Luther Nightwish

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Ljikxar al Habab
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Mother Rachan al Habab
Father Qymaen al Habab
Spouse N/A
  • Rilon al Habab (Step Brother)
  • Quresh al Habab(Step Brother)
Children N/A
Born Year -19 Day 252
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.1 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation New Republic

Ljikxar was born on Year -19, Day 252 on his Homeworld of Kalee, and is the only offspring of Qymaen and Rachan al Habab. Strangely for a male Kaleesh, he has never married.


Early Life

Ljikxar was born on Year -19, Day 252 to the Chieftain of his tribe - Qymaen al Habab and the third wife of his harem. He shared his father with two step-brothers, and all three of them had different mothers. His tribe inhabited a large, flat plain to the east of the Kalee which was bordered by vast expanses of both Ocean and Forest.

This young Kaleesh was trained in the art of Melee combat since the age of four, and frequently accompanied hunters and fishermen on their expeditions in order to hone his skills. Despite the proficiency he showed in the fundamentals of his tribe, it became apparent that he sought a much more unusual path - the path of Academia. He adopted a respectful bow as a sign of greeting, and studied the ideas behind war, rather than the battles themselves.

By the age of nine, he had earned the disfavor of his father, and his step-brothers had little respect for him despite his natural combat ability. He intensively trained with the Lig Blade - developing his combat technique - in order to make up for the time spent theorizing and philosophizing. Despite the lack of respect from the his family (except for his mother), many members of the tribe saw potential in him and began to affectionately refer to him as 'The Academic'.

Although his tribe mainly kept to itself, war ran through Kaleesh veins and there were to be no exceptions. By the age of 13, Ljikxar had taken his first life.

Leaving Kalee

Knowing he couldn't properly follow his dreams of academia on his homeworld, Ljikxar said goodbye to his mother and sneaked out of the camp toward a place he had never known. He had heard tales of a large city to the south-west, where he could escape his planet and forge his own path. He didn't quite know what that path was, however.

He arrived at the Starport, and managed to smuggle himself on board a shuttle destined for a Space Station. He spent many weeks aboard this station, slowly learning the language of Galactic Basic. From time to time a particular group of travelling merchants would visit the same station, and had trouble pronouncing Ljikxar's name. After the language barrier slowly dissolved, the merchants nicknamed Ljikxar, 'Luther', and learned that the name of his tribe roughly translated to 'Nightwish'. The name stuck, and Luther Nightwish was born.

He began working around the station - and found out it's name, Daedelus - doing odd jobs for those who needed them doing. The money he earned was little more than what he needed to survive. One day, he was cleaning out one of the Daedelus' hangar bays, when he noticed a holoboard. Intrigued, he studied it further - a recruitment message from the New Republic. It was at that moment a hand lightly gripped his shoulder, as a kind faced man appeared behind him. His new life had just begun.

New Republic Navy & Diplomacy Command

Ljikxar swiftly and proficiently passed through the New Republic Academy, and graduated into the Navy during Year 11- taking part in a number of operations during his relatively short service. It was during his Military career that Ljikxar befriended his former Academy Instructor and future Chief of State, Cheda Quche.

Shortly after joining active Military Service, Ljikxar applied to the New Republic Diplomacy Command and was successful. Whilst the two periods overlapped, his Diplomatic Career outlasted his Military Career. During this period, Ljikxar was involved with a number of groups and in some cases formed life-long friendships - such was the case with Sybok Taldin of the Kaos Galactica Federation and Anniasha Shahir of Terra Stryker Industries.

TransGalMeg Industries

Leaving Military Service, Ljikxar applied for a civilian command position but was ultimately unsuccessful due to his lack of experience. It was for this reason that he was placed in the then Noga-Ta Industries, assuming the role of Deputy Director of Logistics under the Director, Aladron Scordonian. Ljikxar was very successful organizing delivery routes, and gained vital experience in logistics by taking part in the deliveries. Within months, Aladron had stepped down, and Ljikxar assumed the position of Director of Logistics under CEO Izec McCrimmon.

Although his time in this role was largely successful, he had a mammoth task in the form of clearing months worth of logistical backlog with only a small team to do it with. Slowly but surely, the backlog would almost completely clear in time for CEO Izec McCrimmon to take up a new role in the Ministry of State, and for Ljikxar to take leadership of the nowTransGalMeg Industries with Ki-Adi Mudi as his Second in Command.

TransGalMeg Industries enjoyed prosperity, although Ljikxar noted that it always seemed to have an issue with member retention. This problem was solved, however, when the decision was made to merge TransGalMeg Industries into Merr-Sonn Technologies. Following this period, Merr-Sonn's CEO, Troucei Laruse took Leave of Absence, and Ljikxar was promoted to Associate Minister of Trade and Industry.

New Republic Senate

Ljikxar was elected to the New Republic Senate on Year 12, Day 270.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

The immediate problem was that Merr-Sonn Technologies was left without leadership, which resulted in Ljikxar assuming an interim role as CEO, whilst simultaneously training a prospective leader, Tengri Lethas for the role. It was during this period that Merr-Sonn saw an unprecedented event - the New Republic Senate had formalized the release of four new weapons into the public market.

With Tengri proving to be a capable leader, the leadership of Merr-Sonn Technologies was handed over to him, with Ljikxar rejoining the New Republic and grazing new pastures. He largely dealt with leadership responsibilities and reports, but assumed several other roles as well - such as the co-ordination and organization of the production of several Home One Star Cruisers.



Ljikxar stands at 2.1 Meters, has Black hair, and Yellow eyes. His mask is made from supercomposite materials as opposed to the traditional Mumuu skull, and his Vibroblades are styled as Lig Swords.


Ljikxar is noted as kind, warm-hearted, and caring by those around him, but a tenacious combatant by his foes. A shrewd diplomat, as well as a skilled combatant.



When attending the New Republic Academy, Ljikxar was awestruck by the Library and soon became engrossed in Literature. This passion lead him to join The Scholars Guild.

Derra Virus

During late Year 13, there was an outbreak of what was believed to be the Metamorphosis Plague on Derra IV, resulting in many people showing extreme signs of aggression. A mercenary group by the name of First Sun declared Martial Law on Derra IV, opening fire at anybody who entered the Starport City.

Ljikxar was a part of a joint Galactic Alliance Task Force (Attached to the Krath Dynasty) sent to Derra in order to liberate the city from First Sun. Soon after the Alliance arrived on the Planet, the Galactic Empire announced its intent to land on the planet.

Despite numerous baseless Imperial threats, the Alliance remained on Derra IV whilst First Sun waged a guerilla war against every sentient in the city. The Imperial 3rd Legion landed on Derra, but was rebuffed several times with the Galactic Alliance still maintaining a strong foothold. Emperor Guinar Ndengin made a short appearance, before being ambushed by Galactic Alliance forces including Ljikar. Heavily wounded, the Emperor retreated.

Ljikxar was accredited with 52 Kills on Derra. None of his infantrymen were fatally wounded.


An avid explorer, Ljikxar was inspired by the exploration renaissance triggered by the discovery of Resh. His enthusiasm was furthered during conversations with a good friend, Ruben Wan. It was because of this enthusiasm that he was the pioneer of the discovery of the Hook Nebula system on Year 13, Day 67 - the first system to be discovered after Resh.