Mandalore Captures Aruetii

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Posted by: Andrew Panzer - Faction: Mandalore

Date: Year 16 Day 219 Onboard the Victory Star Destroyer I MSS Ruug`la Kote in system n/a.

Okyaab, Ojoster (Te Verd Ca'narase)

Mand'alor Panzer released the following statement to all galactic media agencies:

MANDALORE NEWS PHOTO Traitor Arrested zpseptyyt8j.jpg

Ferin Jackson was apprehended on Year 16, Day 214 for attempting to sow discord within Mandalore and the Galactic Concordiate. Upon his arrest and the presentation of collected evidence, Mr. Jackson collapsed and was immediately transported to Vhetin Hospital. Medical specialists found that the shock of being caught was too much for Mr. Jackson's psyche and caused him to slip into a coma. It has been determined that, should he recover, Mr. Jackson will be sentenced to spend the rest of his days in Mandalore's mining operations on Kessel.

Mandalore would like to thank the Krath Alliance and Falleen Federation for their assistance in resolving this matter.

Post translated from original Mando'a. Remaining underlined Mando'a word translations are available when hovering over them via your datapad.