. She cared less about what her daughter wanted and more about Lilith’s rebellious behaviour reflecting on their family’s reputation.

Born to rule

"The burden of failure is the most terrible punishment of all."
Lilith's father, Count Elenar Delcroix.

The dissension between Lilith and Amelia began to escalate after Lilith’s fifteenth birthday. As she grew older, much of her views were changing and she was even less accepting of the traditional image of the young noblewoman her mother wanted her to be. Elenar was not happy about the dispute between his wife and daughter; it was burdensome enough to run a noble House without worrying why Lilith wasn’t often home. His demanding position made it difficult to take care of both his family and responsibilities. In an attempt to diffuse the situation and spend more time with Lilith again, Elenar decided to end the practical lessons and teach his daughter the duties of an heir in addition to the administrative classes. Like every other noble House, Delcroix estate held sessions for the citizens to bring forth their troubles and requests. Lilith was allowed to attend those sessions officially, and occasionally offer counsel or make minor decisions herself.

Amelia did not want Lilith to be their heir, but as the firstborn and only child, it was her birthright. While each House was able to select their heir from their children or relatives, succession laws of Nobility specified the first child was born with the right so Lilith would eventually inherit everything since Elenar did not plan to have another child with Amelia. House Delcroix remained strong and united to the public eyes, but in private the family and its vassals were torn. As the Head of House, Elenar held all the authority and had more supporters than his wife; though he hoped if Lilith could prove herself to Amelia, their family could be truly united. For Lilith it meant a whole new world of politics and business. She knew their family was governing a city with villages and in extension the whole system with other noble Houses, but she had little idea about how much work it involved and how much influence her father really had on the lives of so many people.

Elenar was highly regarded and a just ruler, wherever they went the people treated him with respect and Lilith had a distinct impression it wasn’t simply because of their noble status, but because he earned it. This was very inspiring to teenage Lilith and she wanted to be like her father. Much of the governing work involved talking to the right people, arranging contracts and writing reports. Wellbeing of the population was the primary concern, House Delcroix had to make sure shops were supplied, working people were treated fairly, and the living conditions were adequate. Public issues and security also had to be addressed and taken care of. Lilith quickly discovered a talent for making connections and putting them to use, securing her place among the noble elite.

Lilith was not a fan of bureaucracy; it was often in the way and slowed down progress, at least in her opinion. She ended up bending the rules more often than she should and occasionally disregarding them entirely. It was not looked upon favourably by the older generation of the more traditional nobles and the business class, but she was well received by the younger people and lower classes. Majority of the other Houses always put themselves above their people, but Lilith had a different approach. There wasn’t much she could have done about other cities throughout the system, but young and idealistic, she wanted to remove poverty from the House Delcroix region. Her proposals were often turned down because they would decrease the profits of the higher classes but she was not afraid to argue her point and did not stop trying.

Growing thorns

"When you are walking through hell, keep walking."
Teenager Lilith.

The more time Lilith spent attending to her new duties the more she learned how hard it was to maintain a social life with so many responsibilities. Sometimes she would not see Jack for weeks at a time because of travelling from world to world to meet and negotiate with the other noble Houses, or just being engrossed with work. Lilith could not deny she missed her friend’s company with increasing intensity the longer they spent apart, eventually admitting to herself those feelings were more than a friendship. Jack was hesitant towards Lilith’s confession at first, her parents were trying to arrange their daughter’s future to increase their political influence as was common among noble Houses, but they agreed to explore what a romantic relationship had to offer in secret.

It was almost a year before they decided to reveal it to their parents. Lilith’s parents reacted better than Jack’s family. Elenar had no objections with Jacqueline, and was glad his daughter was happy. Amelia surprised Lilith by not objecting either, though for different reasons than happiness. She hoped if their Houses combined, they could have bigger political influence in the Hall of Houses. Not all of Jack’s family were unhappy; her parents did not agree to the pairing because their daughter entered into the relationship without their permission. They did not dislike Lilith personally, but their ambition was to marry Jack into a higher standing House than Delcroix. They did not prevent Jack from seeing Lilith but did not hide their displeasure either. It was enough to cause disagreements between the young couple; Jack was always close to her family and did not enjoy their disfavour.

Jacqueline de`Lorraine.

The difficult private situation did not excuse them from their responsibilities and duties. Lilith had to attend a long diplomatic trip on behalf of her father that would take her away from home for over a month, she hoped the time apart would give Jack the chance to work things out with her family. When in the last week Jack stopped answering her calls, Lilith began to worry something had happened. Upon her return Lilith discovered that in her absence, Jack’s parents convinced her that she would be better off with someone else to help their family’s future. To further Lilith’s shock, Jack was courted by a man from one of the more prominent families. Furious and confused, Lilith interrupted their dinner in de`Lorraine city. Seeing her lover in arms on another was heart-breaking, it consumed her with jealousy and hate. Without a second thought she attacked the man, catching him by surprise with a blow to the head. It didn’t stop there, when he fell over Lilith pressed her attack, oblivious to Jack’s screams.

Eventually she was pulled away by the security guards; the man was unconscious and injured but alive. Jack did not react the way Lilith expected, she was afraid and angry with her. The last time she saw Jack was watching her leave after being slapped. Lilith was then taken away to the guard station where she had to wait for her father to arrange her release. On the way home Elenar did not talk but Lilith was sure of his disappointment, although he still comforted her when she broke down crying. The heartbreak was more painful to Lilith than the political ramifications that were sure to follow the assault. The news spread quickly and Amelia was far from sympathetic, blaming Lilith for the failure of the relationship and making sure she knew how much it was going to cost their family in Credits and favours to keep her from facing the courts. Whenever a member of a noble House was jailed for any period of time, it reflected badly on their House and often lowered their social standing. Something Amelia was more concerned about than her daughter.

Rising star

"Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be depressed, in your heart. They understand, everybody understands, for a while. Then they want the sad girl to do something she knows she can't do, move on. So after a while they stop understanding. They send the sad girl away. You gotta learn to hide the depression, practice smiling in the mirror. It's like putting on a mask."
Leaving the unknown.

For several days after the attack Lilith barely spoke to anyone. She didn’t leave the family estate while the news of her violent outburst was a hot topic in the system. Without any friends to speak of, and her best friend and lover refusing to talk to her, Lilith felt completely alone. The hardest thing was to find motivation to do her work. She never experienced depression before and it struck her hard. Elenar continued to support her and when she returned to her duties, Lilith continued to prove her intellect and grasp on management even in her time of grieving. It could not, however, make up for what she lost. The success mattered little when she couldn’t share it with the person she wanted to; week by week the heartbroken young Hapan grew more distant from her home until everything simply felt as a chore that she had to keep doing.

Feeling trapped, Lilith didn’t see a positive future in her home and decided it would be best to leave the system. She knew it was a great risk trying to reach the known galaxy through uncharted space but she had to try. Elenar was sceptical of Lilith’s decision but realized she would have a better chance of success with help than if he tried to keep her home. He knew how stubborn his daughter could be and didn’t want her to run off with a stolen ship. Lilith was given one of the long-range reconnaissance vessels from the House Delcroix fleet and an experienced crew who also wanted to reach the old galaxy left by their ancestors. Leaving her home was the first time Lilith acted irrationally because of a failed relationship, but it wasn’t going to be the last.

The trip through uncharted space wasn’t without its difficulties, even with experienced pilots they couldn’t be sure the next hyper-jump wouldn’t end up in the middle of a star or an asteroid field. Lilith often argued with her pilots about the next destination, occasionally she felt sure about where to go, almost as if guided by something but convincing the pilots was the harder part. After two weeks of stressful huper-jumps and dodging asteroids, they have found the first signs of civilization; a very old trading space station on the edge of the Unknown Regions. There Lilith met the first person from the known galaxy, Harlynn Kinn. Lilith never heard of Mandalorians before and so was intrigued by the young warrior. After a night of being introduced to the local drinks, the two became friends and Harlynn agreed to help Lilith reach the Core Worlds.

After copying data from the navigation computer of Harlynn’s ship, reaching their destination was a matter of several days in hyperspace. Which was something Lilith never experienced before and it was making her sick. The short hyper-jumps through uncharted space were stressful, but in a much different way. However, after seeing the first planet-wide city Lilith was in awe. She didn’t think such a thing was possible and immediately was intrigued by the administrative nightmare it had to be. The pilots who accompanied Lilith from the Unknown Regions accomplished their task and left to find their own fortunes. Lilith was quick to discover that in the known galaxy, she was just one of many and her family name didn’t mean anything. Harlynn’s help was vital when it came to showing Lilith how to create HoloNet profiles, obtain ID cards and most importantly set up a Credit account. The currency from Lilith’s home-system held no value in the Core Worlds, and she left with little valuables to trade. Fortunately she was able to sell the vessel her father gave her to an interested collector.

Arriving at Core Worlds.

The Core Worlds were different from what Lilith expected and was used to from her home. Everything from fashion to technology was strange and new. However, rather than satisfying her curiosity, Lilith spent the first week studying the local politics, culture and city districts. When she was satisfied with where to start, Lilith used most of her Credits on fashionable and business clothing. Harlynn encouraged her to find a job, showing her all the governments and private companies constantly looking for people but Lilith wasn’t interested to work at the bottom, she wanted to make it on her own. Her career began by frequenting night clubs, bars and strip clubs. With her talent for making connections, it didn’t take long for Lilith to start obtaining contacts with businesswomen that frequented those places after work. It also had an unexpected side effect. Lilith developed a taste for alcohol, especially Corellian Whiskey and still feeling heartbroken about Jacqueline, she was happy to find comfort in the arms of other women.

Lilith travelled a lot around the ecumenopolis and between planets in the system, setting up meetings and negotiating contracts on behalf of many different clients. She made contacts with manufacturers, mining corporations and traders among others, becoming the link that brought them together in profit for all involved. The bigger the deals, the more she was paid for arranging them. It was during that time when Lilith met Ninian DeLayn. She could not remember the meeting or Ninian’s name after waking up in her ship after a night of heavy drinking. The following morning was very awkward and confusing for both of them, but it was the start of a very long friendship. The reckless lifestyle continued and the alcohol, women and nightlife was taking Lilith down a path she could not anticipate.

Roots of underworld

"At the top of the game you play by different rules."

Without her mother’s scrutinizing gaze and responsibilities of a noble, Lilith found freedom she has not experienced before. She could do anything she wanted to without worrying what her family would think; her social standing was solely in her own hands. The places that enjoyed Lilith’s patronage as a regular customer were not visited only by legitimate business folk, some of the less reputable bars had a more exciting atmosphere. Harlynn did neither encourage nor approve of visiting them, she was a mercenary, not a criminal but unfortunately Lilith did not change her mind easily. It slowly began to put distance between them but Lilith was too invested in her own work to notice. The longer she spent with people from the galactic underworld the more she wanted to experience it. Though she was not certain yet the risks would be worth the rewards.

When her name became known among local businesses she attracted the eyes of a smuggling ring that wanted to use her connections. Lilith unknowingly accepted her first not-so-legal job during a night out. One of the ring’s lieutenants was a charming woman who drank, danced and flirted with Lilith. They eventually ended up in a conversation about smuggling and how difficult it would be to transport products from a certain company without their administration noticing. Lilith was intoxicated, feeling good in the woman’s company and all too eager to brag about her connection to said company. She theorized how certain pilots could be bribed to stash cargo in their speeder trucks and how easy it would be to alter warehouse records since their security had holes. To her it didn’t seem difficult at all. The woman was pleased and offered Lilith a sum of Credits to make it happen. She then gave her delivery instructions, paid for the whole night of drinks and left.

The following day Lilith spent the entire morning sobering up and contemplating the last night’s conversation, or what she could remember of it. She read the instructions left in her datapad over and over, tempted by the relatively easy, but risky profit. There was no denying that she could use the extra Credits. The rented apartment was a far cry from the luxury of the estate where she grew up. If nothing else it would let her buy better furnishing and perhaps start saving so she could stop living from paycheck to paycheck. In the end Lilith gave in and convinced herself that nobody would come to harm if some of the products would get misplaced. That day she left for work somewhat nervous, but focused. Just as she predicted, certain pilots were happy to accept a bribe and did not ask where the cargo came from. She had to pay the bribes from her own pocket but knew if everything worked out, her investments would be returned many times over.

Roots of underworld.

By the end of the day Lilith had a rented speeder truck full of smuggled cargo and was on her way to the delivery location. The woman who hired her at the bar was already waiting, as if she knew Lilith wouldn’t be able to resist. The cargo was quickly loaded into a waiting truck and Lilith returned home with a fuller bank account. Satisfied with the first job, she sensed it wasn’t going to her last. Over the next few days Lilith enjoyed spending some of the Credits, it reminded her of times when she did not have to worry about finances. Which was something she missed about her home where her family was wealthy. When she eventually wanted more additional funds, Lilith sought out the woman who was her sole contact with the smugglers. After performing more jobs of similar nature Lilith began to fully enjoy her independence; she dyed her hair purple and opted for a rougher look with her clothing whenever the situation didn’t require something more formal. Eventually she became very confident in her abilities, perhaps too confident and decided to set up her own operation.

