Lorell (Planet)

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Astrographical Information
Galactic Region Inner Rim (also The Slice)
Sector Hapes Cluster
Hapan Region Lorelli Reach
System Lorell
Galactic Coordinates (136, 99)
System Coordinates (14, 6)
Astrographic Entry Lorell
Physical Information
Orbital Position 1
Satellites 3 (Icco, Accoib, Teron)
Orbital Period 348 days
Rotational Period 26 hours
Classification Terrestrial - Temperate/Breathable
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard
Diameter 7588 kilometers
Societal Information
Population 590,473,125 inhabitants (21:120 CGT)
Sentient Races Primarily Hapan, many immigrated races
Controlled By Hapes Consortium
Flag of Lorell

Lorell is a notable planet within the Hapes Cluster and was the flashpoint of the Black Sun Crisis circa Year 3. During the latter crisis, Dark Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate — with the covert aid of the Falleen Federation — attempted to seize the temperate world from the Hapes Consortium. Following a cessation of diplomatic negotiations, a cold war ensued between the two regimes. The Hapan regime and its satellites quickly amassed a formidable military presence in the system before undertaking a large-scale bombardment of Black Sun's cities. In the end, Prince Dar of Black Sun capitulated.


The Lorell Raiders were the first to colonize Lorell several thousand years ago. The pirate organization was the first to find the only suspected hyperspace entry route into the Hapes Cluster through this system, which stands today as the doorway to the sector. Constantly needing to venture beyond the Transitory Mists to pillage resources and kidnap females from the surrounding systems, the Raiders quickly came to understand the complexities of navigating the anomaly far better than any before them.

Lorell was once a hive of villainy, a base of operations for the expansion of the Raiders, but today stands as a shining beacon of civilization. The planet itself was once a paradise, with forests, jungles, grasslands and vast oceans. Today, only some of the oceans and the vast magma fields are left in their original state, while the majority of the planet has been built up in recent years thanks to generous donations by private investors.


Location and system

The Lorell system is located on the western edge of the Hapes Cluster in the Lorelli Reach region, and is the closest to the Galactic Core of all Hapan systems and worlds. The system serves as the primary entrance to the sector by virtue of its location on the Lorell Route hyperlane that extends from the neighbouring Neshig sector, through the jumble of the Knot Holes, and all the way to Vergill in the Rifle Worlds region. The system also forms a natural gap in the Transitory Mists where the Keltros Expanse and Dillaem Wall regions of the nebula converge, making it a strategically important system that all rimward traffic must pass through. The local sun Lorell is a bright and yellow (G-class main sequence) star. It is orbited by the world of Lorell and its three satellites Teron, Accoib, and Icco; as well as the comet Akinom.

Physical description, climate, and geography

The planet Lorell is a mid-sized, terrestrial world with a diameter of 7588 kilometers, standard gravity, and a type I breathable atmosphere. Its rotational period is 26 standard hours, and the orbital period is 348 days. Its climate is primarily continental humid, with vast stretches of both wet and dry tropical, although marine coastal is also in abundance in the grassland steppes near the coasts, and ice cap and tundra is prominent in the extreme polar regions.

Composite map showing the landscape of Lorell's continents.

The surface consists of two continents: the first being the northern tundra and polar region with semi-permanent ice coverage and freezing temperatures; the second being the lush grasslands, forests, and jungle that dominate the eastern hemisphere where sweltering heat is common. In the western hemisphere, vast lava fields and ice glaciers cover the lands to the south. Two major bodies of water exist on the planet. The southern pole is a small ocean, while a larger ocean covers half of the western hemisphere and the very north of the eastern hemisphere. In total, approximately 25% of Lorell’s surface is covered in water. While aquatic species and insects are in abundance, other types of animal life such as avians, reptiles and mammals are more of a rarity; partially a consequence of the planet’s level of development.