Lilitu Ningaz

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Lilitu Ningaz
Biographical Information
Race Diathim (Formerly Falleen)
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Spouse Andy Longshot(Deceased)
Siblings N/A
Children None
Born N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 57kg
Coloring pale skin that shines
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Political Information

Lilitu Ningaz is the assumed name of a Female Falleen turned Diathim by the Metamorphosis Plague. Her birth name is unknown to anyone but Lilitu as she refuses to speak about the circumstances before she took the name of an untamed huntress. The assumed name originated from an ancient religion that originated in the more secluded parts or Falleen Prime. While she does not adhere or practice the religion, she did take her name from its source material. She is known to enjoy the thrill of a kill, the sight of a person's light going out of their eyes is one of the things that she lives for. Lilitu was not always this blood thirsty. Events in her past transformed her into a creature that will smile sweetly at you as she pulls the trigger.

Personality traits include being fiercely loyal to those she considers family and friends. She often can be seen with a smile on her face. She uses the smile as a mask to the outside and hides her true feelings behind it. Only those who are in her inner circle know when a smile is not genuine. Lilitu cares nothing for politics and could care less about the galactic civil war. She does odd jobs to support herself but has no real roots set down in one place.

Lilitu glows like a typical Diathim. Her wings are red in color, a throw back to her red skin when she was Falleen. She wears her black hair loose most of the time but she will tie it back when working a hunt so it stays out of her line of sight. Her once emerald green eyes changed to a light jade green, and are another striking feature of hers as they seem to glow with their own fire.

Lilitu will use any and all means necessary to get what she wants. She enjoys the thrill of a kill and the hunt most of all.

Early life

Lilitu Before Her Abduction

Lilitu's early years were spent in the lap of luxury. She was the pampered daughter of a rich Falleen aristocrat. It is unknown which clan she belonged to, as Lilitu refuses to reveal details about this part of her life. What is known is that she was the favorite daughter and heir to her family's fortune. What sources have been able to dig up about this shadowy time in Lilitu Ningaz's life is that she was sent to the best schools and given the best education and training that credits could buy. However, clues to her early life frequently surface in her day to day life. Her birth name is unknown to all except Lilitu, she refuses to reveal exact details of who she was before the incident that changed her life. Lilitu, admits that during this time in her life, she was naive to the cruel ways of the galaxy and had no concept of the dangers before her.

Death of an Innocent

As a young Falleen, Lilitu was very privileged and grew up sheltered. Her parents thought that they were protecting her by giving her an education in things like music, dance and the arts. While she was the heiress to the family fortune, it was always assumed that she would have an adviser help her run the estate when it came time for her to take the reigns. Lilitu did have education in the management of the estate but unlike the majority of her people, she often followed her heart and was incredibly naive. Lilitu had no concept of the darker side of life until it found her.

While attending the theater Lilitu met a Coruscanti gentleman and it seemed like love at first sight. He was charming and romantic and, following her heart, she fell for him. To her, he was perfect, romantic, sensitive, caring, treated her with respect. He proposed to her a 6 months into the budding relationship and she enthusiastically agreed. Her parents disapproved of the match and did not hide their feelings from their daughter. They warned that a relationship with a non-Falleen was highly unacceptable and that she risked her future by being with him. As things often go in the galaxy, Lilitu's fiance was not what he claimed to be, and his true colors were made apparent on a warm evening that would change Lilitu for the rest of her days.

The evening was a surprise and began as many of the romantic evenings had before. He took her to an expensive restaurant for the evening meal, showered her with affection and small trinkets. As the evening progressed, he suggested that they walk under the stars as the night was perfect weather for an intimate stroll and he whispered of a further surprise for her. Excited at the prospect of yet more unplanned festivities, she followed him with out question. She was oblivious to everything in that evening except his voice and the sweet words he said to her. It was only when he led them into a darkened alley that she realized they were no longer in what she would consider a civilized part of the city. Also, to her confusion, they faced a trio of other males.

Lilitu in Captivity

It was at this point her beloved's true self came to light. He threw Lilitu into the waiting hands of the other men with a laugh and informed her that she needed to cooperate or her situation would only worsen. When she demanded to know what was happening, he back handed Lilitu, telling her not to speak unless spoken to and bound her wrists with stun cuffs. One of the other men put a black bag over her head and they threw her into a waiting speeder. She stayed quiet and did not struggle, fearing more abuse from the man who had just moments before been whispering words of love. Lilitu was removed from the speeder after a time of travel and pushed about roughly. She once lost her footing and stumbled to the ground as she was pushed to their destination. One of the men, kicked her in the ribs and grabbed a handful of her hair through the black bag and yanked her to her feet. Lilitu was finally thrown into a into a chair where her wrists and ankles were bound to the the chair. As the bag was removed from her head, her eyes struggled to make out the forms before her in the bright light that was beating down on her. Her fiance's face was the first that came into focus. He informed her that he was holding her for ransom and that if she cooperated and if her parents met the terms of the ransom then he would keep his partners from harming her any further. Her fiance and his men then left her in the chair and left the cell that she was in. As the door slammed shut behind them, the lights went out leaving Lilitu in an inky pitch black hell.