An art gallery seemed like the best cover and so Lilith rented a small shop with the funding she was making on the side. In her free time Lilith enjoyed dabbling in art ever since she came to the Core Worlds. It was one of the things she had to learn at home, and consequently a thing she hated in her youth but it was enjoyable when she was able to do the art in any way she wanted. The gallery was opened with displaying her own artwork and designs, which she did not expect to sell; she merely could not have an empty gallery and pass for legitimate business. A hired assistant was dealing with the art deals while Lilith focused on obtaining cargo to smuggle disguised as art, and finding buyers. At first she paid little attention to the actual art sales but when she was asked to resupply the gallery because it sold out, she was rather surprised. The steady clientele made it easier to hide any illicit cargo, but it also made Lilith question if smuggling was the only way to achieve her long term goals.

However before she could decide if she should leave it all behind and focus only on the art, someone else was going to decide her future. One night at one of Lilith’s favourite clubs a mystifying woman set her eyes on her charismatic and playful personality, later revealing herself as a Dark Jedi. Lilith, who only heard little about the Force and never saw someone who could actually manipulate it, was fascinated by this. Oblivious to the manipulations, she was drawn to the Dark Side aura and fell into a trap of deceiving assurances; eager to believe the attraction she felt could have been love. Without realizing it Lilith quickly became submissive and dependent on the relationship. The Dark Jedi altered Lilith’s personality, beguiling her with false hopes and promises.

The Family

"A balance of fear and love is acceptable."

Using her hold on Lilith, the Dark Jedi woman convinced her to leave the Core Worlds behind and follow her into the galaxy; they left without much notice as soon as Lilith’s assets were liquidized. Their destination was unknown to Lilith until they met with Ourtai Ol`inesh, only then it was revealed that the Dark Jedi was on her way to join the Maurari Force sect, which was part of Black Sun. Lilith was sceptical at first to be part of the then-largest crime syndicate in the galaxy, mostly because she knew only what she heard about them in the Core Worlds, Black Sun had a ruthless reputation. Nevertheless, she trusted the Dark Jedi to keep them safe. After some discussion with Ourtai, Lilith was accepted as the only non-Force Sensitive Aspirant so she could serve beside the Dark Jedi, her Mistress.

The source of employment was not the only change in Lilith’s life. Without realizing it, she developed almost a split personality. Whenever she was on her own, she was more or less the same independent person like she grew up to be, but around the Dark Jedi she was very quiet and obedient. It cost her most of her old friendships, most notably Harlynn who left to fight for Mando`ade because even if she could forgive being left behind on the Core Worlds, she did not approve of work in the crime-underworld or the manipulative relationship. At first Lilith kept to herself and observed others from a distance; she might have been accepted into the Force sect but she wasn't a member of the Family until she met one of the Vigos as tradition required. Lilith feared that moment for two reasons; many hopefuls did not make it out alive and if she had to meet a Vigo, there was only one she wanted to meet with. She was captivated by Vigo Amaranalah Jou from the first moment she saw her and realized who she was. There was an aura of confidence and power around the Vigo that the Dark Jedi couldn’t match even with the Force.

Eventually Lilith was summoned to MC-80b “BSS Prosthetic Conscience”, Vigo Jou’s flagship. Lilith had to arrive alone and give up all the items she carried to be allowed before the Vigo. What happened during the meeting is known only to them, but it changed Lilith’s life. She was no longer an outsider, for better or worse she was part of the Family. It did not take long for Lilith to be accepted by the rest, many of them heard about her artistic skills and began to request designs for their assets. Lilith made new friendships and during that time befriended Jecal Nadrihm and Keyukep Xiuhcoatl, developing close relationships with both. The Dark Jedi, however, kept Lilith on a short leash and so when she wanted to see her friends, she usually had to make up excuses or take detours during her work. She knew if her Mistress found out, she would be furious but to Lilith it was worth the risks.

MC-80b “BSS Prosthetic Conscience”.

Within the Force sect, and Family itself, Lilith had an unusual place. She wasn’t able to contribute much because she wasn’t able to manipulate the Force but that didn’t stop her from listening to all the Dark Masters and training as much as she was allowed to when she was on “BSS Vrazi”; her favourite form was training was lightsaber combat with the help of Azrakh Raleep. Other times Lilith was sent to complete missions that fit her skillset. She wasn’t involved in any of the criminal activities of the Family, instead Lilith carried out construction projects on behalf of the Maurari. Many of the jobs took her to the planet Kiffex, which was at the time occupied by Black Sun. Most of the planet’s population was not keen on the Family, but Lilith offered jobs to those willing. The projects required lots of workforce and it was cheaper to hire locally. Over time Lilith gained connections among many Kiffars without a clan and small mercenary groups.

The Dark Jedi did not appreciate how much independence Lilith showed when managing the projects but tolerated it because she understood they had to be completed. Although she still made Lilith’s life difficult in private, especially when she began to grow jealous and paranoid of Lilith’s dedication to Vigo Jou. Lilith still had a strong need for the relationship and wanted to make things right with her Mistress. After several months of emotional manipulation, she agreed to leave the Family to show she still wanted to be together above all else, though only if the Dark Jedi would gain permission from the Family Council. She blindly trusted the Dark Jedi to take care of it and did not go to Vigo Jou herself. When the day came, the Dark Jedi arrived at “BSS Vrazi” with her C-3 Passenger Liner and Lilith was told to wait on the ship’s bridge while the Dark Jedi would get their belongings. The Dark Jedi came back dragging a cuffed prisoner that Lilith didn’t recognise, only his Black Sun uniform. Confused about what was happening, Lilith ran to the docking ports but before she could reach them the ship jumped to hyperspace.

In the shadow of Vigo

"Have you ever loved someone so much you'd give an arm for? Literally, give an arm for."

The period following their desertion wasn’t easy for Lilith, for the first time she had a major reason to doubt her dedication to the relationship with the Dark Jedi. No matter how much in love she thought she was, loyalty came first. It was part of who Lilith was. The Dark Jedi recognised she went too far, Lilith was not as obedient as she used to be and they did not get along well anymore. She left for a time, presumably hoping Lilith would miss her and eventually come around. Unsure what to do or where to go, Lilith consolidated ships and assets that she had accumulated during her service and looked for a place to settle. She learned that one of her acquaintances, Anakin Aikinar, was selling the controlling structures and cities of a large moon and after some negotiations she purchased everything from him. The trade consisted of a rare cruiser and a frigate from Lilith’s flotilla, in addition to almost two hundred million Credits. Initial reconnaissance showed that the Vorsia Companion moon was not as organised as Lilith would have hoped. After the first colonisation the moon was neglected and without proper governance became heavily overpopulated. Each city was governed by a different group, causing high crime and poverty among the struggling people.

Seeing it as an opportunity to fulfil the ideals she wasn’t able to back home, Lilith wanted to make something more out of the moon but knew she would need a united governing body first. Having little experience with reclaiming cities, let alone entire planets, Lilith turned to her contacts on Kiffex. Some came for the chance to get off-world, others for the Credits. Ironically, the ships Lilith traded for the moon would have been useful as she did not own many ships suitable for the campaign. Neutron Star-cruiser “Ancient Pride” and DP-20c Gunship “Gatekeeper” were the most notable in Lilith’s ownership, the rest were mercenary ships. After they were all fully crewed and plans were laid out, the small flotilla moved to Vorsia Companion. The group consisted of less than a dozen capital ships and several larger freighters but with no organised defence force there was very little opposition in the orbit and airspace of the moon. Lilith had hoped that some cities would simply recognise the new owner, but none of the major population centres did. The first ground target was the only city with a starport. With the ownership codes for all power generators, the strategy for reclaiming the city was based on cutting off power to all structures and coercing a peaceful surrender. Most engagements were limited to skirmishes around the power generators after the first few were cut off. From the start Lilith put herself on the frontlines, against the advice of the mercenary commanders; partly because she did not want to send others to fight on her behalf while hiding in safety but mostly because she was unable to live with the label of a traitor. Lilith’s reason for putting herself in danger was a heart breaking message received from Vigo Jou prior to the campaign.

Resistance on Vorsia Companion during the campaign.
Lilith's cybernetic arm.

During the campaign the general population of cities did not put up any fight after the administration surrendered, so when it came to reclaiming the largest and the de facto capital city, Lilith was certain it would be the same. Unable to leave the moon, the city administrators barricaded themselves and their militia in the city’s palace. Lilith was eager to end the fighting and her recklessness resulted in the bloodiest engagement of the campaign. The mistake cost the lives of not only the militia and her mercenaries, but many civilians and almost her own. After this the locals nicknamed the palace “Bloody Throne”, something Lilith later officially adapted into “Bloodthrone” as a reminder of her failure. The regret and shame Lilith felt that day changed something within her; it broke through the enslavement in her mind, causing her to lose all the remaining affection for the Dark Jedi. When the Dark Jedi did return following the success of reclaiming the moon, Lilith pretended she was still in love to the best of her abilities. With the campaign almost at its end, Lilith proclaimed herself Countess and the Dark Jedi became known as the Dark Countess; she revelled in violently ending remnants of the resistance. One night, when the Dark Jedi was exhausted from long fighting and drunk on hateful emotions of the dead, Lilith took her chance and subdued her with stun-restraints.

In the following days Lilith appointed an administrative council to oversee the moon on her behalf and the mercenaries that chose to stay became the foundation of the Vorsian military under the leadership of Admiral Aria Lerann. Unbeknownst to them all, Lilith planned to deliver the Dark Jedi to face Family Justice and come before Vigo Jou for her own judgement, which she did not believe she would survive. In secret Lilith set up her assets to be transferred upon her death and contacted the Vigo; for the second time Lilith was summoned to the MC-80b “BSS Prosthetic Conscience”. Almost immediately after boarding the ship Lilith was taken into the brig where she was held for an unknown period. At that time the thought of dying without actually seeing Vigo Jou was worse than the thought of death itself. Eventually Lilith was taken before the Vigo and other officers of the capital ship. Instead of death that Lilith expected, the judgement was a ceremonial ritual befitting the crime. When asked to offer a Gift of Flesh, Lilith offered her right arm which was then cut off by Vigo Jou with the Dark Jedi’s lightsaber. At the conclusion of the ritual Lilith was unconscious and moved into surgery to receive a cybernetic replacement.

After her recuperation Lilith was allowed back into the Family but had to serve a period of home-arrest with K`ev Cha`bo as her jailor; for the most part Lilith was confined to a cabin on Bayonet-class ship “BSS Hell & Consequences”. It was a challenging time, made worse by very little contact with the outside galaxy but Lilith was determined to prove her worth. Towards the end of the sentence the Dark Prince Corvis Orion announced restructuring of the Family and Lilith was allowed to work for Vigo Jou directly. For the first time in a long time Lilith felt like things were looking up and she found her purpose again, doing what she wanted to do more than anything. Unfortunately things came to an abrupt end not too long after. After completing one of her missions Lilith contacted her Vigo but received no reply. When several days went by without a response Lilith began to worry and spent most of her time waiting by her comm unit or at the Vigo’s empty office. Then days turned into weeks and Lilith began to realize maybe Vigo Jou wasn’t coming back. Nobody knew if something happened to her or why she stopped communicating. Lilith felt like without Vigo Jou there was nothing to live for and was more depressed by the day. When she couldn’t take it anymore Lilith requested permission to leave the Family, not something given often at that time but the Dark Prince was sympathetic to her situation. Lilith left the Family service early in Year 12.

Kingdom come

"Make profit, not war."
Princess Jessica James of Hapes.

When Lilith asked to leave the Family it wasn’t without a plan for the future. It was a stroke of luck that during the time of waiting for her Vigo to return Lilith was contacted by Princess Jessica James of Hapes about art designs for the fleet of House James. Lilith did not give up her art hobby during her time in Black Sun and somehow her reputation reached the Hapes Consortium. The design project was an extensive task due to the size of the fleet and Lilith spent many hours talking with the Princess over holocomms. Their talks soon turned from profession to personal and eventually Lilith was invited to meet the royal in Terephon system, a domain of House James in the Hapes Cluster. It was the first time Lilith was going to visit her ancestral home but the most memorable part of the visit was meeting the Princess on the flagship of House James, Super Star Destroyer “King James”. Lilith was nervous their connection over holocomms would not translate as well in person, but the beautiful and charismatic Princess made Lilith feel welcome.

