Máurari Blackguard

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Máurari Blackguard
General Information
Status Active
Leader Grand Magister Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar
Headquarters Máurari Blackguard Temple
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 338
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Imperial Union
Type Force Sect
Holosite Máurari Blackguard

The Máurari Blackguard is a Force-using group that exists within Black Sun, and acts as the Black Sun Family Council's extension into the realm of the Force. Founded by Vigo Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar, it combines the beliefs of the old Máurari Force sect and the teachings of the Blackguard.


The Maurari Blackguard was formed from two force sects: Máurari, which was created by Ingo R. Vailis to serve Black Sun, and the ancient Blackguard, created by former member of the Brotherhood of Darkness and apprentice of Lord Skere Kaan, Vulta Daanat. Soon after the formation of Máurari, there was betrayal within the ranks and Vailis slowly lost his grip on the sect. It became a shell as its members slowly disappeared, its' teachings mostly forgotten. It was when Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar returned that the Black Sun Family Council asked him to take on the mantle of Head of Máurari. Máurari's identity was indistinct, so Edhrikhor used what he had learned about the Blackguard from his pilgrimage and what was left of the teachings of Máurari to create Black Sun's new force sect: Máurari Blackguard.


The Máurari Blackguard believe that to increase one's knowledge of the Force, one must understand the philosophies and abilities of other Force traditions around the galaxy. Therefore, the Máurari Blackguard strives to have members of their order scattered around the galaxy to achieve their goal. The Máurari Blackguard also believe that there is no light or dark side, and that the balance dwells within the user. They seek to bring balance to the Force within themselves; pragmatic in their beliefs, they hold that the Force is more of a tool than a religion, a tool that they use to enforce the Black Sun Family Council's will.


Máurari Blackguard is led by the Vigo of Máurari, Vigo Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar. Vigo Tlakh`sar is responsible for the development of the Force within Black Sun. He is entrusted with all major Force decisions and actions made by the syndicate. He is further responsible for organizing and developing the Force within Black Sun, in the advancement of the Máurari identity. Along with the Black Sun Family Council, the Grand Magister also has an advisory council consisting of three Magisters.

Grand Magister
Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar


Vacant Vacant Vacant
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There can be no light, without darkness.
There can be no hope, without despair.
Control, without passion.
Peace, without conflict.
Order, without chaos.
The Force is our tool,
To safeguard our Family.
We are Máurari Blackguard.

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