Maha Michi

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Maha Michi
Barbossa shoot11.jpg
Biographical Information
Race half-Alderaanian / half-Zeltron
Homeworld Tython
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Spouse not applicable
Partner not applicable
Siblings not applicable
Children not applicable
Born Approx. Y-23
Died Presumed Deceased Y22
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Wraiths, Citizen of the Trade Federation
Title Keeper of the Code
Rank Commodore
Prior Affiliation Corporate Sector Authority, Huppla Pasa Tisc, Avance Coalition, Tenloss Syndicate, Duro High House

Early Life

Maha Michi is a half Alderaanian and half Zeltron male born on Tython. With his parents dying in a ship crash, he was adopted by the crew of the Chor Bahkh, a YT-1300, that answered the distress signal. This group of sentients was comprised of Koya Nim (Togorian female), Cirru Tan (Thyferran male), Tejar Quinn (Ryn male), Xi'Zen (Whiphid male), and Tasia Rookto (Duro female). Maha was born at the crash site before his mother passed away. Without enough strength to relay their names to the crew, she merely named the child and passed on.

During his formative years, the adoptive parents all instilled in him a part of themselves. This varied from a sense of adventure, to presence of mind in dangerous situations, and navigation of ships and vehicles. He was fascinated by the stories and cultures of other races. A deep sense of curiosity flowed through him and helped to foster a desire to explore.

While traveling the sectors and systems, Maha gazed upon many beautiful vistas and views. He encountered a lot of different beings, technologies, places and beliefs (including the Force). There are also those that made a strong impression and helped to shape the positive and negative elements of the galaxy in Maha. These moments filled him with enthusiasm and vigor for seeking what else the systems and planets had to offer.

One of the places Maha was astonished to come across was the Krath Valley of the Nova Crystals. Located deep within Krath territory, this valley shines a radiant emerald color, even at night.


Stopping for a rest on Asher I, within the Sprizen sector, Maha came upon the Brilliant Blue restaurant, which is named after a large vertex deposit that was found by the owner. The restaurant is owned and operated by the Alderaanian Bashill Enth, who is also the head chef. A wide variety of food and drink is served from morning until night, including sliders, soup, steak, eggs, and ice cream.

Later on, he revisited Tython and traversed some of the ruins that dotted the landscape. Though he had come to the planet where he was born, Maha did not visit the crash site where the Duro had told him his parents died. Accompanying him on the journey through the area were the patient and strong Whiphid Xi'Zen and the diligent Thyferran Cirru Tan.


Y4 Ancient Artifact on Kenosha

During his late twenties, Maha was on a journey for an ancient artifact. This led him to the planet of Kenosha. Accompanying him on this adventure were two Mandalorians he had befriended, five hired guns, and some of the crew that adopted him, Tejar Quinn, Koya Nim, and Cirru Tan. Information about the artifact pointed towards a group of bandits hiding out in a cave on the western side of the planet.

As the Chor Bahkh lifted off, Maha finalized plans with Koya and the two Mandalorians. Sensors didn't penetrate the rock, so it would have to be done the old-fashioned way. The crew of 11 would be split into three groups: Aurek, Besh, and Shen. Aurek, assigned to protect the Chor Bahkh, would be led by one of the Mandalorians, Dolara Vandergraff. Under her command would be two of the hired riflemen. Tejar also stayed with the ship to ensure it didn't fly away. Maha, Cirru, and one Corellian rifleman formed group Besh. Koya, Ebeda Brangwin (the other Mandalorian), a Nautolan vibroblade user, and a Klatooinian gunslinger made up group Shen.

Touching down a few dozen meters away from the cave, Tejar had commented on how the bandits didn't open fire. It seemed they were expecting company. Not wanting to disappoint them, the ramp was lowered and the plan commenced. Once the two groups started walking towards the cave, the bandits guarding the entrance appeared to get uneasy. Glancing at each other for confirmation, Maha watched Ebeda's group move into action. As Koya and the Nautolan raced towards the entrance, Ebeda and the Klatooinian shot the lookouts in the head. Their momentary panic caused an eternal slumber.

Reaching the entrance, Koya and the Nautolan surveyed the immediate surroundings. Aside from blaster pistols on each, they had a rotating canon sitting towards the back of the cave. The bandits numbered at 12 without their two fallen comrades. Thinking he was clever, the Nautolan smirked at Koya and walked inside. She looked confused and unsure. Looking back at us as we continued towards her, I shrugged and kept moving.

