Luxury Space Colony

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Luxury Space Colony
Cargo Stats:
Weight83,256 T
Volume16,000 m³
Weight Cap69,380 T
Volume Cap13,454 m³
Max Passengers340
Hull Stats:
Length230 m
Deflector Shields700
Ionic Capacity585


The luxury space colony is a large city-like station. The station boasts an impressive cargo capacity and is capable of holding over 300 people comfortably. It is also capable of holding a large assortment of ships and vehicles for storage or sales purposes. Used across the galaxy as trading and rest stops for long hyperspace travels, they are a pleasant sight for any eye. The Luxury colony is well known for its uses in many circles and as such you will find them in many heavily populated star systems housing the rich and famous. Many dream of living on a Luxury Space Colony, and with the design of the station this is possible. Taking a relatively small amount of materials to construct, these stations are not only a good place to live, but are also becoming a very practical asset in their economic value. Based on a boxed design to improve over all space and allow for a more luxurious living space, this station is the place to be.