Lilitu cooperated as best she could. She didn't speak, and held back her tears. At times the man she had loved would come in and give her food and drink. He released her from the chair and allow her to visit the refresher. Before he left he would always bind her back to the chair and leave her in darkness. He never said a word to her in those times, and she ached to ask him why he was doing this to her? She didn't understand how someone could be so cruel. Lilitu was unsure how long she was in the chair but the day her captor came in and spoke to her was the day the woman she had been died.

The Coruscanti threw open the cell door and was followed by his men. Two of the men released her from the chair and held her arms tightly. Her ex fiance glared at her and proceeded to beat her till she could no longer support herself. As he beat her, he informed her that the reply from her parents was that they were leaving her to the consequences of having a relationship with someone outside her species and that he could expect no payment from them for her release. He told her that she would be the one to pay for the insult and that she would suffer greatly for the mistakes of her parents. He continued to beat her till she passed out.

When Lilitu woke up, she was bound back to the chair and in the dark. The pain she felt knew no relief. Her parents had abandoned her, her fiance was a monster and the Gods refused to answer her prayers for mercy. When the door to the cell opened it was not her ex fiance who entered but his men. The look in their eyes frightened her and with good reason. They beat and violated her repeatedly, humiliating her in unspeakable ways. For weeks she was treated violently and there were times the man she loved would join them further cementing that what they had shared was all a farce.

Demonic Release

Lilitu was never sure of how long she stayed a captive to the Coruscanti and his men. She wasn't even sure exactly what led to the events of her liberation, but what she did remember was the sound of blaster fire and screamed curses.

When her cell door opened, a red Falleen male stood before her covered in blood and with a blaster in his hands. He came into the room and released her from the chair and pushed a small hold out blaster into her hands and told her to follow him. Lilitu asked who he was but he spun around and shot out of the door. Lilitu was shocked by the demon's face on the back of the man's leather vest.

Lilitu hobbled behind the red male and his demon faced vest, adrenaline pumping through her veins keeping her moving. In her weakened state the commotion around them was deafening but she concentrated on following the demon's eyes. That demon was her life line to release and she followed it faithfully. The demon stopped and she heard the red figure tell her to get down as he took aim and fired on an attacker. Once dispatched, the man wearing the demon again told her to follow him and he led her beyond the doors of the warehouse she then discovered she was held in, and nodded toward the S Swoop idling. Lilitu climbed on behind him and he sped away from the hell she had lived in.

Lilitu held on to her savior and buried her face between the demon's eyes. When the swoop came to a halt, she sat up and again asked who he was. The falleen male turned slightly toward her and chuckled slightly before informing her that his name was Krimson. She asked why he had saved her, his answer was that he heard her captors bragging about what they had done and saw it as a territory violation and punished them for their audacity to operate in his area. He asked her who she was, she grinned the first of many grins that would hide her true feelings, and told him no one important.

Reborn Huntress

Lilitu recalled from her education, the name of a goddess from an obscure ancient religion in the wilder parts of Falleen Prime. She adopted the name as her own, refusing to speak the name of the innocent who died. Many would have been broken by the trauma of the experience, but Lilitu drew strength and vowed to herself she would never be a victim. She vowed to herself that she would die before she would allow herself to be captive again. And she vowed to hunt down and kill the Coruscanti who had betrayed her love and her trust.

When her strength returned, Krimson taught her basic self defense and some simple ways to take care of herself. He had offered to train her and to aid her in avenging the wrong done to her at the hands of her fiance, but she told him it was something she needed to do on her own. That after she had hunted and killed the Coruscanti then she would find him and repay him for saving her life.

Again, Lilitu's old education gave her the next direction in her life as she took her leave of the red male and traveled to Kiffex. There she learned more about combat and hunting from the passionate warrior people. They taught her the use of different weapons and tricks to hunting that only they could provide. She soaked up the wisdom and lessons imparted to her by the tattooed race and then began the hunt.

With her new training the man who had been her fiance was not difficult to find. Lilitu enjoyed watching him, learning his movements, savoring the hunt. Her time with the Kiffar, taught her patience in the stalk, to wait till the perfect moment to strike the death blow.

The night Lilitu killed him was very much like the night of her abduction. It was warm and beautiful and but there was a crispness to the air that foreshadowed a storm on the horizon. Lilitu followed him and watched him as he joked around with new men. She knew the time was ripe for the kill when she saw him enter a dark alley much like the one he showed his true self to her in alone. Why he went in there with out his men, she never bothered to ask, she didn't care. It was his blood that she wanted.