In the following weeks Lilith spent much of her time travelling between Vorsia and Terephon, which were thankfully in close proximity on the galactic scale. In part to oversee the design work being implemented correctly but mainly because of the growing friendship with Princess Jessica. When not in Hapes, Lilith was focusing on establishing order on Vorsia Companion. There was so much more to building a stable independent government than she initially realised and many of her days turned into endless meetings with various groups to develop plans for everything from the military to a judiciary system and a functional economy, not to mention redevelopment of cities to improve the living conditions. During this time Lilith was greatly supported by Venge O`Day and his LeadRaven Recycling company. With her amassed wealth she was able to hire them for mass reconstruction and development of the major cities. It began slowly but as the standard of living was raised, Lilith gained more and more support from the population that wished to stay on the moon under her leadership. However, because Lilith was more comfortable with hiding away from her problems in Hapes it started her reputation as a distant ruler.

Eventually Lilith moved to Terephon on a semi-permanent basis when she was offered an official position in House James as a Retainer. The job came with her own residence on the super capital ship, and saw Lilith apply her skillset to various construction and production projects in the system. Most notably expanding the cities on Terephon planet, which provided Lilith with invaluable experience in planetary management. It was a great job for Lilith because being outside of the Hapan hierarchy allowed her to avoid any potential governmental bureaucracy whilst having access to the vast resources of House James. Outside of work Lilith spent most of her time with Princess Jessica, touring the Hapes Cluster and learning about her culture. Unbeknown to the public at the time, the relationship between the Princess and Lilith grew into something more than friendship. Initially Lilith accepted the secrecy, understanding that socially a royal dating a former member of a crime syndicate might not be accepted. However, after the first year it began to weigh on Lilith more and more. She was quite lovestruck by the Princess and hoped their relationship could become more serious, but it was not mutual.

This difference in views for the future put distance between them that grew bigger each time Lilith brought up the topic, causing her work focus to shift outside of Hapes. Disheartened, Lilith found a support system in Cait Catra and Niobe Asha, both of whom she met during her time in Black Sun and remained in contact with. When Lilith eventually ended the relationship she was offered a place in a company owned by Cait and Niobe’s Mandalorian Clan Dael'mor. Lilith accepted and joined the administrative board in Year 13, putting her skills and experience into expanding the transport operations and soon taking on the mantle of Director. Spending time with Mandalorians loyal to Kai Oryk and his Mando'ade also allowed Lilith to reconnect with Harlynn.

Flames and ashes

"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."

The demand for movement of cargo and other assets around the galaxy made the transportation business of Dael'mor a small but relatively successful venture. Lilith had enough management experience that after a few weeks of operations she felt confident expanding beyond logistics and suggested to Cait they should look at changing the business to something more profitable and sustainable long term. Lilith wanted to return to planetary development like she has done for Princess Jessica, and identified a gap in the market of public services. In Year 13 there was a distinct lack of recycling companies offering reliable services to the public; by then LeadRaven Recycling that Lilith worked with in the past was no longer in business.

After Lilith made a convincing argument and presented a solid business plan, Cait and others agreed to switch from transportation to recycling. The transport company was liquidated and its assets were used to create the new company; called Dark Skies Gearworks, headquartered on Vorsia Companion with Lilith as the CEO but owned jointly with Cait. Lilith was free to run the company as she saw fit, only providing regular dividends to the people who helped to fund it. In addition to Clan Dael'mor, Veritas Press also provided support to create the company. Several people from the Clan’s transport business were among the first employees of Gearworks. Not long after opening her company Lilith discovered that just as she predicted the demand for recycling was high, and so there was no struggle for the new company to pick up contracts. Initially these were mostly from independent clients but later Lilith made connections for large scale projects from various governments that did not have their own nationalised recycling companies at the time, such as Avance Coalition and Trade Federation. Lilith and her employees proved to be reliable and through this reputation Lilith was able to establish a foothold in galactic business and politics.

With a steadily expanding roster of employees and help from her de-facto second-in-command Tex Navos, the company generated enough revenue that towards the end of Year 13 Lilith was able to pay Cait for her half of the shares and became the sole owner. This led to a new chapter for the company as it began to cooperate with the Trade Federation and signing of the Act of Vorisa in early Year 14, allowing Lilith to expand operations to orbital shipyards in the Vorsia system. As Lilith’s success as a businesswoman was on the rise, her private life also began to look up. Lilith found herself drawn to Ankha Natanaele who contacted her several months prior to offer a diplomatic channel between Gearworks and New Republic, and the two soon became romantically involved. For the first few months the relationship was a great addition to Lilith’s life, and helped her to expand her social circles when she was encouraged to join House Valeo in the Avance Coalition which Ankha was part of, though later they both switched their membership to House Soyak-Ikron. On Day 177, Lilith’s birthday, Ankha proposed and Lilith was eager to accept, despite their relationship being relatively short compared to Lilith’s previous one.

Meanwhile, Gearworks was one of the first companies to join the Federation’s Department of Trade, selling their products through the new trading network. In the second half of Year 14 the company was at its height of operational effectiveness. Unfortunately, this was not to last as Lilith’s life took a turn for the worst when on Day 196 she received a transmission from her wife who suffered a critical ship malfunction and the failing life-supports were failing. Too far from any chartered system to be rescued in time, Lilith listened to Ankha’s last moments alive. This crippled her emotionally and her ability to be an effective leader was significantly reduced. The company continued to operate for a few more weeks but behind closed doors Lilith was arranging closure of the business, which was officially announced on Day 282.

Commercial politics

"No fate but what we make."

A career in the Trade Federation was not something Lilith planned because she was more comfortable outside of large galactic governments in general but was convinced by her contacts inside the government to consider it when she closed down her private company. Dark Skies Gearworks left a good impression with the Trade Federation leadership in the months that it was contracted for various urban renewal projects. Very different to most people that joined the government, when Lilith made the decision to give government service a try she started in the Directorate as the Director of Recycling. With support from the Minister of the Interior Marcus Justilian and using her experience from Dark Skies Gearworks, Lilith established the new Department of Recycling without much struggle. Several of her previous employees also decided to join, while others left to join the Avance Coalition or ventured elsewhere into the galaxy. Working inside the government system was nothing like the private sector that Lilith was used to, it took time to adapt to the bureaucracy and work towards one common goal shared with other companies than profit just for her own. It did not take long, however, for Lilith’s career to gain momentum. Focusing on work helped Lilith to overcome the severe depressions caused by the abrupt end of her first marriage. The state of her personal life further improved when she reunited with one of her old friends; Jecal Nadrihm. Lilith was not in the Trade Federation for long but had a positive outlook about the government and so she recommended Jecal to join it as well. They did not work in the same Ministries but spent much of their free time together and near the end of Year 14 became lovers.

Only a few months into her service Lilith was awarded the Bronze Seal, one of the highest awards in Trade Federation. Soon after, in short succession Lilith was placed in charge of Trade Federation Library, co-leader of the Art Team and became Headmaster of the Evocati Order. In most instances Lilith’s work often revolved around creating a better environment for the employees and reforming the administration. The progress tended to be slow, it moved only as fast as governmental bureaucracy allowed which to a degree frustrated Lilith as she was used to accepting changes at a faster pace for the sake of efficiency. Only a co-leader of the Art Team, Lilith mainly left the team’s administration to the Lead Artist at the time. One of her major contributions was completion of a project that redesigned Trade Federation IDs. It was the first major change to the traditional style in many years, but she was able to maintain tradition and modernize it at the same time. The project was highly successful. As the Chief Archivist, Lilith and various members of her team were responsible for organising library files and archives that were not properly catalogued for many years. Internally, it was in a desolate state but Lilith had a vision of a more sophisticated and culturally significant Library. Unfortunately, it was never finished due to other commitments. Lilith’s work and involvement in the Department of Culture as a whole began to unravel the flaws of the Director of Culture office and not always in a manner accepted by the Trade Federation Cabinet.

Beside Culture and her Department of Recycling, Lilith was highly invested in the Evocati Order. At the time she was still new to the Force Sensitivity and saw the Order as a place to expand her knowledge and train in the Force. Recognised for her commitment and administrative skill, Lilith was made Headmaster of the Order which allowed her to work on many reforms with the Inner Circle. It clashed with a minority of Evocati members but Lilith did not change her attitude or working style. She believed getting the work done and improving the state of things was far more important than being liked by all. Similarly, Lilith was not able to ignore flaws in the government system which in her opinion were obvious and fought against proposals by several other members of the Directorate that would have been detrimental in the long term. It was not always received well, but Lilith believed she had the support from the Cabinet because of the quality of her work and the positive effect it had on Trade Federation as a whole. The Department of Recycling was highly efficient under her leadership. Many urban renewal projects were completed faster than new projects could be planned. Vorsia Gearworks was the first Trade Federation Department to officially extend its services to Galactic Concordiate member states. In addition to Trade Federation sectors, it most notably worked in the Hapes Cluster and Avance Coalition territory. At the time, the Department of Recycling operated across more sectors than any other Department, despite its relatively small amount of staff. Although she already had a very large workload, Lilith also joined the Department of Justice but it was mostly an overlooked position.

Director Delcroix.

The turning point in Lilith’s career was in mid-Year 15 when the proposal for a promotion to Deputy Minister was put forth by the Minister of the Interior. The proposal was strongly rejected by the Duceroy of Trade Federation, a decision ultimately supported by the Viceroy. Lilith’s career began to decline since then and was never to recover despite several attempts. Refusal of the promotion was very demoralizing for Lilith, mainly because all she has done was made out to be nothing. Her motivation deteriorated which became increasingly noticeable over several months. Believing she had no long term future in the government, Lilith delegated much of her work to her Deputy Director Ithael Slite and was considering resignation from the Trade Federation. However, around the same time the Department of Trade found itself without leadership after its Director’s resignation. It was ironic that Lilith was voted by the Cabinet as the first choice to be put in charge because the Department was highly criticized by her; criticism that contributed towards the rejection of her promotion. Lilith accepted the position, albeit very reluctantly. Part of her saw it as an opportunity to prove she was right and hoped she could work through the Department of Trade into the sought-after Deputy Minister position. It did not take long for Lilith to reform the Department, everything from ranks and uniforms to contracts, staff structure and stock management was either improved or changed entirely to benefit the Department’s efficiency and more importantly, the customers that frequented the Trade Federation Market. The workload was much bigger than in the Department of Recycling and the scale of some internal projects took months to complete, but Lilith’s ability to see them through was not questioned. Towards the end of Year 15, Lilith took leave from her duties and attended the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Falleen Federation. She was accompanied by Syn for the event and their brief involvement led to several controversial GNS articles released between Year 15 Day 315 and Day 331. While it affected her personal life, it had no effect on Lilith’s position in the government. When the Avance Coalition was merging with the Trade Federation, Lilith was the only Director invited to give a speech during the last public meeting about the merger.

Lilith's Director of Trade uniform in Year 15.

The only difficulty Lilith had during her second Directorship was with her attitude towards the work; she did not enjoy it and saw no change in her long term prospects despite all the work done and progress achieved. To her, the position was a dead end. In early Year 16, a combination of things led to seeking a way out of the Department. Lilith was prevented from resolving an internal issue with staff which made her unable to effectively lead the Department, but what got to her the most was when she found out the Minister of Production never intended to support her for Deputy Minister. It further disheartened her belief in the Cabinet and considerably worsened her attitude. With the help of the last supporters in the Cabinet, Lilith was selected for the role of Regional Governor. The newly created roles were established to oversee the development of territory in the South of the galaxy that was acquired during the merger with the Avance Coalition. Although by rank it was higher than Director, it did not help Lilith with her situation. The position had no possibility for progression further and she no longer believed dedication to work would take her anywhere. To date, Lilith considers the Governorship as her worst work performance. In the month and a half, she has done nothing of significance; mainly because she had no motivation to do so. During the year and a half in service of the Trade Federation, Lilith achieved and affected more than the most that served before her. Her administrative skills and ability to get things done were matched by very few. There was more that Lilith wanted to do for the government and more importantly, its people, but she was not able to due to the progressively worsening mood and attitude derived from the circumstances surrounding multiple rejections of her career progression. Lilith was officially discharged from office in Year 16 Day 80 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen.


"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness."

After the fiasco with the Trade Federation, Lilith returned home to Vorsia Companion with plans to refocus on her family and further the development of the moon. Breaking up with Jecal did not affect Lilith as much as her past breakups used to but she still sought solace with her long-time friend Ninian DeLayn to recuperate both emotionally and physically, spending more of her time with friends and family. When Princess Jessica James found out Lilith was no longer working for the Federation, she invited her to join the Hapes Consortium. Lilith did not intend to work for another large government so soon but was swayed by the idea of working with the Princess again and perhaps rekindling their old relationship. She agreed to join and was officially accepted on Year 16 Day 100. Lilith completed the Hapan induction academy programs remotely on her way to the Cluster. She travelled with an entourage, including her daughter Sinclair, as she was worried that her family would become secondary to her work again if she left her daughter on Vorsia Companion. Upon arrival Lilith rented a spacious penthouse on Lorell to accommodate her family and serve as a temporary home while in service of the Hapan government.

