Lukastar Narvaka

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Lukastar Narvaka
Lukastar Narvaka Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Cavallero (Hapes Cluster)
Quote "Vengers come on swift wings from the stars."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Medical Circle, New Republic
Positions Leader (The Medical Circle)
Prior Affiliation Black Dragons (Year 2)
The StarVengers (Year 3)

Lukastar Narvaka was born on Cavallero in the Hapes Cluster. He possesses strong leadership skills and has a knack for keeping people around him happy. He is perhaps best known for his tenure as the Grand Admiral of The StarVengers circa Year 3 and, later, as Chief of State for the New Republic.


Early days

Lukastar Narvaka was the son of The StarVengers' founder and was supposed to assume leadership of the mercenary organization at his father's death. Unfortunately, when he still was a teenager, Lukastar left his homeworld leaving a note: "Father, I am not you and never shall I be."

It has been said that Luka's father put a lot of pressure on his son because he was the future of The StarVengers. The loss of his son affected grandly his once fierce leadership of the StarVengers, and the group almost disappeared.

When he left, Lukastar had nowhere to go. Flying the Narvaka, a YT-1300 his father had given him, he flew across the galaxy and decided to join a growing escort company known as Black Dragons. The escort group welcomed him and soon the company became one of the best known in the galaxy. During his journey within Black Dragons, Lukastar encountered a former acquaintance called Max Solusar. He had met the Wookiee technician during a mission with his father a few years prior.

Together in Black Dragons, Solusar and Lukastar became the best friends this galaxy has ever known. However, feeling he was being held back, and knowing he was able to grow bigger than Squad Leader of Eclipse, a Y-Wing elite squad, Lukastar left the group suddenly, followed by Max.

The StarVengers

Lukastar had heard rumors of turmoil within the StarVengers as well as rumors about his father being ill. He arrived home just in time to witness his father die in his arms and bequeath the group to his son. Firmly determined to restore The StarVengers to its former prominence, Lukastar recruited a core of elite personnel and set about instilling a certain pride in the once glorious mercenary unit. Appointing his friend Max Solusar as his second-in-command and declaring himself to be Grand Admiral of the StarVengers' fleet, Lukastar began making a new name for the StarVengers. His mercenaries became a force to be reckoned with under Lukastar's auspices. However, soon, Lukastar ceded leadership of the StarVengers due to a secret mission assigned to him by an individual who must remain anonymous. Thus leadership of the StarVengers passed into the trusted hands of Max Solusar.

Narvaka returned from his mission without telling anybody about it, even his best friend Solusar. As everything seemed to be back to normal, a curious event occurred. The Grand Admiral's personal ship, the Akavran Express, vanished from all sensors and no one was able to communicate with the vessel, not even Max Solusar. During Lukastar's absence, the StarVengers were involved the Galactic Hostage Crisis and then destroyed by Venom Kazvar, a notorious warlord. Its assets and territory were absorbed by Kazvar's Horizon Corporation.

As time passed, tales were told by adventurers from the Outer Rim that they had seen a YT-510 freighter similar to the Akavran Express come out of hyperspace and then to jump right back in another direction. No one knew for sure if this ship was the Akavran Express since communication with the vessel was impossible. Adventurers said the ship was in perfect condition. Sadly, none was able to view the cockpit to identify the unknown pilot. For many years, nob one knew what happened to Lukastar Narvaka. He might have been dead and his malfunctioning ship was just randomly entering into hyperspace. His relatives anxiously waited for news, still hoping to see Lukastar reappear and remembering his motto: "Vengers come on swift wings from the stars."

A Ghost from the Past

When almost all hope of Narvaka's return had faded, a tragic event happened. On Year 10 Day 72, Max Solusar — now the leader of the Corporate Sector Authority — was assassinated by Moff Orphaea Imperium during the Imperial seizure of the Corporate Sector at the tail-end of the Hydian Way. Actually not dead, Lukastar Narvaka heard about his comrade's murder and decided to finally return, regretting not doing so sooner and being able to protect Max. Too long he had waited in the shadows for an opportunity, and now he would never get to see his best mate ever again.

In the light of those events, Lukastar decided that the best course of action to take would be to join the New Republic, the Galactic Empire's implacable foe, in order to help overthrow the tyrannic regime responsible for Solusar's death. Lukastar liked what he saw in the New Republic and definitely enjoyed the company after so many years of isolation. The former StarVenger serves his best and tries to help the Republic be the best government in the galaxy.