Lilitu stood at the entrance to the alley and waited for him to return from what ever had drawn him down its trash strewn path hand resting on a combat knife that one her Kiffar teachers had given her. She smirked, time had not been kind to him.

Lilitu did not waste words on the man before her. She smiled sweetly as recognition of who she was drained the color from his face. She did not give him a chance to compose himself and she slipped the blade into his heart easily. The sound it made was almost as enjoyable as the whimper he made as she pulled it out again. Lilitu leaned in and kissed his cheek, and watched him fall to his knees and to the ground. His blood emptied from his body in hot spurts on the dusty ground at her feet. When the light left his eyes, a wave of pleasure flooded her body and she continued to smile as she cleaned her blade on his shirt and left him to rot in the alley.

Betrayed a Second Time

Lilitu had achieved her retribution and met up with triumphantly met back up with Krimson. She allowed herself to be happy but something was still missing. She continued to hunt and to travel with the red male. She knew he had more to teach her and her thirst for knowledge was insatiable. She became the student and learned the seedier side of hunting, of taking advantage of a weakened opponent. He taught her to be truly with out mercy. It was during this training that Lilitu noticed something different about the way Krimson treated her. He was no longer treating her as if she were a pet to be cared for. He began treating her as an equal, a warrior he'd be happy to have at his side during a fire fight. But Krimson also began to treat her with a new tenderness and affection that surprised Lilitu. She did her best to ignore the new way he treated her. She didn't want to see what she was seeing, and she didn't want to admit to herself that she was returning the affection. Lilitu fought her feelings because of what happened with the Coruscanti. She kept reminding herself of her vow to not become a victim. Krimson was persistent however. His overtures became less subtle and more direct. Finally, she could no longer deny how she had come to feel about him.

Lilitu gave into his requests and they started to see each other in an intimate way. They killed groups of people and packs of animals together, reveling in the havoc they wrought together. Krimson began to speak of marriage and she again entertained the thought. Lilitu was cautious but the promises he made her made and the things he said, her guard dropped. She trusted him and did as she was asked. When Krimson had to go on business, she would busy herself with tasks for him preparing for the life he assured her they would have together.

As the universe had proven itself in the past, nothing was as it seemed. Lilitu's world came crashing down a second time. Krimson's promises turned out to be little more than the empty lies of an honor less coward. The truth of his actions came to light through the receipt of an encrypted message to Lilitu from someone who thought it in her best interest to know who Krimson really was. The message showed proof of infidelity, proof of his transgressions against the swoop club he was trying to get her to be apart of, and proof of his ill intentions for Lilitu herself.

Lilitu was crushed again, but as with the last time, used the pain to strengthen her resolve and give her the strength to know what needed to be done. Krimson had to die for the crimes against her, but the person who would kill him would be from the club he had sinned against. It was only fitting that the people he had sworn were family, be the ones to bleed him.

As Lilitu began to make the arrangements for Krimson's death, her trade mark grin never left her face.

Life is Hell

Killing Krimson turned out to be easier than killing the Coruscanti. The red falleen was unaware of the information that Lilitu had come into possession of and still placed his trust in her. She always wore a smile for him, lulling him into a false sense of security. She played the dutiful supportive lover and waited for the right moment to call in his brothers to come and execute their brand of justice. At times Lilitu was tempted to insert a blade between his ribs. She resisted the urge every time he would speak to her after she discovered the truth. Her hate burned but her plans were finally coming to fruition.

It was during these plans that Lilitu met Andy Longshot. He was a Nomad brother to Krimson and the one who Krimson seemed to have the most issue with. Lilitu could recall many evenings where Krimson would vent to her his frustrations with the red nautolan. Her communications with Longshot at first were professional and purely business. She gave him information about Krimson's schedule and door codes to the ships that the spineless bastard would be traveling on. In later communications, Lilitu and Longshot began to posture and try to out flirt the other. Challenges were issued regarding their individual prowess's and who would ride bitch on who's swoop.

Lilitu enjoyed the uncomplicated way things seemed to be heading with Andy. He was an unapologetically confident male who could back up his talk. Which she learned one day when they both met up at the Hellion's Tavern. The challenge of who would be who's bitch was accepted and they went to one of the rooms in the back of the tavern to once and for all figure out who was the winner of all the talking and boasting. Longshot came out on top of the challenge and Lilitu gladly road behind him on his swoop as his ol lady.

Together, Lilitu and Longshot plotted and executed the plan to kill Krimson. His betrayal of her and of his club resolved with blood at the hands of Andy Longshot allowed Lilitu to simply relax into a new chapter of her life. She continued to work odd jobs for the friends that she had, and she spent her free time with Andy in the tavern or finding random people and creatures to kill. She worried about little any more. Again vowing to not become a victim of men like the Coruscanti and Krimson.