Initially things were going in a promising direction, Lilith joined the Ministry of Industry where she could utilize her skills and past experience the most and participated in several other projects for the Ministry of the Interior. Working within a monarchical government structure was different to what Lilith was used to in the Federation, especially not being among the higher echelons of leadership since Lilith started at the bottom of the rank structure, but it didn’t take long for her to adjust. Prime Minister Alarendor Cyrus, Lilith’s immediate superior, was easy to work with. In the first month Lilith was sent to help with a project on planet Warerks where she managed construction of new cities across the planet. One of the benefits of working in Hapes was the close proximity of all their star systems, it meant Lilith was able to go back to Lorell every day and spend time with Sinclair. Additionally Lilith spent a day or two each week away from work entirely, using the free time on leisure activities to bond with her daughter or catching up with Princess Jessica, who was busy with the Royal Navy most of the time. It was the closest thing to reassembling a normal family life that Lilith experienced in years and she enjoyed it greatly; much more than the work. In the second month of service the construction project was finished and Lilith was assigned to a production department. The aim was for her to oversee manufacture of weapons and other equipment for the Consortium’s military.

However, Lilith’s outlook on the future in Hapes changed after fallout with Princess Jessica as Lilith did not like the direction of their renewed friendship. With her narrow focus on trying to reconnect to the past Lilith struggled to make social connections with other Hapans and this accumulated to losing much of her motivation to remain in the government. Not wanting to leave her work unfinished, Lilith ensured the completion of the weapons production part of her assignment before she spoke with King Zayth Kadrim and Prime Minister Cyrus about her intention of resigning and returning home. They understood her situation and she was able to leave Hapan service on good terms. Lilith returned to Vorsia Companion with every intention to take up where she left off with the plans she had before joining the Hapes Consortium. However, history was to repeat itself and Lilith was diverted from her intended course when a new opportunity presented itself. She was offered the position of CEO of Sienar Fleet Systems, an independent shipwright that was looking for a change in management. Lilith saw this as a welcomed return to private corporate business.

Corporate magnate


When the executive board of Sienar Fleet Systems offered the job of CEO to Lilith, it wasn’t because of a downturn in profits but because they were looking for someone that they could trust. Some of the board members were familiar with Lilith personally, but more importantly Lilith always had an impeccable trade record and reputation as an honest businesswoman. This was especially important to the board after a security threat to the company in Year 15 involving Director of Production Sirius Constantine. Lilith was officially appointed as CEO on Year 16 Day 217. When she arrived at the company’s HQ in the Morobe system, she found a well established infrastructure; two orbital shipyard hubs above Moroa and Talasea, many planet-based factories and other production hubs in deep space. The company also directly controlled much of the planetary structures, making Lilith responsible not only for the company’s profits but also the planetary economy across the system. As such, she has chosen to be known as Corporate Lord Governor during her time as CEO.

Thanks to a contract with Aurora Technologies (during its independent operations, before it was acquired by Black Sun), for most of its operational life Sienar Fleet Systems had exclusive rights to blueprints of BFF-1 Bulk Freighter and Y-wing BTL-S3 starfighter, among others. With no political restrictions for customers, the company did not struggle for business as their primary products were in demand across both private and government sectors. This allowed the company to generate billions of Credits in profit over a relatively short period of time, and in turn Lilith invested that profit to develop the Morobe system’s economy even further. During this time the system saw a continuous increase in population as more colonists arrived from around the galaxy in search of work. During Year 17 the contract with Aurora Technologies came to an end, and after some consideration the executive board decided to re-brand the shipwright company to equipment and weapon manufacturing. Lilith marketed S.W.A.T. Industries as suppliers for corporate and private security. Their primary customer was Permanent Solutions, a mercenary company providing security to the Morobe system.

Under the banner of S.W.A.T._Industries Lilith continued to sell the stock of ships that was left over from the previous iteration of the company. Most notably, in collaboration with Ryan Roche, Lilith released a set of designs to the public domain and later in the year attended the Second Memorial Swap Meet where she sold exclusive designs of JumpMaster 5000, which proved to be rather popular and allowed Lilith to donate over 40 million Credits to charitable causes from the generated revenue. During her tenure as CEO Lilith also reconnected with a long time friend Stephanie Barefoot, who was appointed Lady Hegemon of Tion Hegemony a few days before S.W.A.T. Industries closed for business. Although not publicly disclosed at the time, one of the reasons behind this closure was that Lilith wanted to spend more time in Tion space to support Stephanie in her role as the head of state, at first as a friend and later as a romantic partner. The executive board of the company did not seek a new CEO as they were content with the profits generated and wanted to use their resources elsewhere in the Morobe system.

Crossing stars

"Looking outward, together in the same direction."
Wedding invitation.

After the closure of S.W.A.T. Industries Lilith disappeared from the public eye for several months. Once more she found herself torn between Vorsia and another part of the galaxy, however it was important to Lilith to be closer to Stephanie during their courtship. As the relationship with Stephanie grew more serious, Lilith spent increasingly more time among the people of Tion to learn and understand their culture. She was familiar with the government but had limited interactions with it in the past due to its location in the north eastern part of the Outer Rim Territories, while Lilith spent much of her life in the central part of the Colonies and Inner Rim regions. Lilith’s first venture to Tion space was on an invitation from Stephanie to tour the newly completed Botanical Research Institute on planet Spinax; Stephanie’s home. Lilith arrived with her entourage in the Namana-class Light Cruiser “Last Hour of Sunlight”, inherited from her late wife. From there Lilith began to spend increasingly more time in the Hegemony, until they were both ready to live together and unite their families. When the relationship became public knowledge Lilith officially moved residence to Tion, more specifically to Stephanie’s private castle estate in Inikomee Bay.

Lilith and Stephanie were married in Year 18 on Day 300, during Tion’s annual celebrations. The ceremony was held in the Panormos Palace on planet Kazarak and was publicly broadcasted across the Hegemony. The reception was open to all Tion citizens and invited guests. The role of the First Lady was new to Tion and Lilith defined it for herself with Stephanie’s help. Lilith’s focus was on public engagements across Tion space, but she was also able to use her past experience on other projects. Such as the development of Morabora in Morobe system, the project lasted several months and saw a complete transformation of the planet. During her time in Tion, Lilith made efforts to revive and support various media departments and the Voss Mystics, to varying degrees of success. Her last project was spearheading the design and production of the Tion awards.

When Stephanie shared her intention to step down from her position as the head of state, Lilith initially planned to remain in Tion and retire with her family but several factors led to a rift between the years-long couple that resulted in their separation. Lilith also conferred with her associates from Permanent Solutions, which formed the Tion Defence Division, and negotiated formation of a new state in the Morobe system; which would later be revealed as One Nation Under Jou. The split both personally and professionally was further marred by the Order of the One Sith who planned to infiltrate the highest echelons of Tion when Stephanie abdicated her position. Lilith’s involvement to foil these plans was by chance and limited to passing intelligence to Tion’s High Council.


"Don’t cling on to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it."
Lilith in prayer.

The separation of the Morobe system from Tion Hegemony was months in planning to ensure a smooth transition of power when the leadership of the Tion government changed. By then Lilith had already spent over a year governing Morobe; attending daily meetings and overseeing the set up of infrastructure and legislations for the new government that would unite Morobe and Vorsia Companion. During this time, when Lilith had the least time to spare for her attention to be divided, by chance she became aware of a threat to the Tionese government. In Year 21 Lilith was acquainted with Morgan Sathel through diplomatic channels, who at the time was an officer in the Order of the One Sith military. The acquaintance developed into a friendship when Lilith was invited to visit Veenari; home of the self-proclaimed Sith cult. The invitation was in the guise of a wedding ceremony that never happened. During the visit Lilith and Morgan grew close enough together that Morgan shared the plans orchestrated by the cult’s leader to infiltrate the Tionese High Council and, according to Morgan, eventually seize power.

Dealing with a potential takeover was the last thing Lilith wanted to do at the end of her time in Tion, but she was still the First Lady of Tion and did not want to see her wife’s legacy be ruined by a Sith cult forcing their ways onto Tionese people. Morgan made Lilith and Stephanie aware of her own plans to orchestrate a coup in the cult and to assassinate Darin Byrch. It was decided for Tion not to be involved any further as the coup would eliminate the threat, and any Tionese involved with these plans were investigated privately. On Day 210 the coup took place but failed to capture the cult’s leader. However, it still resulted in ending the One Sith cult and led to the creation of the Exelis Crime Syndicate that eventually took control over Venaari. By then Stephanie was replaced as the Hegemon of Tion, and Lilith was seen alongside Morgan in increased frequency, later revealed to be in a romantic relationship with Morgan and her wife Xyre. The pairing did not extend to Lilith’s political life. She was crowned the monarch of One Nation on Day 308 and no titles were extended to her partners. For the following few months Lilith led almost a double life, carefree and hidden from the public eye on Venaari whenever she was spending time with her partners. Lilith has personally offered support to the Exelis group with designs but no formal connection was ever established between the Syndicate and One Nation.

The relationship eventually came to a disastrous end when Lilith discovered Morgan’s rotten nature and her lies. For weeks it felt like there was no end to the sickening discoveries as more people came forward to expose Morgan and all of her deceptions. Lilith threw herself into work to make up for the appalling choices in her personal life, focusing entirely on her duties as a monarch and her faith to get through what felt like one of the darkest times in her life, reconnecting with many friends for support.

Personal information


Countess of Vorsia.

Lilith is a very pale Hapan woman of average height with long platinum hair. She was born with emerald green eyes but the Dark Side of the Force turned her eyes amber a long time ago, something she has always been quite fond of. Gradually, over many years Lilith’s already pale complexion took an unnatural shade of almost porcelain white. It is presumed that this was due to the Metamorphosis Plague or further influence of the Force, or mixture of both.

Lilith is not very tall for a human and has a slim athletic figure with toned muscles due to regular physical training. Her most prominent distinguishing feature is a cybernetic arm; her whole right arm and part of her shoulder was replaced in Year 11. The cybernetic components were changed many times since the initial procedure and Lilith had at least one major operation to improve its efficiency. Lilith never tries to hide the fact that she has an artificial arm and the cybernetics can be easily recognised by the metallic silver surface with engraved patterns and designs.

For casual and formal clothing Lilith prefers conservative style; in public she is rarely seen wearing any form of feminine clothing and most often wears tailor-made three-piece suits with trousers and fitting dress shoes. Though in more recent times Lilith has returned to a darker gothic style of attire during personal time spent outside of state duties. When required to wear armour, ceremonially or for protection, Lilith prefers her custom forged ivory Heavy Battle Armour.

The plague sickness

Ever since the Metamorphosis Plague returned to the galaxy early in Year 14 Lilith’s health has been deteriorating. The plague has not been seen in the galaxy since Year 4 and thus the medical staff on board Lilith’s ships were unable to identify what was wrong with her when she experienced the symptoms for the first time. Only after she consulted the most skilled doctors on Vorsia Companion they concluded that she was struck with the new strain of the plague. Their first assumptions were that Lilith was being affected by an Anzati genome as the disease seemed to shut down her biological rhythm while still keeping her alive. Refusing to be anything less than human Lilith immediately tasked the doctors with preparing a cure. They were not able to cure the disease because it was in her system for too long, but produced a serum that prevented the plague from reaching the final transformative stage as long as it was administered periodically. During follow up tests several weeks later, required after the plague mutated and caused new complications, traces of a newly discovered Diathim genome was found to be affecting Lilith’s health. It is speculated that Lilith was responsible for passing this strain onto others who had contact with her at that time.

Towards the end of the year recycling operations took Lilith and her crew to planets within Trade Federation space that she has not visited before. Soon after arriving onto one of the planets and being exposed to the local environment, humans on the crew began to get sick. However, the few non-humans among them seemed to be largely unaffected. When all humans but Lilith were displaying at least some of the symptoms of the sickness it was assumed the virus came from the planet’s water source because Lilith only drank Whiskey the whole time. The assumption proved to be wrong on the way from the planet when she began to cough up blood and her conditions became worse than of others. Eventually it was identified that the virus attacked Lilith’s Metamorphosis Plague strain and forced it to mutate yet again. Lilith’s serum was improved to combat the Togorian mutation, but she was still immobilized in the medical bay for several days before recovering.