Pretending to be who they were expecting, the Nautolan tried to be sly. It worked for about a minute. There were a rapid amount of shots and then silence. Pain and agony were muffled, but present. At least he took one with him.

Firing an array of shots into the cave, both groups looked to push back and suppress the bandits - finding a foothold inside. While Koya remained at the entrance to lookout, the Corellian was switched into Ebeda's group, who moved in first. Easing into pockets and crevices, they advanced and took note of two more bandit casualties. It was eerily quiet and nobody could be spotted.

Besh group brought up the rear as Shen group crept forward. Two bandits came out behind Ebeda and the Corellian. Four bandits swiftly took positions lower in the cave with one sliding in behind the rotating canon. The next few minutes were a flurry of fire and blood. Maha ran his sword through the back of the bandit in front of him, using him as a shield and shooting his ELG at any bandit that met his eyes. The rotating canon shot rapidly throughout the expanse with varying success. After Cirru dispatched his bandit, which he did easily, he looked up to find the canon swiveling right for him. Despite attempts to dodge, Cirru took a few shots to the right-side of his chest. Maha knelt down and dragged him over, so bacta could be applied.

Ebeda and the Klatooinian quickly took cover as the bandits came out. Realizing that Maha and Cirru took out the ones hiding behind them, they could focus on the four in front. The Corellian, in spite of trying, was not fast enough and took multiple shots from the canon in the chest. As he slumped to the ground, there was no question that he was lost - more ammo for someone to use, waste not.

Feeling confident and seeing that their opponents were losing members, the remaining four bandits came out, which included their leader. He must have felt chatty as he decided to ask what we wanted. A few stun grenades and heavy fire seemed like a friendly answer, which garnered them five dead members and a destroyed canon.

After the battle was over, few were left on either side. Blaster marks and cuts marred the surface of the cave walls. With only three bandits alive, they were turned in for a bounty. The ancient artifact was entirely different than expected and stowed aboard the Chor Bahkh, which Tejar and Koya took with them.

Y13: Huppla Pasa Tisc

During a visit in a Commerce Center on Alderaan, Maha happened across Gilbert Reed, Intergalactic Trader and Businessman. Looking to expand his horizons in business and trade, Maha took his advice and joined the Tenloss Syndicate. Using only what he knew, promotion through the initial ranks happened quickly. After some additional tutelage and learning, Gilbert Reed tapped him to lead Huppla Pasa Tisc (Y13 D194).

After being approached by Mark Antioch, Maha joined the Duro High House to help unite Duros across the galaxy. With Zarik Roman, Cadeus Iram, Mark Antioch, and Maha Michi, the foundation was established for the Duro High House and a promising beginning had been forged. Outreach and assistance was provided to various Duro over six months. As various projects and company work pulled them in different directions, the house was not so much of a house any longer.

Y14 to Y16: Growth

Venturing further through the galaxy has brought interesting opportunities, such as becoming a Trade Federation citizen (approx. Y14 D96) and an Avance Coalition citizen (Y14 D109 - Y16 D52). When applying for his citizenship to Avance, Maha noted on his form to join House ExHilo, which is the house for culture. He was also interested in business holding shares in a variety of companies. These include: Techno Union, Horizon Corporation, Knights of the Fountain, Galactic Central Bank, Tion Mil/Sci Industries, Athakam MedTech, Drax Industries, Merr-Sonn Technologies, Myorzo Weapon Systems, Sienar Technologies, Biotech, and Cerberus Corporation.

Returning to Alderaan, Maha sought to increase proficiency with some of his secondary skills. He enlisted at an esteemed training academy in OroWood City. To help craft his ability to perceive and conceal, he was appointed Veovin, a Bothan instructor. Telanis, the Ryn instructor, was who taught him in the art of methodically infiltrating secure systems. Also attended was an intermediate medical course.

When the Corporate Sector Authority was refounded, Huppla Pasa Tisc was brought on board as one of the first factions to join the organization. With this move, this made Maha a VicePrex and member of the Direx board (approx. Y14 D156) along with Sven Wan and Kan Naminaus. In addition to this, there is always a need to write and edit information for the various entities of the galaxy. On Y14 D211, Maha joined a group of freelance writers to help maintain these galactic documents.

