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MandalMotors Logo Year 12.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Quentin Wurtz
2IC Kevin Fettman
Owner Mandalore
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 363
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite MandalMotors

MandalMotors, the main supplier of aircraft and spacecraft for the Mandalore military was formed, just like MandalMining and MandalTech, shortly after the settling of Mandalore.


The company was founded by a number of ship engineers and maintenance crew, who harvested anything useful from various sources, and with this technology, they started to design new vessels. At first, the designs were only for aerial flights. But after first contact was established between Mandalore and Juannar, they started to develop inter-system ships and later developed hyperspace-capable ships. With the help of their new alien friends, the initial development went quickly. At least compared with the previous technology available for Mandalore.

But then when the Vuanna wars began it became obvious that more assets had to be diverted into new science projects, mainly to improve the war-fighting capabilities of Mandalorian ships. Together with MandalTech, a whole new line of products was developed. All had better armor and weaponry than had ever been seen on Mandalorian warships. With the help of these new technologies, and with the courage of the Mandalorian people, the Vuanna were defeated. Since then MandalMotors has continued to develop new technology and create some of the most feared vessels in the galaxy.

On Year 9 Day 50, MandalMotors celebrated its 1000th-produced ship.

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