In the ever changing galaxy the plague didn’t remain dormant for long and over the years the serum became less effective as the virus adapted. Despite limiting contact with undeveloped planets and keeping distance from newly discovered or uncommon alien species as much as she could, as a public figure during Trade Federation service and later in Tion Hegemony Lilith was not able to avoid contact with new strains of the plague. Lilith has been susceptible to further mutations on some occasions when new species were discovered, most notably Amani and most recently Mirialan. It has been speculated by Lilith’s doctors that her limited immunity to the plague is due to her upbringing in the unknown regions. In response to her condition, Lilith began to fund One Nation labs with more resources for research with hopes to develop a permanent cure.


Forgemaster Delcroix.
"Mysterious combination of deep passion, volatile sensitivities, and uncommon vision. Person of rare fragility and unsurpassed emotional complexity. Hell to live with, but worth every moment of the knowing."

Lilith is confident, intelligent, opinionated, sometimes very stubborn, sarcastic and often can appear to be dismissive, though that is more due to her guarded personality than intentional. She likes to make decisions, is not easily intimidated by others, and doesn’t worry about what others think of her. When she wants to be she is also charismatic and can be playful. Lilith always strives to be in charge when it comes to her professional life. In relationships, however, she treats her partner as equal and with respect.

In the past Lilith was dependent on relationships, which more often than not were self-destructive. For a long time Lilith believed she could only find purpose in life through someone else, without realizing putting such pressure on her partner was unhealthy. It was only after a short-lived marriage to Ankha Natanaele that Lilith’s views changed and her demeanour became more dominant, independent and abrupt. However, the numerous mistreatments and heartbreaks left behind emotional insecurity Lilith had not yet been able to overcome entirely.

The values of Chivalry and Honour were embedded in Lilith since she was a child. The nobility of her home-system highly valued them, even if for some it was only pretence. After leaving home Lilith kept those values close at heart, even more so during her time in the Family that was based on values that she found relatable. It is important to her to stay honest and keep her word, be it an oath or a trade deal. Lilith takes personal honour seriously and it is one of the reasons she despises espionage.

Drinking is one of the bad habits that Lilith developed as a coping mechanism during difficult times. As much as she wouldn’t admit it, Lilith could be considered an alcoholic and being without almost constant supply of Whiskey can easily affect her mood, making her irritable at the least.

Titles and Honours

  • Her Lordship, by the Grace of Jou, Sovereign Countess Lilith of Mobore and Vorsia Companion

In formal conversation with Lilith the practice for One Nation citizens is to address her as Your Lordship, Your Grace or My Liege. For others it is customary to address her as Countess, but generally Lilith does not insist on formalities when it is not required.

Huntmaster Kara Vhekade and Rehd Duurgo present the Droid Hunt trophies to Lilith, the Droid Hunt Champion.

In the home-system Lilith was Lady of House Delcroix, she did not hold any titles but as part of the nobility she was officially addressed as Lady. After leaving home, Lilith did not make any claims to noble titles because she did not believe it would hold any value without lands to support such claims. When establishing her own noble House on Vorsia Companion, Lilith chose the title of Countess in memory of her father; she was the heir to his title of Count. The official title was amended to Sovereign Countess when Lilith became the sole ruler of Vorsia Companion but it is rarely used in full outside of ceremonies.

Lilith is not fond of feminizing certain titles. She wouldn’t use Dame instead of Knight or Lady instead of Lord as one of her own titles. This was most notable during her service in Trade Federation when she held the title Knight of Evocati and later Lord of Evocati. In Tion Hegemony, however, Lilith has embraced the title of First Lady whilst married to Stephanie Barefoot during her time as the Lady Hegemon.

In Year 22 on Day 122 Lilith was given the title of Par'jila Verd (Triumphant Hunter) by Kai Oryk of Mando'ade for being the champion of the Droid Hunt on planet Yelsain during the Eleventh Uli Swap Meet. Lilith achieved her victory through capture of two R0-L0 Tank Droids and a KX-series Security Droid, resulting in the most points collected throughout the four day hunt.


During the original exodus to the Unknown Regions, many non-human species were part of the migrant fleet but not enough to sustain their population and grow in numbers. Over time those that could not interbreed with humans slowly died out of old age. By the time Lilith was born, only members of the most long lived species were still alive but those were very rare and even hybrids were uncommon. The families with non-human ancestry retained some cosmetic traits at most, such as different skin colour. Before she left home, Lilith only ever met one Falleen on her home-planet, otherwise her exposure to non-humans was limited to holorecordings and books.

The term alien was most often used in scare stories for children and in holofilms where they were generally portrayed as villains, invaders or pirates. Almost as a side effect, this stereotype led to development of xenocentrism that was very widespread in Lilith’s generation. The belief that humans were better than other species was natural for Lilith and so it came as a shock when she arrived to the known galaxy that non-humans were part of almost every planet’s population on some level. In some places, the humans were the minority. Lilith no longer believes in the alien stereotype, but xenocentrism (humanocentrism) is inherently part of her persona. However, she does have a distinct lack of xenophobia. Many of her friends, employees and colleagues are non-humans; she even finds females of certain species attractive.

Religious views

"When I quest my flashing sword and my hand takes hold of judgement, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies and I will have paid those who haze me, Oh Jou raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy saints."

For most of her life Lilith was never completed to follow any religion. Through her past association with the Maurari Order she was exposed to the Force even before she became Force Sensitive herself. As such she knew the Force to be a real cosmic power and did not understand why anyone would believe in gods. Lilith’s change of opinion was a slow gradual process. She always held certain reverence towards Vigo Jou and in the years of the Vigo’s absence it developed into worship. Lilith strongly believes that Vigo Jou’s influence in her life was the divine will of the Force.

It wasn’t until at least Year 18 that Lilith began to be public about her views. Due to her social influence over Vorsia Companion Lilith’s beliefs lead to the creation of Vorsian Orthodoxy and in Year 21 the religion was introduced to the galaxy when One Nation Under Jou was established.

Relationships and family

"They say only the broken-hearted know the truth about love, but if I know what love is, it is because of her."
Lilith and Ankha Natanaele.
Jecal Nadrihm with Lilith.

Lilith maintains friendly understanding with many people in the galaxy and cares strongly about welfare of One Nation citizens, but outside of her private life she is emotionally distant and does not develop close bonds easily. The emotional distance was a result of the difficult relationship with her mother, especially when Lilith was a teenager. She grew up much closer to her father but even he was unable to fully focus on family due to his duties and responsibilities. After many years of bad experiences, Lilith doesn’t make close friends often and feels the most comfortable in the company of those she already knows for a long time. Though once she trusts someone, Lilith is very loyal and doesn’t hesitate to offer assistance as long as the loyalty and respect is mutual. However, if the line is ever crossed Lilith rarely gives a second chance and can be very stubborn about changing her opinion on someone; especially when she is convinced they are dishonourable or dishonest.

Lilith grew up reading and hearing stories about love and romance and although she has not witnessed it between her parents, Lilith wanted to believe in the idea of true love. This romantic idealism was eventually exploited by a woman who has deceived and emotionally abused Lilith. The unhealthy relationship has caused her to become dependent and reliant on the emotional connection to someone. For a long time she neglected other aspects of her life in favour of pursuing relationships. Over the years Lilith was romantically involved with a number of women but did not marry until Year 14. Three months into their relationship, Ankha Natanaele proposed to Lilith on her twenty-second birthday but an unfortunate turn of events turned Lilith into a widow not too long after. Emotionally destroyed, Lilith grieved for many months and focused on her career. The short-lived marriage has severely altered Lilith’s approach to relationships. When she dated Jecal Nadrihm during their service in Trade Federation it was a positive addition to Lilith’s life, not the sole purpose.

The infatuation with Syn that led to a controversy in Year 15 is speculated to be at least part of the reason for Jecal and Lilith eventually splitting as a couple. In the early weeks of Year 16 Lilith has tasked Vorsia Future Foundation to create a child that was mostly her clone, however, Lilith’s DNA was mixed with that of a different woman to mimic the natural process of child development. Lilith named her daughter Sinclair.

Lilith did not have any serious relationships until she was seen with increasing frequency in the company of Stephanie Barefoot, a long time friend. They have been together for almost a year as a couple before deciding to get married on Day 300 of Year 18. Their wedding ceremony was a public event held during Tion Hegemony's Day of Unity celebrations. Lilith embraced her role as the First Lady, devoting her time to supporting her wife in the government. Their last public appearance as a family was when Stephanie announced stepping down as Lady Hegemon in Year 21 Day 201[2]. They officially separated later that year for publicly undisclosed reasons.

Following the separation Lilith has come out as being romantically involved with Morgan Sathel and her wife Xyre Weltmon. Lilith had first met them before they were wed when she was invited to their first planned wedding, which was meant to also involve Katrina Lendrix, because of diplomatic ties between Tion Hegemony and Bando Gora where Morgan and Xyre were part of the cult’s leadership. However, the ceremony never happened due to events orchestrated by Morgan that resulted in the end of the cult and the creation of Exelis Crime Syndicate. By the time Lilith met the couple again during the Galaxy Festival in Bright Jewel system, they were married in a private ceremony. Captivated by Morgan’s apparent charisma, Lilith became part of the relationship despite social reservations about having an affair with a known pirate. The reality of it, however, did not live up to the promises made and the months spent together were marred with arguments and trust issues. The accumulated stress, unhappiness and realisation that Morgan was an anathema to a stable functional relationship caused Lilith to abandon the affair in early Year 22.

In the following months Lilith was burdened by the failures of her personal life, which in her mind was diminishing the accomplishments in her political and professional career. Plagued by insecurities and inability to find a healthy romantic connection, Lilith foresaw being alone for the near future. It was almost by chance that she met Kara DuMonte, someone she had heard of before but their social circles did not align until many years later. A friendly wager over a duel on Derra led to a dinner date in Morobe where the two discovered that despite their different political and spiritual opinions, they had a shared attraction. Their relationship became public in the later half of Year 22, however, it was not to last. In the last month of the year the strain on their relationship led to a rift that could not be amended, ending whatever future they might have had. For a second time in a year Lilith found herself secluded from social circles, limiting her engagements to business and matters of the state. The premature end of the relationship left an unexpected void within Lilith that she struggled to deal with more than she was willing to admit.


Lilith in Year 14.

From a young age Lilith was interested in martial arts, mainly in the art of the sword. She was heavily influenced by stories about duels between the Sith and the Jedi and practiced with a teacher or on her own as often as she could. It helped her to stay in shape and get into the habit of exercising daily. Much later in her life, during her time in the Maurari and the Black Sun Lilith trained more vigorously to advance her skills with melee weapons. In the underworld of the galaxy she needed to be able to defend herself and once aspired to be the Spectre of her Vigo. Lilith continued to train in the years following her leave from the Family, becoming an exceptional swordfighter, and at close combat in general. When she was discovered to be Force Sensitive, Lilith’s vigorous training helped her to translate those skills into lightsaber combat. To challenge herself and to improve, Lilith practices sword-fighting in combination with other weapons; such as whips, shields and handguns. She never had much interest in projectile weapons otherwise. Interest in heavy weaponry made her only averagely accurate but she rarely uses them outside of firing range.

Lilith has innate capacity for mathematics and quick thinking, processing information from graphs and charts made some skills come to her almost naturally. It became evident during her academic studies that she could learn quickly, especially skills around computer operations, though she had trouble focusing only on one thing which stopped her from reaching full potential in her fields of study. Lilith’s negotiating and trading skills became most obvious once she began to be involved with politics and businesses on her home planet; creative thinking helped her to find solutions from different angles. The creativity didn’t show as an artistic talent until Lilith’s late teens when she began to experiment with art. After she used her business experience and art skills together, Lilith was able to use it to amass wealth and connections that would have been unreachable otherwise.

Thanks to her aristocratic upbringing Lilith was often in some position of authority and feels confident in leadership positions. This not only reflects on her ability to command civilian and military teams alike, but also her preference on piloting. Lilith feels far more comfortable on a command bridge of capital ships where she is part of a crew than being in a pilot seat of freighters or fighters. Although a confident leader and successful negotiator, Lilith does struggle with diplomacy. Lilith does not like to pretend and can appear insensitive and tactless; especially when she has to deal with people that she considers to be inefficient. Lilith prefers to be blunt and straightforward but it was not always welcome within higher echelons of governments.

Lilith has never been known to speak any language beside Galactic Basic in public, but given her intellectual aptitude it is presumed she knows and is able to read more languages than she admits to. Especially considering the significant amount of time she has spent living in Hapes Cluster, and that throughout her career in vastly multi-cultural governments of Trade Federation and Tion Hegemony she had to interact with many different non-human species on diplomatic and business levels. Lilith always appeared to understand them but rather than talking to them in their language she relied on her staff and protocol droids to act as translators.


"Truth at any cost."
- House Delcroix motto
Crest of House Delcroix.