Year 14 Day 263 saw the young Alderaanian start to fulfill a great desire of his. To Race... and race fast. He filled out his entry form and registered for his first Krieg's Run race. He sent the document to Tolando Krieg, along with the 2 million credit entry fee, and was listed as a participant. The race would be the Fourth race of the Third Krieg's Run Season and took place on Year 14 Day 282. During this same time, the CryoMed Laboratories Anniversary was going to take place. The days during this month would fly by in anticipation and joy.

Tolando KriegsRun3rdseason.png

Having met Maha before and knowing he was a bit of a writer, Obi Wan Soares contacted him to write the GNS for CryoMed Laboratories' 4th Anniversary. Tentative to accept, Maha proceeded to craft his first article and tried to get a feel for this medium of writing. After submitting drafts to Obi Wan Soares, the final edition of the article was agreed upon and approved. It went live to the GNS on Y14 D270, which was one day before the start of their 4th anniversary (Y14 D271). It was also around this time that Maha became a CryoMed Group citizen (Y14 D268). This is an honor and strengthening of the relationship between him, Obi Wan, and the CryoMed Group.

Arriving with the first group of participants, Maha would enjoy every moment of the CryoMed 4th anniversary celebration on Kheedar. Checking in at the reception, a posh personal villa was assigned to each individual attending. Guests were transported around the massive estate by the attendants on modified Bantha I Cargo Skiffs, which were made to look elegant and luxurious. After having enjoyed the hospitality and food for a week, he needed to head out to the Krieg's Run, but would return once it concluded.

As the fourth race of the Krieg's Run began, there was a lot of excitement. Returning champions Tabty Haasza and Amaranth Kushiel would be participating alongside some new faces, such as Jufran Max, Tachibana Ryu, and Maha. The race was delayed a few minutes because of some solar flare activity; however, this did not deter the racers nor the fans. All of the ships left the Moonadunes stadium in a flurry and along their selected course to complete the race. Maha would be flying at a close distance to Tabty throughout the entire race, though he did see Amaranth in orbit at Kessa and Moralan. A curious moment in the race was when Amaranth had left a sundae from the Aquatica Supernova Scoop on Moralan for the other racers. The sundae kit for Maha contained: one scoop of Trammistan chocolate ice cream, one scoop of Beebleberry ice cream, one scoop of Hood family "Bespin best" ice cream, two halves of Namana Bananas and Cribblycrunch topping. Coming in fifth, he was less than ten minutes behind Tabty Haasza. Though he did not win the race, the excitement, passion and sociable atmosphere were prizes that cannot be bought.


With having led Huppla Pasa Tisc (HPT) for over one year and through two incarnations, Maha had proven himself a capable and trustworthy leader. This brought about the honor of being bestowed ownership of the faction by Gilbert Reed on Y14 D286. During his tenures as leader, from Y13 D194 to Y13 D280 and Y13 D294 to Y14 D 294, HPT had made hundreds of ships and stations of various sizes for sentients all over the galaxy.


Following the conclusion of the Kreig's Run race, Maha headed back to the CryoMed 4th Anniversary celebration. There were many points on the estate for guests to visit, which included a waterfall, race track, and olympic size pool. The main building was elegant and very attractive to behold. It featured the elements of Alderaanian, Corellian classic-revival, and Mid Rim Ornate architectural styles. A botanical garden was present and held species of plants, grass, and trees from all over the galaxy. The celebration was concluded with the annual Kheedar Ball on Day 300. Maha danced with Meredith, the most beautiful attendant that had served him on the estate. They moved to the Alderaanian Waltz, Mantooine Minuet, Deesco, and Space Pirate Boogie.

Khorde Devarian, then Chief Editor of Veritas Press, noticed the recent writing accomplishments of Maha via the GNS and freelance writer group. Impressed by what he saw, he tapped him to write two articles that would contribute to an innovative GNS post. Surprised and delighted, Maha accepted, albeit tentatively. For these articles, he chose topics familiar and interesting to him: the Krieg's Run: Season in Review and Entrepreneurs Shaping Their Future. The GNS would be composed of six sidebar articles with three in each row.

