Mandroxan Syndicate

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Mandroxan Syndicate
MS Logo-sm.png
General Information
Motto "Arming Your Imagination"
Status Inactive
Leader Orto Kai
2IC Unknown
Owner Asmo Bodan
Headquarters Morath Beta
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 232
Dissolved Year 14 Day 278 (merged)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Mandroxan Syndicate

The Mandroxan Syndicate was a short-lived item manufacturing company that specialized in weaponry. Owned by Devaronian entrepreneur Asmo Bodan and operated by several individuals, the company was among the first weapon dealers to arrive in the Derra system after the outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague.


The Galactic Registration Office shows the Mandroxan Syndicate first opened to the public circa Year 13 Day 232, though the organization claimed to have started business weeks before then. Official records show, that the despite the company providing business to the whole galactic community, the Mandroxan Syndicate gave the Hutt Cartel significantly more business than any other organization in the Galaxy. However, many officials dismissed this as a coincidence.

Weeks prior to the Mandroxan Syndicate filing for its operating permit, Asmo Bodan was gathering several properties on the planet Morath Beta along with leasing others on Tamban I. it was then that Feth Ophoxi, under the advice of Voragga the Hutt, donated resources and employees to Asmo Bodan with certain conditions that were never made public knowledge. Some claimed the organization was an illegal criminal enterprise, but the Galactic Registration Office dismissed the claims by confirming all official documents and permits had been filed for and acquired by the management of the Mandroxan Syndicate

After several meetings between Bodan and Ophoxi, the two noticed a need for interoperability between what Bodan envisioned and what Ophoxi desired. This led to Garik Loren being appointed as the first Chief Executive Officer by Asmo Bodan, which Feth Ophoxi wholly supported since Loren was also employed by Voragga the Hutt. When the Mandroxan Syndicate officially opened, Loren established a board of directors to further not only the company but also create more unity between Bodan and his investors. The board of directors grew to four individuals: Asmo Bodan, Feth Ophoxi, Garik Loren and Azalus Outmian. Outmian was also chosen to be the company's Chief Operating Officer and second-in-charge due to his close ties to Bodan, Ophoxi and Loren, but also due to his expertise in production and management.

Under Loren's tenure, the Mandroxan Syndicate focused on gaining production contracts and supplies for the factories it owned. Between Loren and Outmian, the two established a small trade route between Tamban I and Morath Beta to better pool the company's resources and workers. Loren was very headstrong with his leadership tactics, resulting in an excess surplus in the weapons the Mandroxan Syndicate sold. After the initial success the company experienced in the first weeks of opening, Loren decided he would take time to explore the Unknown Regions looking for new resources and clientele despite the objections of the other board members. Close to two months after opening the company Loren disappeared in the Unknown Regions, sending the company into disarray since it's CEO vanished.

To help stabilize the new market he helped create, Asmo Bodan swayed the remaining board members to make him CEO and he used his position to further solidify what Loren left behind. With a newly invigorated leader, the Mandroxan Syndicate entered into a trade agreement with the Hutt Cartel. The Hutt Cartel's new leader, Qaun Wain, found himself elected to the Mandroxan Syndicate's board of directors since the Cartel was providing 70% of all the business Bodan's company had. Bodan spent the majority of his office finding dedicated resource suppliers for the expanding operations he established. Close to the beginning of Year 14, Bodan started feeling ill from an unknown disease. It was one Year 14 Day 1 an outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague struck the Derra system, resulting in complete chaos and violence from all sentients not only on the planet, but even in the system itself.

With the outbreak of the Plague, a sharp demand for weaponry on the galactic market rose and Bodan arranged a meeting with the board of directors to discuss how the Mandroxan Syndicate could profit from the outbreak. However, Bodan's illness progressed to the point where he was forced into retirement by the other board members. Reluctant to comply, Bodan's last act as CEO was to cede the reins to Azalus Outmian.

Azalus Outmian took the company in a new direction by suspending all the company's contracts in favor of supplying arms solely to those in and around the Derra system. In return, Outmian promised all clients huge price cuts once the company returned to supplying the open market. In addition to his fierce marketing tactic, Outmian appointed Orto Kai to fill the new void in the board of directors. Outmian also consolidated the positions of CEO and COO into one position. For almost three months, Outmian lead the Mandroxan Syndicate to it's highest grossing profits in the company's history. Unexpectedly though, Outmian was found violently murdered which sent the company into a downward spiral.

Orto Kai, the final leader in the company, was voted in by the board of directors to hurriedly find a solution to the growing issues faced by the Mandroxan Syndicate. Kai's plan was to sell the company to avoid the possibility of going defunct. Kai approached fellow board member Qaun Wain with the offer of purchasing the company. Wain took advantage of the situation and approached merged the Mandroxan Syndicate, along with all it's assets, with the Hutt Cartel. This signaled the end of the Mandroxan Syndicate after a little more than a year of operations.


#1: Garik Loren
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#2: Asmo Bodan
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#3: Azalus Outmian
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#4: Orto Kai
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Year 13 Day 232Year 13 Day 294

Year 13 Day 294Year 14 Day 6

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