House Delcroix was a part of a coalition of Noble Houses that ruled over a system in the Unknown Regions. The Houses mainly consisted of Hapan nobles who left the Hapes Cluster many centuries ago in a search of an adventure and to explore the uncharted space of the galaxy. They did not depart alone; many of their subjects chose to go with them and the migrant fleet carried tens of thousands of people. Their quest took them far beyond the borders of the known galaxy, and by luck they discovered a star system that was not inhabited by any civilization.

Centre of the system was a violent star, the closest planet to the sun was scorn and inhabitable. However two other planets were in a much safer distance. The second one from the sun was a large planet with a lavish tropic environment. It had two satellites, one with a similar environment and the other was desert and rocks. The last planet was much further from the sun and its environment was mostly cold, only the very south regions were more temperate. After the discovery of several ruined small cities, the leading theory of why the system wasn’t inhabited became that the first planet used to be a homeworld to a population that colonized the other two planets that were too far from the sun to be entirely suitable for life. When the sun expanded it destroyed the first planet, effectively ending life in the system. It took many centuries for fauna and flora to develop on the other planets, their environments became more habitable with the bigger sun.

The most prominent noble Houses settled on the tropical planet, dividing it into many governing regions. Other Houses settled on the moons and the cold planet. There was very little military conflict, but it set the political stage for the decades ahead. The large colony ships provided the foundations for cities and within the first year, the system had set up its infrastructure and governing system. The Houses formed a collective government, the Hall of Houses, each of them ruling over their region with absolute authority. The biggest, most influential House acted as the sovereign.

Controversy and public image

Whilst Lilith ruled only over Vorsia Companion she was considered a distant ruler among those who cared to comment on it. Her public image and perception was more often controlled by propaganda than her physical presence on the moon. On the rare occasions that Lilith has commented on this she explained that as a new sovereign nation Vorsia needed allies and support from more established governments. Lilith has personally ensured that those connections were forged by spending time being part of those governments, using her expertise to help them and her own people. She realises that she could have been spending more time home, however, she hopes that future generations will understand her sacrifices.

Over the years of being a public figure there have been a number of instances where Lilith appeared on Galactic News Service news. Although most of her appearances were positive, at times she was subject to public scrutiny and had her private life highlighted in the media.

The earliest GNS to mention Lilith’s name was in Year 12[3] when Church of Reansucru reported on a ceremony mourning the passing of Lilith Kaine, a member of the Kaine family that established the Church. At the time it was unclear to Lilith why she was mentioned in the article, but the matter was settled privately with Gabriel Kaine in the following years.

Although not reported on the GNS, one of the earliest instances of public scrutiny involved a moon located in the Ord Thoden system. On Year 13 Day 212 controlling structures and cities of the moon, Ord Thoden 1, were listed on Centrepoint Marketplace. The next day Lilith purchased it in partnership with Princess Jessica James of Hapes who was interested to develop territory outside of the Hapes Cluster. The Old Republic government soon declared the moon as stolen property and issued a statement they would re-take it by force in time. Princess Jessica and Lilith visited the moon personally with two Super Star Destroyers of House James. After a long time in hyperspace, their visit was brief and it was decided the moon was too far for any useful development. On their return trip, Princess Jessica contacted the Old Republic government and negotiated a trade. The moon returned to the government and royal shipyards began construction of four Modular Taskforce Cruisers. The high market price of the capital ships during that time made the trade very profitable.

Ledger Volume 5 Issue 1 cover.

In Year 13 Lilith released her own GNS for the first time[4], promoting the cooperation between her company Dark Skies Gearworks and Nova Industries, which at the time was a subsidiary of Rogue Squadron. However, the partnership was strictly based on technological development and not political as Lilith did not want to be involved in the Galactic Civil War. Collaboration with Commander Alleria Shepard led to a second GNS[5] later that year, and although the two remained friends since, they have not released any further articles. Lilith’s company was later reported on by Veritas Press[6] when she acquired sole ownership of it towards the end of Year 13, and then again almost a year later in Year 14 when the company was closed[7].

In Year 15 when Veritas Press launched their First Annual Veritas Awards, Lilith was briefly mentioned as the designer of the Golden Award; a 3PO Protocol Droid statue hand-crafted from various precious materials and gems.

Much later in the same year, after Falleen Federation 15th Anniversary Celebration event, Lilith was involved in several GNS articles [8][9][10] initiated by Syn. Lilith does not deny the infatuation during the event and very brief affair with the pirate but made no comments about the GNS articles; disregarding them as nonsense and attention seeking. Trade Federation did not release any public statements either and while some suggested Lilith was not fit to be part of the Federation’s leadership, her position in the government was not affected. If the Viceroy’s decision to remove her from office in Year 16 was affected by this controversy is unknown to Lilith. The affair stopped to be a hot topic soon after the third, and final, GNS on the matter.

Few days before the end of Year 15, Trade Federation Ledger featured Lilith on the cover of Volume 5 Issue 1[11]. The magazine printed an interview with Lilith done by Lannah Yur`cevic, Style Correspondent from Coruscant Picayune.

Lilith’s last appearance as part of the Trade Federation was in early Year 16 during a public meeting held by Navik Ikron and the Federation’s Cabinet[12]. It was the last pre-merger meeting and it included the coronation of the King of the Kingdom of Elysia. Lilith was the only Director giving a speech alongside most members of the Federation Cabinet.

In Year 17 Lilith made two corporate press releases. First on Day 141 to address the transition from Sienar Fleet Systems to S.W.A.T. Industries[13], and then on Day 178 to announce release of designs and modifications for ships previously manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems to the public domain in cooperation with Ryan Roche[14].

Lilith during Winter Festival.

In Year 21 on Day 308 a galaxy wide press release was broadcasted from the Morobe system when Lilith was crowned as the monarch of One Nation Under Jou[15].

In Year 22 on Day 114 Lilith was mentioned in a GNS by Celestial Heavy-Tech company[16]. On Day 177, Mando`ade broadcasted results of the Droid Hunt and Iron Hawk competitions that took place during the Eleventh Uli Swap Meet, announcing Lilith as the champion of the Droid Hunt[17]. The last mention of Lilith that year was on Day 263 when Vaz! Media released a sketch; The Ken and Ozzy Show - Adventures of Tolonda[18]. The GNS was used to distribute a dossier about the Archduchy of Tolonda and its hidden history.

The first appearance on GNS in Year 23 was on Day 50. The Smugglers Guild released an investigative story about an incident that happened during the Winter Festival, and Lilith was quoted about her opinion on cloning technology in the hands of non-humans[19].


Lilith’s philanthropic endeavours began in the early Year 13 when she sponsored the second season of Krieg's Run to promote her work as an artist[20]. Since then Lilith continued to sponsor sporting events and donate to other worthwhile causes on behalf of her companies or herself. In recent years Lilith’s philanthropic focus is more about positively contributing to the galactic society than marketing reasons.

In Year 14 Dark Skies Gearworks sponsored the third season of Krieg’s Run[21], and later in the year Lilith has contributed to the Er’edal city[22] project on Shownar II, opening her properties such as stadium, zoo and a wildlife preserve to the public, and allowing the city’s creator Eshini`el Sandhawk to construct properties on the city infrastructure that she owned. Er’edal city aimed to promote commerce and tourism in the Outer Rim, removed from the galactic politics. The ideas of neutrality and cooperation is what attracted Lilith to support the project. Lilith sold her holdings on Shownar II in Year 16.

In memory of Ankha.

Following the success of Jawa Swap Meet in Year 14 and Year 15, Lilith attended the first Memorial Swap Meet organised in Year 16 by Knights of the Fountain and other entrepreneurs after the untimely death of the original creator Uli-ah Gafsa. Inspired by the memorial Lilith held auctions in the memory of her late wife Ankha Natanaele, selling vehicles that once belonged to her and blueprints for unique modifications of a Namana-class Light Cruiser. Proceeds from the auctions were donated in full to The Ashla Covenant and their charitable mission Operation Virtuous Deeds. Lilith's contribution was just shy of 39 million Credits[23].

An event like this is not something we see in the galaxy often. I like to believe it is something my late wife would have love to attend and support, Ankha always supported equality and personal enterprise. She dedicated her life to the ideals of peace and diplomacy, and believed in the New Republic even when the government didn't always believe in her.

Sadly she has departed this galaxy over two years ago but she will always be remembered. During the Memorial Swap Meet I will be offering three vehicles that used to belong to her, and all three of them still have Ankha's personal design.

In the memory of her and her ideals, I will donate all the proceedings from all four auctions to Ashla Covenant's Operation Virtuous Deeds. Their mission to help the people of the galaxy is a worthy cause.

- Promotion of the auctions

In the following year Lilith attended the second Memorial Swap Meet with the same charitable intentions, though this time raising Credits through sales of limited edition JM-5000 ships produced by her company. Her donation to the Operation Virtuous Deeds in Year 17 was 42 million credits[24]. In Year 18 Lilith arranged for a third donation to the Operation, collecting 100 million Credits through charitables sales and donations during Tion Hegemony’s Day 300 celebrations.

Lilith resumed her philanthropic efforts in Year 21 after witnessing the martial arts fight between her then-partner Morgan Sathel and Avelyn ca Vella as the main event of Underground Fighters Championship #2. Enjoying the atmosphere of the match, Lilith wanted to help promote the sporting competition by sponsoring UFC #3 and #4. In early Year 22 Lilith also offered to sponsor a pilot for the Second Annual Underworld Racing Circuit, signing up Jensen Odama who achieved 1st place in the swoop race and 2nd place in the other racing events. As part of the sponsorship Lilith provided custom bodywork and paintjob for Jensen’s S-Swoop to be featured in the event’s custom bike show.

Personal assets

During her life Lilith has collected a number of rare and hard-to-get ships, though the private collection is a secondary concern to being able to provide for her people and maintain Vorsia Companion's independence. Many of the vessels registered under Lilith's ownership are part of the Vorsian Defence Flotilla and rarely, if ever, leave the moon's orbit. The private flotilla is easily recognisable by its white and black hulls, turquoise viewports and a stylised crimson lily (Vorsian and Lilith's personal sigil). All of her ships are registered with the prefix "LDS" (Lilith Delcroix Ship).

The following ships are just a few known to be in her ownership. Some are notable for their rarity, while others have sentimental history. Several ships listed have since lost their market value due to the influx of generic datacards available to the manufacturers.

Capital ships

  • MC-80a Star Cruiser "Prosthetic Conscience II"

After many years of unsuccessfully trying to purchase a significant warship, Lilith was able to fulfill her dream when in late Year 19 three Mon Calamari Star Cruisers appeared on the galactic market. The initial silent auctions were won by Tomas O`Cuinn, who then offered the Star Cruisers for sale via Centrepoint Marketplace in early Year 20. After some negotiations, Lilith purchased the MC-80a for 5,000,000,000 Credits. The ship was named “Prosthetic Conscience II” in honour of Amaranalah Jou's flagship on which Lilith served during her time in Black Sun.

According to available records the Star Cruisers were originally owned by The eXiles, who most likely received them from New Republic or were licensed to build them due to their political alliance. Helen Hawk transferred the ships to her private ownership when she retired as the leader of The eXiles in Year 18. New Republic saw this as a theft of restricted technology and the resulting bounty was fulfilled by Kevin Wolff of Bounty Hunters Guild in Year 19.

Dynamic freighter "LDS Dance Macabre II" departing Veltraa-class cruiser in orbit of Vorsia Companion.
  • Veltraa-class Cruisers "Before the Dawn", "Darkest Hour" and "Jou's Glory Rise"

In late Year 14 Lilith gained information about derelict Interdictor-class Cruiser on the outskirts of the known galaxy. Through her numerous business connections she was able to obtain the ancient vessel and had it delivered to Vorsia. The anonymous manufacturers of Veltraa-Class Cruisers were even harder to contact but eventually they agreed to help repair the defunct ship and sent droids to oversee the operation. With majority of the hull and rooms inaccessible at the time, the ship resided in Vorsia shipyards where it was being retrofitted with modern systems to match the manufactured Veltraa-class. The second cruiser of the same class was given to Lilith by her close friend Tex Navos before she died. On Day 250 of Year 15, Lilith obtained her third cruiser from a celebration event held during coronation Jado Dur`rik as King of Falleen Federation.

  • Modular Taskforce Cruisers "Venus Aversa" and "Mars Genesis"

In Year 13 the royal shipyards in Terephon system of Hapes Cluster began construction of four Modular Taskforce Cruisers. At the time the Old Republic government was restrictive about licensing the production schematics of the capital ship but Princess Jessica James negotiated a trade for control of the Ord Thoden 1 moon. Two of the cruisers were then given to Lilith for her contribution in the business deal and the management of their construction. In Vorsian flotilla the cruisers fulfill multiple roles but are mainly used to transport large amounts of cargo or raw material.

  • Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler "Prometheus"

"Prometheus" is easily the largest ship in the Vorsian Flotilla. It was obtained in mid-Year 14 on the public market from Aliyah Shee`lil in a trade for (at the time) expensive technology; over a dozen Heavy Battle Armour sets and A-280 rifles. The vessel serves its intended purpose as a cargo hauler and contributed in several industrial operations around Vorsia system, Trade Federation and Tion Hegemony space, most notably during personal construction projects on Mantesa by Lilith and Jecal Nadrihm.

  • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser "Lunar Eclipse"

Lilith did not have the intention to purchase a Dreadnaught-class vessel due to its rather high price on the private market, which at the time was roughly 1 Billion Credits, but in late Year 15 it came to her ownership without the price tag. It was offered by Navik Ikron as a prize for winning a competition run by him, opened only for members of the Galactic Concordiate. After the very long hyper-trip from Avance Coalition space to Vorsia system the ship was rechristened as "Lunar Eclipse". Despite being reduced to a fraction of its past market value, it is still one of the most heavily armoured ships and in combination with its extensive fire-power it retained a place in the Vorsian Flotilla.


  • EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate "Vigo Jou's Revenge"

The frigate was constructed by Olanji Corporation in 4037 (Year 11). It was commissioned by King Jessy James for his daughter Princess Jessica James to accommodate her needs during space travel within Hapes Cluster. It served in the Phoenix Fleet as Princess Jessica's personal vessel under the name "HJ Enterprise". In late year 4038 (Year 12) the frigate was presented to Lilith Delcroix as a reward for her outstanding services in the Royal House James of Hapes. Since then the ship operates mainly within Vorsia system. It is the most unique ship in Lilith's fleet due to its macabre and necrotic design. It was named in honour of Vigo Jou.

The different designs of the Light Cruiser.
  • Namana-class Light Cruiser "Last Hour of Sunlight"

The unclear records about the origins of the ship suggest that it was serving in the Black Sun fleet until it was given to Fleur`De Rouge as part of an exchange for a captured trader Helena Gladio, although this cannot be confirmed. The unknown original name was changed to "Ankha's Heart" and Fleur kept using it to commit her crimes until her death in Year 14 Day 61. The ownership then passed to pirate Consigliere Syn and in Year 14 Day 122 it was bought by Gilbert Reed for Minerva Umgee, who could not afford the ship on her own and it was held as collateral by Gilbert's company. Later in the same year, Minerva was given a different Namana-class Light Cruiser and "Ankha's Heart" was sold for large amount of Z-95 Headhunter datacards to Robby Rae, owner of FreiTek Inc. He then gifted the cruiser to its namesake, Ankha Natanaele while she was on a trip to the Southern sectors. It was rechristened as "AN Tsek" and underwent heavy modifications all designed and remotely managed by Lilith. Unfortunately its new owner did not see the competition.

The cruiser came into Lilith's ownership after Ankha's tragic accident that cut short their recent marriage and left Lilith a widow. Unhappy with the ship's complicated history of dishonourable crimes, causing emotional distress to Ankha and it being used for misguided shows of affection, Lilith redesigned it entirely again. Majority of the modifications were remotely supervised and done in the Messert shipyards but for the final retrofitting the vessel was moved to Vorsia system where Lilith could oversee it directly to ensure only the core skeleton of Namana-class was all that remained of the original ship. Upon completion it was rechristened to "Last Hour of Sunlight". Since then the cruiser rests in the Vorsia system.

  • Hammerhead-class Cruiser "Rii Princess"

A sister ship to Hammerhead Cruiser "Rii Princess II", both named in honour of Princess Jessica James who purchased the cruisers in early Year 12 and gifted one to Lilith. Their collective cost was over 300,000,000 Credits. Initially the cruiser was used by Lilith as one of her transports within Hapes Cluster but was dispatched to Vorsia system later that year to join the Defence Flotilla. Although the cruiser has since lost much of its market value, Lilith has not yet wished to decommission it and it is retained as part of the fleet for sentimental reasons.

  • Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser "Gracefallen"

A long sought after ship by Lilith due to affinity for ion weaponry. It was bought from Gilbert Reed for 600,000,000 Credits in late Year 14. Lilith often used it as her personal transport around Trade Federation space until it was assigned to the Vorsian Defence Flotilla on a more permanent basis.


  • Bayonet-class Light Cruisers "Bloodflower" and "Thorn of Roses"

The first light cruiser was purchased for 300,000,000 from Karvainen Kummajainen in late Year 14, joining the Vorsian Flotilla as an ideal diplomatic vessel thanks to its above average hyperspace speed for a corvette. The second cruiser of this class came to Lilith's ownership at the start of Year 16. It served as a mobile operational center in the Southern Regions of Trade Federation during her time as the Regional Governor of Zuma Region.

  • DP-20c Gunship "Gatekeeper"

Available only in limited numbers for private ownership, the small, agile and heavily armed gunship was traded to Lilith in early Year 12 by Jormungand Gand in exchange for a different rare corvette. It was one of the few ships in Lilith's ownership that took part in the initial subduing of Vorsia Companion. On several occasions the threat of its heavy armament was enough to prevent conflict, resulting in the opposition entering peaceful negotiations without a shot fired. Years later, the gunship continues to safeguard the Vorsia system.


  • GR-75 Medium Transport "Amaranalah"

"Amaranalah" is a modified GR-75 Medium Transport and served in the overthrown Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) logistic fleet under the name "Orion" between Year 5 and Year 10, as far as reports go. In the first month of Year 12 the ship was offered for auction via Centrepoint Marketplace by Orphaea Imperium who stole it from CSA. It was eventually purchased from Centrepoint by Lilith for 136,000,000 Credits. The heavy freighter is easily recognizable by its unique engines that are much larger than those of standard GR-75, making its sublight speed twice as fast. The heavy freighter was often found travelling Trade Federation space, supporting Lilith's various missions during her service.

  • J-type 327 Starship "Kaab be Werde"

The light freighter of Naboo design was gifted to Lilith by Mand'alor Kai Oryk in late Year 12. In honour of its origin the ship bears a Mandalorian name that translates to "Sound of Darkness".

  • Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle "Profit Margin"

Built before Year 0 of Combine Galactic Time, the shuttle has no recorded date of manufacture. Its service history with Trade Federation is also largely unknown. Prior to Year 15 the shuttle was assigned to the Department of Logistics and with other freighters of its class transported new members of the government from starports to their place of service. At some point in early Year 15 the shuttle was reassigned to Lilith as her personal transport ship. Retaining its original name "Symphony", it was always docked in Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship "Profit Margin". The capital ship was named by Lilith and was assigned to her since its construction was completed, remaining with her throughout her whole career in the Trade Federation. The Sheathipede Shuttle was mainly used to travel around planets, visiting various project sites or government buildings. When Lilith was discharged from office in Year 16, Viceroy Jacob Jansen transferred the ownership to her as a token of appreciation for her services. Lilith renamed the shuttle in memory of the Lucrehulk that she used.


  • Belbullab-22 Starfighter "Prestige"

In the first months of Year 16, the fighter was offered for auction by Allaina Musava on Centrepoint Marketplace. The main bidders were Lilith, Arklari Clise and Tomas O`Cuinn. Over eleven days the price of the ship was raised by 300,000,000 Credits, ending on 404,000,000 Credits with Lilith as the winner of the auction. Although a very excessive price for a single fighter, its rarity made it a great addition to Lilith's collection. Her decision to name it "Prestige" was influenced by the amount of Credits spent.

  • TIE/ln Starfighters "Warlock"

The first TIE/ln Lilith received from Syn in early Year 14 as part of a payment for provided design services. The fragile starfighter has little combat use by itself but the novelty of flying restricted Imperial technology made Lilith buy another one in mid Year 15 when it was offered by Helena Gladio on Centrepoint Marketplace for less than 20,000,000 Credits, a relatively cheap price for restricted technology; the reason for this low asking price is forgotten. Both of the starfighters have no recorded date of manufacture, suggesting they were produced before Year 0.

  • Sabaoth Destroyer squadron "Daybreak"

The gunships were commissioned in Year 14 alongside a Sabaoth Destroyer. The frigate and the squadron were originally used in border skirmishes by The Jensaarai against intruding pirates and privateers before being transferred to private ownership at an unknown date. The frigate and the accompanying squadron arrived to Vorsia in mid-Year 15 where they were retrofitted to serve in the Vorsian flotilla. The frigate was then renamed to "Corellian Dawn" and the squadron "Daybreak". It was one of the very few Sabaoth Destroyers in private ownership. Lilith has since sold the frigate at undisclosed date, though the squadron of gunships remains in her possession.

Career history

One Nation Under Jou

  • Awarded Project Crown Jewel - Y22 D220
  • Awarded Project Shieldmaiden Medal and Operation Showdown Medal - Y22 D220
  • Awarded Project Phoenix Medal - Y22 D184
  • Crowned monarch - Y21 D308

Tion Hegemony

  • Retired from office - Y21 D308
  • Awarded Golden Brush Award - Y21 D253
  • Position changed to High Council Advisor - Y21 D201
  • Became First Lady - Y18 D300

Sienar Fleet Systems / S.W.A.T. Industries

  • Company closed - Y17 D332
  • Company rebranded - Y17 D141
  • Appointed as CEO - Y16 D217

Preceded By:
Raffael Goschmitt
Lilith Delcroix
Year 16 Day 217Year 17 Day 331
Succeeded By:
Position Retired


Hapes Consortium

  • Retired - Y16 D205
  • Promoted to Rennith - Y16 D186
  • Awarded Project Resurgence ribbon, third Letter of Industrial Achievement and Medal of Construction Silver - Y16 D162
  • Promoted to Nethir - Y16 D160
  • Awarded second Letter of Industrial Achievement - Y16 D154
  • Awarded Hapan Shield Project ribbon, Letter of Industrial Achievement and Medal of Construction Bronze - Y16 D141
  • Promoted to Locargix - Y16 D126
  • Completed Star Home Academy - Y16 D110
  • Completed Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education - Y16 D104
  • Joined the Hapes Consortium as Lerin - Y16 D100

Trade Federation

  • Discharged from office - Y16 D80
  • Master of Evocati - Y16 D50
  • Regional Governor of Zuma Region - Y16 D36
  • Art Team Lead Artist in Department of Culture - Y15 D346
  • Awarded Tour of Duty 1 Year - Y15 D302
  • Lord of Evocati - Y15 D298
  • Awarded Evocati Service Medal Level 1 - Y15 D297
  • Director of Trade - Y15 D289
  • Awarded Evocati Seal - Y15 D202
  • Judge of Terr'skiar Sector - Y15 D184
  • Awarded Medal of Recycling Gold, Medal of Culture and Identifications Dedication Bar - Y15 D173
  • Headmaster of Evocati - Y15 D65
  • Art Team Co-Leader in Department of Culture - Y15 D62
  • Chief Archivist in Department of Culture - Y15 D61
  • Awarded Bronze Seal, Distinguished Service Medal and Dahtar Award - Y15 D37
  • Knight of Evocati - Y14 D322
  • Awarded Directorate Ribbon - Y14 D311
  • Director of Recycling - Y14 D311
  • Joined the Trade Federation - Y14 D302
  • Signing of the Act of Vorsia - Y14 D26
  • Granted Federation Citizenship - Y14 D17

Regional Governor of Zuma Region
Preceded By:
Lilith Delcroix
Year 16 Day 36Year 16 Day 80
Succeeded By:
Paul Luz
Lead Artist
Preceded By:
Torran Forano
Lilith Delcroix
Year 15 Day 346Year 16 Day 80
Succeeded By:
Jacob Jansen
Director of Trade
Preceded By:
Tanez Kalrade
Lilith Delcroix
Year 15 Day 289Year 16 Day 36
Succeeded By:
Ted Winner
Headmaster of the Evocati Order
Preceded By:
Alan Arcane
Lilith Delcroix
Year 15 Day 65Year 16 Day 50
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Chief Archivist
Preceded By:
Otto Kipler
Lilith Delcroix
Year 15 Day 61Year 16 Day 80
Succeeded By:
Fernando Gomes
Director of Recycling
Preceded By:
Lilith Delcroix
Year 14 Day 311Year 15 Day 289
Succeeded By:
Ithael Slite


Dark Skies Gearworks

  • Company closed - Y14 D282
  • Sole ownership - Y13 D341
  • Co-Founder, Forgemaster - Y13 D185

Dael`mor Logistics

  • Company closed - Y13 D185
  • Director - Y13 D100

Royal House James of Hapes

  • Resigned - Y14
  • Joined the House as Retainer - Y12 D50

Black Sun

  • Retired - Y12
  • Sai-Los (Honourary) - Y12
  • Accepted into the Family by Vigo Jou - Y11
  • Aspirant of Maurari - Y11 

The Force


"Everything you have been told is a lie."