Y16 D294 to Y18 D293

In the midst of doing some light scouting work for Huppla Pasa Tisc, Maha and the crew of the Jutengai, an Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, encountered a spacial anomaly when attempting to enter hyperspace on Y16 D294. The crew consisted of 30 droids (5 GNK, 3 Protocol, 10 Sentinel, 5 Medical Specialist, 3 R1 and 4 R3 astromech units) and 40 sentients (10 Duros, 10 Polis Massan, 5 Corellians, 5 Hapan, 5 Togorians, 3 Ryn, and 2 Sluissi. Shortly after the bizarre bombardment of light and distortion, they arrived at what appeared to be the Unknown Regions. This was only concluded as no known coordinates existed for their location.

They attempted to perform a hyperjump, but it failed immediately. It was as if they could not leave the present location, but the fuel could be burned regardless. Trying to sublight anywhere was just as futile.

Resources would become limited. They had enough for a few months, but how long would they be here? Maha ordered everything to be rationed - even the rum. However, he also removed the security locks on The Locker - the lowest level of the ship. Typically, only the docking bay, turbolift, and rear storage room were accessible.

When Maha was starting out, he came across ancient technology on one of his journeys. Over the years, he would have it researched, adapted, and installed to the Jutengai. The technology was from the ancient Rakata race and composed of stasis chambers with data cores. Despite the countermeasures and trying to preserve crew, 28 would perish while leaving 12 to survive.

RakatanStasisChamberSm.png Rakata Stasis Chamber LegacyDatacoreSm.png Ancient Data Core

work in progress

Y18 D294 to End of Y19

After Maha and the crew aboard the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, Jutengai, recovered from the stasis they had been in for almost two years, a lot of work went into getting a grasp on what had happened since the accident. What had happened to Huppla Pasa Tisc (HPT)? What condition was Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) in? How was the galaxy? Immediately, there were many more questions than answers.

Slowly, pieces started to fall into place. HPT merged back into CSA. Fortunately, all assets went to CSA or members thereof. Friends were still around, but some were more recluse. One of the more prominent marketplaces had been suffering, but another was improving. Some things had changed, some had stayed the same.

Maha and his crew would spend the next few months gathering the fleet and looking for a port to call home. To help sooth the idle moments, he frequented the Gilded Rose Auction House and acquired many unique entities. These ranged from bizarre beverages to ancient artifacts.

While speaking with an acquaintance of his, Jasko, Maha would find a place that had been home to him years ago.

Y19: Requiem of Rediscovery

In the beginning of the year, there was a great build project, which Maha heard about from some friends. This would tap into Maha's management and production strengths. Along with Dorian Skitara and many others, he would aid in the building of Sanzen. While the buildings were constructed faster than expected, it was a clear reminder to not burn oneself out.

Word about the Fifth Uli Swap Meet on Sembla (D116 to D125) spread quickly through the galaxy. Maha remembered fondly the ones he attended in previous years. He even pre-ordered some items to help commemorate the occasion. Upon arriving and shortly after, there were kidnappings and deaths (more so than before). After visiting a few people and collecting his purchases, he left early to go start up regular hunting expeditions.

Y19 D143: Claws of Death

A few weeks of hunting various creatures in the Outer Rim, which included Vornskr, Nexu, and Rancors, had been a nice respite from the seemingly endless build project. Maha and his close associates Ebeda Brangwin (a Hapan female) and Dolara Vandergraff (a female Imzig) felt at home with a gun and some drink at their side.

While hunting, Maha received a transmission from Chani Mournfire. His friend was going to be at Kiffex soon and in need of a ship and some gear. Not having been to the Kiffar homeworld in a long time, he decided to not only help his friend, but take it there personally.

After picking up from their hunting ground, they rendezvoused with the main fleet and collected everything for Chani. Coincidentally, they also stocked up on a few other essentials like Bantha Sliders and C.A.E.L. Corellian Rum. With all the gear checked and the Sprint added to the squad, the crew made course for the Azurbani system.

Exiting out of hyper, the Sprint-class Rescue craft Bacta Spa Kenkoh set course for Kiffex. The system looked just as beautiful as Maha had remembered it. Permission to land was received from the starport at Ven Karya. As Ebeda started the landing sequence, Dolara checked in with the other ships.

Maha rented a docking bay and left the Sprint with some gear in it for his friend Chani. He sent a holocommunication advising them of where everything would be. The group then decided to go out for a few hunts. This was thought to make the hyper trip more worthwhile. They had the gear, rum, and the time. Why not?

Dolara scanned the open terrain. She found an open expanse of hills and forest away from the cities. Everyone was in consensus that this was the place to go.

