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General Information
Motto We got plenty of what you need the most.
Status Active
Leader Zachill DeSol
2IC Daka Ishi
Owner Mandalore
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 363
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Industry Mining company
Holosite MandalMining

Mandalmining is a unit comprised of dedicated Mandalorians who want to help build prosperity and peace throughout the sectors.


In the past, it was thought a place for those unworthy, the cowards and slaves. However, with the destruction of all that Mandalore held dear there had to be a group that could help restore it to its former power.

While they do occasionally serve in the military they prefer the challenges that life brings whilst trying to take precious metals from the ground. Now headed by ex-military commanders, strategists, and ex-diplomats who seek the glory of Mandalore, MandalMining now takes the elite Mandalorians and shows them the glories of victory. With every ton extracted, they feel a sense of pride as they work for the nation that embodies peace and prosperity.

MandalMining is a nationalized corporation of Mandalore and as such is ruled by the Triad and ultimately, the Mand'alor. Recognizing the need for guidance and be more focused in each section the Triad decreed that the team should be split into two groups, the prospectors who roam the galaxy finding rare and precious minerals and the miners, those who oversee the extraction of Raw Materials. All of these are under the command of Veteran Officers who volunteered to transfer their tactical brilliance to the world of commerce.