While the Force has been an almost constant presence in Lilith's adult life after arriving in the known galaxy, her direct connection has been non-existent for many years. She was unable to personally attune to its presence. This had been much to her frustration; despite the hours of studying with the Dark Masters of Maurari, and later friends and acquaintances that were sensitive to the Force; it had always eluded her grasp. After years of disappointment she had eventually given up this pursuit, allowing the grief and suffering which had stemmed from the frustration to subside into nothingness. However, it seemed that as her willingness to move past the elusive connection had finally set in, the Force had very different plans for what would lay ahead.

Adept Force Sensitive.

On vacation in the sand dunes of Tatooine, only a week after her twenty-second birthday and the first marriage, it seemed the Force has decided to manifest itself within the emotionally scarred, yet healing Hapan. Having recreationally hunted the local creatures after visiting the B`omarr Monastery, Lilith had fainted beneath the sweltering heat. While the assumption was that the desert environment had caused the sudden collapse, within her brewed something far more unusual. On the following day she felt different, but unable to explain how. Somehow she was more aware of her own emotions and the world around her; she did not like it. Knowing one of her old Force Sensitive friends was in the Tatoo system, Lilith made contact to seek spiritual guidance. It came as a shock to find out her connection to the Force was awakened, or so she believed it happened at that time.

Unsure how to deal with the situation, Lilith tried to ignore it at first because she was afraid of the influence of the Dark Side from her past. The Darkness did not scare her, she was afraid what effect it would have on her relationship; Ankha was a staunch supporter of the New Republic and the Jedi teachings of their allies. Regardless of the path, it soon became obvious she needed to learn how to control her newfound sensitivity. Lilith reached out to the Force groups she knew how to contact, gathering information and discussing with her partner how to best approach the situation. During the first days Lilith simply tried to meditate on her own, slowly strengthening her connection to the Force and practicing new abilities with the lightsaber she possessed for years. Due to the general desire for independence it was more important to first discover her natural powers and worry about the philosophical side of the Force later.

Unfortunately, in later years Lilith discovered she had been deceived and the Force did not come to her on Tatooine. Unknown to her, the Force has been already guiding her for several months but the information was withheld by Execurus Edun, when she visited Trade Federation Acclamator I-class Assault Ship early in Year 14. When the truth came to light, it changed Lilith's view on what happened to her. She came to believe the eventual pain brought by the relationship with Ankha was punishment from the Dark Side and the despair was a way to set her on the right path. Had she known the truth from the start; she would have surely embraced the Dark Side much sooner. Most likely it would have prevented Ankha from falling in love with Lilith in the first place, and without straying from the path of Darkness the suffering would have been avoided. During the relationship Lilith knew peace, something she lost when it ended. Not wanting to repeat her mistake, Lilith placed her faith in the guidance of the Force to find peace once again.


"As the Evocati evolves understanding of the Force, the code evolves with it."
Knight of Vorsia, Headmaster of Evocati.

After accepting position in the Trade Federation, Lilith was invited to join the Evocati Order where she occasionally studied under tutelage of Regent Olwin Froon whenever the opportunity presented itself in the busy schedule of a Director. Their training sessions were focused around meditation and channelling the Force for longer periods of time, allowing Lilith to improve her Force abilities. On Year 14 Day 323, when her connection and understanding of the Force was stronger, Lilith was revealed to the Trade Federation as a Knight of Evocati. Unhappy with the overall state of the Order, Lilith soon began to involve herself in its administration. After a few months her potential was recognised by the Inner Circle and she was appointed as the Headmaster of Evocati. The role placed her in charge of the Evocati Academy, responsible for overseeing training within the Order. It allowed her to work with the Inner Circle directly on reforming the Order into a place of knowledge instead of solely focusing on defending the Trade Federation. Later in the Year 15, Lilith discovered the Force potential within her lover Jecal Nadrihm. She never considered taking an apprentice before but she was eager to explore the Force alongside her partner and share her knowledge.

As the Headmaster, Lilith was involved in creating the Evocati Code. It was something she had to be able to teach to others and so she began to develop her own teachings of the Code and the Force. In the past her views on the Force have been heavily influenced by the Sith ideology and different views were shunned by the single minded perspective. However, when her sensitivity was discovered she quickly realized she would not be able to embrace hate and anger of the Sith, and blindly follow the Code that would, in her opinion, ultimately limit her potential. Personal experience with the Force made Lilith believe that there is only the Dark Side, often referring to the Force simply as the Darkness. Though she did not teach her personal belief to the Order at large, instead she supported a more open view for the sake of the Order as a whole. After almost a year of training, Lilith was raised to the rank of Lord of Evocati; a title officially recognised by the Trade Federation even outside of the Order. She continued to serve as the Headmaster for many months and although her reforms were not seen positively by all (namely Execurus Edun who lost control of the Order due to the changes), the work she had done opened the way to transform the Order entirely. Under the new system, the position of Headmaster was no longer required but Lilith was raised to the rank of Master of Evocati. She was discharged from the Order with all of her other positions within the Trade Federation only a few weeks later, leaving her work in Evocati unfinished.


"I know that light is not for me."

After being discharged from the Evocati Order, Lilith did not join any other Force Order and made no attempts to teach anyone. Pursuit of further understanding of the Force felt secondary in her life. She still adhered to the Dark Side but developed no defined philosophy of her views and behaviour. During the years of commercial pursuit Lilith’s use of the Force was almost entirely practical, reduced to honing her skills with the lightsaber. She remained this way until her relationship with Stephanie Barefoot, who was also Force Sensitive. During their marriage Lilith taught Stephanie everything she knew, and then the two of them worked together to research the Dark Side beyond their current limits. However, they made no attempts to revive Tion’s Voss Mystics and only rarely Lilith trained Tion’s Force Sensitive citizens. When she did, it was never beyond the basics.

Grand Master of the Dark Side.

During her years in Tion Hegemony Lilith began to believe that her views of the Force were heavily romanticized, mainly due to her past lifestyle being influenced by people who lived without responsibilities, ultimately only caring about themselves. She saw first hand how blindly following a Code lead to unnecessary suffering for the benefit of none, how the minority of Force Sensitives were able to shape the galaxy. It was difficult for Lilith to see the justification for such actions, regardless of the side of the Force they were done in the name of. As the First Lady of Tion and sovereign of Vorsia Companion she experienced it was entirely possible to divorce ruling a nation from personal opinions of the Force. For these reasons Lilith distanced herself from the Dark Side, from the Force as a whole, and grew complacent.

It was only by chance that Lilith learned of a threat to Tion near her retirement from the government. The Order of the One Sith planned to assert their influence over the High Council and establish Sith culture in Tion, effectively destroying everything Lilith’s wife had worked for. Although their plans were thwarted and the One Sith ultimately destroyed, Lilith began to question her faith in the Force once more. She considered the price she paid for the knowledge as a factor that led to the end of her marriage and more emotional suffering, not dissimilar to what happened with Ankha years prior; as if history repeated itself. From that time Lilith has dedicated herself to training once more, seeking to understand what it is that the Darkness wants from her.


"In Darkness unafraid."

Following the establishment of One Nation Under Jou, Lilith has not been known to have an apprentice nor has she established any Force Order as part of the nation. Though Lilith continues to publicly advocate for the Dark Side when voicing her opinion on the matters of the Force. During the short-lived relationship with Kara DuMonte, Lilith entertained exploring the Light Side, influenced by her partner's strong association with the opposite spectrum of the Force. However, any hope of this died with the relationship. Her experience with those that claim to follow the Light Side has only furthered Lilith's belief in the Dark and scepticism of the Light.

Force powers and abilities

Lightsaber training

"The ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether. The warrior embraces all around her. The desire to fight no longer exists. Only peace remains."
The first lessons on board BSS Vrazi.

Swordsmanship was never just a martial art to Lilith; it became a passion of combining grace and lethality. She trained in the use of swords from a young age, mostly as an interest and to keep fit, but did not come into contact with lightsabers until she was twenty years old. From the first moment she was fascinated by the weapon and very keen to take upon herself the challenge of training in its use even without the Force. It was former Sith Lord Azrakh Raleep who entertained this notion and introduced Lilith to lightsaber combat, teaching her the basics. She was very skilled with swords but an almost weightless weapon of pure energy behaved like nothing she used before. Persevering through difficulty and frustration, Lilith eventually learned to wield the weapon without hurting herself but she knew her skills with lightsabers would be limited and would not be able to stand up to a Force Sensitive opponent.

After her own sensitivity to the Force was discovered, it allowed Lilith to take her skills to a whole different level and more importantly, she was able to study the lightsaber techniques. With a single crimson blade and a curved hilt, Lilith began with the Makashi Form II as in her environment single duels were the most likely. However, as her life took a different direction, so did her interest in duelling. In the Evocati Order, Lilith realised the need for an offensive form was redundant and instead became interested in mastering the defensive Soresu Form III.

When fighting, for practice or otherwise, Lilith does not use Force Powers often as she prefers to rely on martial prowess and physical strength; which is further enhanced by her cybernetics. The Force is used more passively to enhance her reflexes and maintain her stamina, allowing her to take full advantage of the Soresu Form. For many years, and to this day, lightsaber training continues to be part of her daily routine. Lilith believes herself to be a master of the Soresu Form and is known to challenge other Force Sensitives to duels to prove her otherwise.

Force Powers

"The Force is not just black and white, you know. It can't be defined by some codes or certain powers labeled as good and evil. What the Force is... what the Dark Side really is... is freedom."

In the first months, when Lilith’s passive connection wasn’t strong she realized the most natural way for her to attune to the Force was through her own fears and emotional scars. However, attuning to the Force in such a way not only strengthened her connection but also made her remember all the past moments when she felt those emotions. The more she focused, the more painful memories were awakened. It was frightening and the reason why Lilith did not learn many powers that required her to channel the Force.

Over time and many meditation sessions, Lilith learned how to control the channelled emotions and not be affected by them as much. Tapping into the Force became easier and she could learn more advanced Force Powers. Lilith soon discovered an innate ability to sense those emotions in other living beings, more easily in non-sentient creatures at first but later in sentient beings as well. Through the Force, Lilith learned to manipulate those emotions; to make them stronger or to calm them. She also learned how to influence living cells to regenerate and heal. Further understanding of this ability allowed Lilith not only to revive from the unconscious state, but also cause the opposite effect for the cells to become debilitated.

Lilith is very pragmatic with the use of the Force. It is natural to her to use it in her everyday life, ranging from picking up objects with telekinesis to preventing sleep deprivation with meditation. It suits her workaholic lifestyle that the Force can keep her mind and body focused for longer than ordinary humans can. As a practitioner of the Dark Side powers, Lilith is likely able to channel Force Lightning and use other powers labeled as ‘dark’ by certain Force Orders.


"An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age."
Heavy-duty lightsaber.

Lilith has been in possession of a lightsaber since late Year 11. The gifted lightsaber was heavily customised and the hilt was curved for better use in the Makashi lightsaber form. While a skilled craftsman, Lilith was unable to adequately work with the inner workings of a lightsaber before she was Force Sensitive and so she didn't risk damaging the prized weapon. Instead, her only modifications were cosmetic. When she began to train in Soresu Form, Lilith desired a new hilt, more customised to herself. When she began to train in Soresu Form Lilith desired a new hilt, more customised to herself. Using the Force she was able to take apart the weapon completely and reuse some of the intricate components and connect them back together with a new crimson crystal. For the hilt itself she chose a heavy-duty model, with a solid hilt, an emitter shroud and a power cell at the bottom. The hilt was covered with interwoven leather wrapping that acted as the grip of the lightsaber. The weapon was always in perfect working condition despite looking worn and well used.

Primeval lightsaber.

Allegedly Lilith lost her first lightsaber to Syn, and while never publicly addressing the allegation, Lilith has started to use a different lightsaber in later Year 15. The lightsaber was crafted from precious metals that formed the base of the hilt, engraved with fine details. The hilt was set in a bone of primeval predator creature found during excavations on Vorsia Companion. Leather straps were added mainly as a decorative feature. The lightsaber contained half-synthetic crimson crystal, made out of Vorsian Lowickan and was enhanced by Kell Dragon pearl. The contrast between fine crafted metal and bone was an artistic reflection on Lilith’s Vorsian home, representing the industrial expansion of the moon and its natural feral jungles.

Artistic lightsaber.

During her time in Tion Hegemony Lilith crafted a third lightsaber which she has been using as her primary ever since. Utilising her full artistic talent, the lightsaber was designed with a high level of craftsmanship, using only the finest materials and could be viewed as a work of art more than a practical weapon. The elegant handle is sleek and highly polished, topped by a sculpture of a feminine angelic figure with the emitter nested between the wings.The sculpture’s purpose is to also distance the hand from the emitter and act as a guard. Just like all of Lilith’s previous lightsabers, it features a red blade, but the nature of the crystals powering the lightsabers is unknown.