Touching down in a set of rolling hills surrounded by forests, Maha, Ebeda, and Dolara surveyed the territory. It was rich with life - over abundantly so. Dozens of creatures inhabited the area and had dens, but something didn't feel quite right. Both Force rings that Maha wore were emanating energy, which they had not done for a few months.

The three of them slowly moved out as a group and looked for any signs of danger. They moved in a circle only a small distance away from the ships. Thrantas were flying overhead, Squall were scurrying at the edge of the forest, and a pack of Sand Panthers were prowling towards a bunch of Nerfs.

Still cautious, Maha setup for a few shots on the prowling Sand Panthers. He landed a few hits from his A-280, but then the pain hit - the Dark Red Kyber Crystal ring. A Dark-side energy surged in the ring and throughout the land. The dens started to empty in a chaotic fashion. However, it wasn't chaotic enough.

Recovering from the pain, Maha quickly took in what was happening. Creatures were rushing at each other, towards them, and very fast. Running back to the Sprint, they each took a vibroblade in one hand and fired shots from their guns in the other. The cover fire from the PLY3k was helping, but just barely. One heavy laser can only do so much. The assault was continuous and overbearing with wounds mounting. Sand Panthers quickly mauled Ebeda as they retreated back to the Sprint. Their claws found every crevice and she left us before we could save her.

Barely able to get into the Sprint, Maha carried Dolara into a bacta tank. She was barely breathing, but there was a pulse. Though his injuries were heavy, Maha would slap on a few bacta patches and grimace through the pain. He instructed both ships on where to move to as they studied the situation. He would later return and keelhaul all the panthers as Eye-snatchers and Boma Beasts snacked on their remains.

Along with Maha, Dolara would feel a deep sorrow for what happened. They both vowed to improve their skills and named a set of rifles after Ebeda, which they use for hunting.

Y22 D166: Navigating the Maw

After spending quite a bit of time with the Wraiths, Maha decided to further research some of the ancient technology that he had recovered from his expeditions. A few of those pieces touched upon blackholes and how to fly through as well as around them. A variety of individuals assisted with developments of the data, but he would not wait for the completion. On Y22 D166, Maha and a small crew would put the theories and new technology to test in the Maw. They have not been heard from since.

Treasure Vault

Death Shadow Cantina and Private Collection

Handing over management and ownership to a local businessman towards the end of Y16, Bashill Enth moved from the Brilliant Blue and now casually tends to the Death Shadow Cantina. There is still an impressive variety of stock found in the cabinets, which the crews under Maha Michi thoroughly enjoy. Sabacc is the game of choice when placing high-stakes wagers.

GreelwoodBar sm.png Greelwood Bar SabaacTable sm.png Sabacc Table SabaccCardDeck sm.png Sabacc Deck PazaakTable.png Pazaak Table

Popular Drinks

ArKlimTihaar sm.png Ar'Klim Tihaar ShesharilianVodka sm.png Shesharilian Vodka PurpleTwilekRum.png Purple Twi'lek Rum SolariteDarkWhiskey.png Solarite Dark Whiskey CassandranBrandy sm.png Cassandran Brandy

RedCloudGallon sm.png Red Cloud PirateRum sm.png Pirate Rum RebelBeer sm.png Rebel Beer CorellianAle sm.png Corellian Ale AlderaanianEmeraldChardonnay sm.png Alderaanian Emerald Chardonnay

StoneTeaSet.png TeaInfuser Murgo sm.png Tea BanthaHotCocoa sm.png Blue Milk Hot Cocoa SarlaccKicker sm.png Sarlacc Kicker

Popular Food Items

ManaanSlider2 sm.png Manaan Slider NunaSlider sm.png Nuna Slider RoastNuna sm.png Roast Nuna Sundae.png Cerean Vanilla Cream, Corellian Chocolate sauce, Cribblycrunch topping, with a Zherry on top

Menuk Clan Specialties - On the Hunt and Cooking: Recipes to Sustain

BomaBurgerSm.png Boma Burger ThrantaSteak.png Grilled Lemon-topped Thranta Steak SeasonedNerfSteak.png Seasoned Nerf Steak

These are three of the very special recipes from the Menuk Clan Family Cookbook: On the Hunt and Cooking - Recipes to Sustain.

First, is the incredibly succulent and universally praised Boma Burger. Finely crafted using cuts of slow roasted sirloin, carefully selected spices, and naturally grown bread. Only freshly hunted Boma can be used. The spice and vegetable combination is balanced to rejuvenate and sustain on long missions or hunts. A secret family Bourbon makes this an especially tasty baked burger.

