Magnaguard Manufacturing

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Magnaguard Manufacturing
Magnaguard Manufacturing Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Krakonico Petermind
Owner Galactic Empire
Ministry of Industry
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 305
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Ministry of Industry
Industry Droid Manufacturer
Holosite Magnaguard Manufacturing

Magnaguard Manufacturing is one of the premier droid manufacturers in the galaxy. Once a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and later a subsidiary of the Corporate Sector Authority, the corporation now prospers as the primary droid manufacturer for the Galactic Empire.


As one of the oldest automata producers in the galaxy, Magnaguard is established in a wide range of markets: astromechs (R3 and R5 models), industry (D8 Smelter Droid and GNK Power Droid), intelligence gathering (2X-3KPR and Probe Droids), heavy warfare with the highly capable Destroyer Droid. Through relationships with other corporations Magnaguard has also extended its reach to the lucrative medical droid market.

Magnaguard Manufacturing is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes sentients of all species. Positions are available for skilled pilots and technicans in the areas of Production and Transportation. As a nationalized subsidiary of the Galactic Empire, Magnaguard employees enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Imperial Union.

In an attempt to reinvigorate the lagging company, Assistant Manager Crueya Vandron the 2IC of Imperial Resource Extractions, was transferred to Magnaguard. Promoted to Operations Manager, Vandron joined the command staff of Magnaguard and began to restore the productivity of the company. In Year 11, when he was already the effective leader, his success was rewarded with a formal promotion to Deputy Director and the leader proper of Magnaguard Manufacturing. After the change, the expansion and productivity of the company began to increase ever more quickly.

Previous leaders


  • Magnaguard Manufacturing Banner Year 12.png (Year 12)