Lilitu's life has only exploded with prosperity since Krimson's death. She had been unaware how much the male falleen had hid from her and held her back from reaching her full potential. It was at this time in her life that Lilitu discovered who she was and what she was truly capable of.

Fallen Angel

Lilitu After her Change

Lilitu was content with the way her life was going. She was dating Longshot and going along with him to do what she loved. Hunt. When they weren't hunting they could both be found in the Hellion's Tavern. Lilitu fell into her role as his Ol'Lady easily. She knew exactly what was expected of her, have her man's back, make sure the Unicorn was taken care of, and be vicious to anyone who dared mess with either her or her Ol'man. They made a great team, and she had something she never had with Krimson. There was open communication and respect.

One evening, while in the Tavern, Lilitu had not been feeling well. She soldiered through it, not wanting to show weakness in front of anyone who might be watching. The pain and vertigo she felt was difficult to hide and it soon became clear to all that she was not well. She never dropped her smile, her shield that she hid all behind. One of Longshot's brother's had taken notice of her and gave her an old trandoshan remedy to aid her healing. It helped certain symptoms, but it did nothing to cease the pain she felt.

When Longshot came into the bar, Lilitu continued to try and hide her ailments insisting nothing was wrong with her. Not one to be fooled, Longshot called her out and she admitted to being in pain and nauseous, but still insisted that she was fine. Again, he called her out and insisted that she go to his ship and recover. She reluctantly agreed and as she went to head towards the door, she collapsed, her body racked in agony. Longshot quickly scooped her in his arms and carried her to his ship to where she would be safe and not out in the open while she was vulnerable. He left her there, knowing she was secure.

Lilitu remembers little of her actual transformation. She remembers searing agony and feeling like she had been ripped apart from the inside out. When she awoke, it became apparent to her that she had caught the dreaded Metamorphosis Plague, a disease that would change a beings DNA and appearance from what they were born to, to a completely different species. When she looked in a mirror, Lilitu discovered she was no longer the proud scarlet Falleen she had been, but a Diathim, also known as an Angel to the spacers of old. Her skin was luminescent, her eyes a jade green that also seemed to glow, she was now 2 meters tall and she had wings. Her wings were the only clue of the woman she had been as they were a deep scarlet. As painful as it was, the universe had let her shed the last piece that held her to her old life. She was a new woman, powerful, confident, skilled, and unrecognizable from the young falleen who had been so cruelly treated. Lilitu was pleased.

After cleaning herself up from the mess of the transformation, Lilitu made her way back to the tavern that had become her home. To her surprise, her Ol'Man was no longer the majestic nautolan that she had fallen for, but he too had transformed. He was was now an imposing Diathim himself. Both were surprised to see the change in the other but not disappointed and immediately they began arguing over who was the more beautiful Angel. A topic they still disagree on.

Third Times A Charm

Lilitu embraced the way her life was heading. Even being a new species seemed a gift from the universe. She was self employed and making good money in all her business dealings and things in her personal life were doing just as well if not better. But even then, just when she thought she knew the man she had become involved with, he surprised her again.

One evening they were in the Hellion's Tavern. There was an air of depression and sadness that filled the atmosphere. As Lilitu sat at the bar, Andy came out from the room he kept at the tavern and greeted her normally. There was a look in his eye that she recognized as mischievous, but she thought little of it. It was his way to lighten the mood and keep people guessing. Lilitu knew that what ever he had planned, it would be marvelous. Little did she know that what he had planned would effect her for the rest of her days. The look on her face when he proposed marriage to her in front of everyone in the tavern must have been priceless. They had never even discussed the possibility of marriage as both seemed happy with things as they were. But as he looked into her eyes with the cocky smirk, knowing he had caught her off her guard, she knew that he was the only one who was twisted enough to handle her. And she was the only one twisted enough to handle him. She agreed to marry him.

Their engagement would be considered lengthy by some as they refused to set a date, figuring that it would happen when ever it did and not a moment sooner. Andy left the planning of the wedding to his glowing bride to be, and she did make some plans with his adopted brother, Finar Ambrose; who was supposed to officiate the event. Those plans never came of anything because in true unpredictable Hellion style, the wedding was a spur of the moment event. The couple were again chilling in the Hellion's Tavern with their close friends and a few regulars. The evening was going normal and was a bit uneventful till one of Andy's Hellion brothers decided enough was enough of the lengthy engagement and pulled them front and center and then proceeded to officiate the wedding. It was a very humorous wedding that left the guests and participants entertained. Lilitu does not remember much of the reception as she and Andy were not there long. They had different priorities after the ceremony that kept them in his back room for the rest of the evening.

Soaring With the Gods

Hell Consumes the Innocent