Second, the mouthwatering Grilled Lemon-topped Great Thranta Steak. Before being grilled, the lemon sauce is drizzled lightly on the steak to tasty perfection! Delivering a nourishing and refreshing sensation to the palate and body, this steak has been commonly ordered and made for weary travelers and hunters alike. You will typically find it accompanied by Rishi Corn and Cenwick-spiced Space Carrots.

Lastly, the Seasoned Nerf Steak is made ONLY from freshly hunted and butchered wild Nerf. Cooked on a grill and sprinkled with special seasonings that improve the blackening. This steak is guaranteed to light your palate on fire with flavor!

Private and Reserved Liquor Collections

Tattysail's Ales

Bacta Brown.png Bacta Brown Ale Short n’ Stout.png Short and Stout Death Stick Red Ale.png Death Stick Red Ale EyePASnatcher.png Eye-PA Snatcher

BathtubBourbon.png Bathtub Bourbon Hyperspace Blue Barley Wine.png Blue Barley Wine Black Hole Porter.png Black Hole Porter

Aelath Distillery

Aelath BearVodka sm.png Bear Vodka Aelath BlackRoseVodka sm.png Black Rose Vodka Aelath CorellianTeaWhiskey sm.png Corellian Tea Whiskey Aelath DiplomacyRedCognac sm.png Diplomacy Red Cognac

Aelath HonorStrongSpirit sm.png Honor Strong Spirit Aelath HunterStrongRedWhiskey sm.png Hunter Strong Red Whiskey Aelath RedDrakeSpirit sm.png Red Drake Spirit Aelath RedLeafWhiskey sm.png Red Leaf Whiskey

Aelath StarChartsVodka sm.png Star Charts Vodka Aelath WaveGin sm.png Wave Gin

Corellian Alcoholic Enablers League

Image3.png C.A.E.L. Corellian Whiskey Image4.png C.A.E.L. Corellian Ale Image5.png C.A.E.L. Corellian Mead Image6.png C.A.E.L. Corellian Rum CAELcorellianEggNog.png C.A.E.L. Corellian Spiced Nog

TrooperCognac sm.png Trooper Cognac WhyrrensReserve sm.png Whyrren's Reserve Corellian Whiskey

ChandrilianBrandyWithDecanter sm.png SkullShotGlass sm.png This rare Chandrilan Brandy with accompanying skull shot glasses was placed in auction by Maligaant Menuk and won by Maha in late Y18.

BloodWine sm.png BloodWine LetterOfAuthenticity sm.png Blood Wine from Maligaant Menuk's travels

This rare drink is from a tiny island on a little known planet in the outer rim. The native inhabitants of the island make a very special wine to be drunk by any who wish to join The Seer's, the islands witch doctors. When the native acolyte that is attempting to become a Seer drinks the blood wine, they enter a nearly comatose state. Upon entering this state, they are set adrift, down a river into a dark foreboding area, which Menuk was not allowed to venture into. During this time they bleed from their eyes and utter words in an unknown dialect. If they wake from this state and return, they are accepted as a new member of The Seer's. Unfortunately for more than a few who try, the experience is a fatal one. Maligaant drew many sketches during this trek and has since had them framed.

Maha received two of the sketches: One depicting the moment when the comatose native acolyte is set adrift and the second is a portrait sketch of a Seer.

TheChills sm.png TheChills LetterOfAuthenticity sm.png The Chills

Brought back by smugglers after a fire on board their YT-1300 caused their hyperdrive to malfunction marooning them in an unknown part of the outer rim. After some convincing and trade, they were rescued by some friendly aliens who agreed to tractor their ship aboard and drop them off at a trade station. As a parting gift, they gave the smugglers a case of these bottles. The liquid in the bottles is naturally cool. The bottles have no writing of any kind and they simply call it 'The Chills'. It seems anyone that has tried the strangely cold alcoholic beverage suffers not only from very disturbing dreams but also unsettled nerves and a bad case of the chills for several days.

ToxicWhiskey sm.png ToxicWhiskey LetterOfAuthenticity sm.png Toxic Whiskey

A very rare bottle of Toxic Whiskey, brewed and bottled from the now defunct Corellian Fire Water Distillery. This dangerous and legendary whiskey at over 191 proof, is nearly 100 percent alcohol and believed to be among the strongest whiskey's ever sold. The only known bottle left to exist and was being offered from Maligaant Menuk's private vault.

