Lone Star Industries

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Lone Star Industries
General Information
Status Disbanded
Leader Xyre Weltmon
Headquarters Venaari
Historical Information
Formed from Exelis Runners
Founded Year 22 Day 68
Political Information
Industry Manufacturing

Lone Star Industries is a multi-faceted company based on the planet Venaari. Named for the only local star in the Esuain sector, LSI offers a variety of services to the galaxy at large, notably the sale of elite-level bundles of specialized hunting equipment as well as the space-faring craft of civilian and military designs. If you need first-class equipment for those trips into the untamed wilds, or to equip the loyal sentients protecting your citizenry, contact Lone Star Industries to secure high-quality gear.

LSI is also home to a skilled team of urban developers responsible for the significant upturn in the economy of Venaari. Lucky for those who have territory but not the people or the time to develop it, LSI also offers a swift and savvy construction service to take care of all your building needs. Our builders are professional and experienced, and we are willing to use our own assets to accomplish the task. If you would like, LSI can also draw up plans that maximize financial gain and can even account for aesthetic preferences.

In Year 25 due to a brutal civil war that has consumed Venaari in recent months only escalating, most of the galaxy’s governments no longer recognize Lone Star Industries as the planet’s ruling body.

After which Lone Star Industries Teamed up With Unnamed to Stabilize the situation on Venaari.


LSI-HBanner22.png (Year 22)