Art Gallery

MemoriesOfOzmandias sm.png Memories of Ozymandias DesertPalace sm.png Tatooine Desert Palace Cityscape sm.png Corporate Sector Authority Cityscape

DarkReflection PaintingSm.png Dark Reflection by Ylvia Skelgard AdventurerSpirit PaintingSm.png Adventurer's Spirit by Ylvia Skelgard

PirateLadyPainting.png Pirate Lady gifted by Jensen Odama BoontaEveClassic.png Boonta Eve Pod Race

BW MysteriousIslandSeer sm.png BW AcolyteAdrift sm.png A Seer from the Mysterious Island and Acolyte Adrift on the Mysterious Island sketches (respectively) from Maligaant Menuk's travels.

HunterAndPrey AcklayEtching sm.png HunterAndPrey BehemothNexuKraytDragonEngraving sm.png

Two leather engraving excerpts from the Hunter and Prey journal by Daiki the Togorian that are enlarged for display purposes, courtesy of Maligaant Menuk. The first engraving features an Acklay with words of wisdom and tips when encountering the creature. The second engraving shows a Horned Behemoth, a Nexu, and a Krayt Dragon. This is from a chapter introduction with brief information on all three creatures.

TogorianQuickeningSm.png Togorian Quickening by Maligaant Menuk

Togorians are well known for their lightning-quick tempers. Descriptions of them in battle often mention seething with varying amounts of rage. Among Togorians, this is referred to as 'The Quickening'. It describes the flood of emotions that threaten to drown out everything else for a warrior. What most do not know is that this flood of emotion is always present in a Togorian and not something dealt with only during conflicts. This sketch by Maligaant is an attempt at depicting the constant turbulent struggle within all of his people.

LastStandFramed100.png Last Stand by Maligaant Menuk

A few months after the events on Kenosha in Y4, Tejar and Koya were at a cantina on Gravlex Med. They crossed paths with a Togorian named Rerick Manten. Sitting down with him at a table, they exchanged tales of their experiences in the galaxy.

Recently, Rerick joined Maligaant Menuk's group of elite Togorian hunters - The Huntsmen. While talking to Maligaant one day, he found out that Maha Michi was a friend of his. Upon learning this, the tale of the Kenosha Stand Off was told. He even reflected about how exciting it was to meet another Togorian off-planet (a female at that!) and described Koya Nim in the hope that Maligaant might know the tribe she was from. As a surprise gift, Maligaant made this sketch of Maha in the cave on Kenohsa based on Rerick's story to him.

The Refuge

During his various hunts and adventures, Maha has picked up a few companions. Some enjoy going along with him while others, such as the Boma Beasts, prefer the atmosphere of the tavern on the Astral Trinity.

BomaBeast.jpg Jet (Boma Beast) BomaBeast.jpg Spike (Boma Beast) EyeSnatcher.png Jack (Eye-Snatcher)

Corellian Sand Panther.png Haruhara (Sand Panther) HowlrunnerSm.jpg Xuan Feng (Howlrunner)

TauntaunSm.jpg Hoth the Vinsoth of Tauntaunting TauntaunSm.jpg Taun the Taunting Tauntaun

In addition to various fauna, a vast array of flora adorn Maha's fleet. The most common of these are the Bogin Tree and Nerianthus. Bogin Trees range in size from small handheld trees to taking up most of a hangar bay. They are used for meditation, producing classic furniture, and even ancient sea vessels. Nerianthus are used as a replacement lighting option in emergency situations and to help train for low- to no-light operations. Corpse Flowers can be found in rooms to commemorate fallen comrades. Maha's crew purchase a lot of their plants from Mottley-Talon.

BoginTreeSm.png Bogin Tree GoldenTiaraPlantSm.png Golden Tiarra EmeraldFernSm.png Emerald Fern NerianthusPlantSm.png Nerianthus StarbabyCactusSm.png Starbaby Cactus

CrimsonRainMossSm.png Crimson Rain Moss CnidraPlantSm.png Cnidra LightcapMushroomPlantSm.png Lightcap CorpseFlowerSm.png Corpse Flower RatcatcherPlantSm.png Ratcatcher

Ancient Artifacts

Ring LightBlueAdeganCrystal sm.png Light Blue Adegan Crystal ring from Maligaant Menuk, which resonates with the Light-side of the Force.

This ring was reportedly one of the two rings found still adorning the finger of a robed skeleton in a breached facility located on a now fractured asteroid in the Cularin System. Little is known of the wearer of the ring, given his skeleton was destroyed though the crystals on the ring are cool to the touch, identified solely as Adegan crystals, most commonly used by the Jedi Order in older times. Crafted into the ring itself, the crystals can not be removed without destroying the ring and as such, would not be feasible to use in a lightsaber. Upon wearing the ring, it gives a calming affect, possibly from its previous bearer though that remains disputed by recent scholars.

DarkRedKyberRing sm.png Dark Red Kyber Crystal ring from Maligaant Menuk, which resonates with the Dark-side of the Force.

The second ring reportedly found on the finger of a robed skeleton in the Cularin System. After examination, the crystals on the ring are hot to the touch, identified by only some of the best jewelers as Kyber Crystals. This took additional time as the crystal was unusually red, very uncommon though Lore suggests that people of the Dark Side can bend the will of a crystal for their lightsabers as people of the Light Side are the only users of the crystal. Anyone wearing it can feel an unusual pain and anger combination, though the pain is like a prick compared to anything else. Some users of the ring have noted seeing blood flow from the crystals before it evaporates; however, they felt no pain.

BlueAnzatSkullRing Sm.png Ancient Anzati Blue Skull ring

Carved from the bone of an unknown sentient species, this pale blue ring is one of the last of its kind. Lore from Anzat suggests that the species made for quite a delicacy. The gold embellishment is believed to depict the strength and rich life essence consumed by the wearer. Though the Anzati rarely, if ever, work in groups it is said that three ancient and powerful Anzati have formed some type of pact. Each member of this pact possessing one of three unique rings of Anzat. With a trail of blood and soup in his wake, the previous owner did not reveal how he came into ownership of the ring - only that he wanted to be rid of it quickly.

HunterAndPrey Daiki sm.png HunterAndPrey LoA sm.png Hunter and Prey

Daiki was an impressive Togorian warrior and hunter who traveled the galaxy hundreds of years ago. During his travels, he recorded a great many creatures that were encountered in his pesonal journal. Upon returning to Togoria, he had amassed a significant amount of trophies and stories. To commemorate his vast expedition, a journal was published and has since become renowned as one of the greatest treatise on hunting ever produced. Filled not only with descriptions of all his encounters, but also with many instructions that crossover from hunting directions to wise life principles that are now followed with near religious dedication by many Togorians. All of the books were hand-crafted, which only used pelts from his hunts, and engraved in the Togorian language. Each cover used a different creature's hide for the cover with this copy having Sand Peather leather. Very few copies of this journal still exist today and most are protected in temples and museums on Togoria, which include the rumored Krayt Dragon cover that Daiki cherished.

Gifts and Other Fine Collectibles

KaelCaladServiceRingSm.png KaelCaladMemorialPlaqueSm.png Kael's Togorian Service ring

Beautifully crafted by Maligaant Menuk himself, these rings are only ever given out to Togorians who have distinguished themselves within the ranks of Menuk's Huntsmen. Each ring has a unique gemstone with the individual's name etched into the upper inner sphere of the ring. This particular ring is set with a purple amethyst gem and matching tiny amethysts used for the eyes. Awarded posthumously to Kael Calad, who sacrificed his life in battle against a massive desert Sarlacc while trying to save the life of his fellow Huntsmen Zan Has. Kael has no surviving family members. Upon death, his will states that all of his belongings be sold with the proceeds paying for a lavish memorial celebration in his honor.

VokoffStroodTitan.jpg Vokoff Strood Titan 2150 pod racer (purchased Y13 D322) RadonUlzer sm.jpg Radon Ulzer 620C pod racer (purchased Y16 D25)

JAK RacingJ930 sm.jpg JAK Racing J930 Dash-8 pod racer (purchased Y19 D60) BL37PodRacer.png BL-37 Zephyr pod racer (purchased Y20 D308)

KrakenPocketWatch sm.png Kraken Pocketwatch, from Nesota Kynnovan (Y19 D62)

EyeSnatcher.png Eye Snatcher, named Jack, from Fures Nocti (Y15)

PLY FuresNocti XmasGift sm.png Pleasure Yacht 3000, Crimson Sands, from Fures Nocti (Y15)